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    2017 - 10.10

    Sometimes, my ears hear thunder.
    Sometimes, the darkness closes in on me.
    Sometimes, It’s so clear, then
    Sometimes, I can’t see a thing.
    I wonder what is true and where in the Hell are you? And I’m thinking….

    Sometimes, I hear the voices talk in the night.
    Sometimes, I just want to get away.
    Sometimes, the sun is so brilliant.
    Sometimes, I dwell on yesterday.
    I can see forward, I can look back and it doesn’t…. mean a thing.

    Sometimes, I hear the wind call your name.
    Sometimes, you’re in my dreams smiling.
    Sometimes, it’s the words you said.
    Sometimes, your memory makes me want to sing.
    The mark on my heart, was there from the start and I’m weeping.

    Sometimes, the world is so quiet.
    Sometimes, I hear billions of heart beats clamoring
    Sometimes, I grow so weary fighting it all….
    Sometimes, I feel time is….running away from me.
    In the beginning, I knew this for sure, just how to open the door. Now I’m left wondering…..

    Sometimes, the truth is so clear to me.
    Sometimes, the lies I see cause me so much pain.
    Sometimes, I know just where I’m standing then,
    Sometimes, It just happens…..again
    I put on a smile, carry it for a while, it’s lingering…..

    Sometimes, I got all the answers.
    Sometimes, I don’t know nothin’ at all.
    Sometimes, time is my enemy.
    Sometimes, my worries are so small.
    Another song, another day and the thoughts that get in the way, keeps me searching………


    New Suede Shoes

    2017 - 10.09

    Summer of ’17, hitting the bricks in the new shoes of decent destination.
    The perpetual slumber of the sun has kissed the earth and my face.
    Quickened my step, hitting the bricks, on the beat again.
    I had no idea the future was living next door, caught smiling, slightly ahead in time.

    Found an infinite quietness and now it hums at you too from all sides. The multiverse wants your undivided attention.
    And green plants play the game of chasing after the sun so you may continue to be blessed by her goodness.

    We run and play as the forever children we are, living on echoes of that crazy hand.


    Forever Birthday

    2017 - 10.09

    (For Tedd)

    Nothing lasts forever, excepting the non-tangible.
    This is the home you have in my heart.
    We never would have guessed this path…
    Which tore our journey apart.

    The years have grown so long, to think I outlived you.
    But I won’t be long in the scheme of things
    Life still tickles me to laugh and remember
    Just who you were and what you gave to this world.

    And that stellar beacon I still can see
    That question I always asked to give me certainty
    And to think how short a time it really has been
    You, always a touchstone for me.

    It’s one more ring around the sun, aka, your birthday.
    I write this to celebrate, not mourn.
    For you helped make me who I am
    You lived a quiet example.

    And in the graveyard where the bones of life are piled
    You’re so far away and this gravestone marks your exit
    Just your name hovers, recalling the best of times
    Your name is left on so many heartstrings as well.

    I will never say goodbye, that is like destroying
    A part of myself without which, meaning would be lost
    Just know my astral friend, you never left us
    I’ll meet you at the Jubilee.



    2017 - 10.09

    In the flash of the bright neon light, the ragged darkness announced change.
    We were still rolling through the end of the beginning.
    Been here since it was there.

    Listening to that mighty engine, we already knew the destination.
    And you sang that song to us from a space we have yet to know.
    I could hear the rustling of a diamond turning.

    From the playgrounds to the streets, that’s where the road started.
    In the beginning, they were just songs of our own.
    Now they breathe and have thoughts.

    Each of us got on that train, but it was on different nights
    The whistle said, “Who else will”?
    It was the best of times, the thing you could hold in your hand forever.

    And during the songs, always the echoes of that crazy hand
    Pondering past present and future while skating on the planet
    Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings…..

    And though I ran ahead to the end, peering into grimy panes
    I loved every minute of the now, lotus like unfolding.
    The adventure of, “What next”?

    Was it near the land of the midnight sun
    Where I heard you sing so slow?
    You were leaving us all behind.

    All the years and all the stars
    The final phrase, Much Love
    Both joy and grief in our tears.

    As I mirrored your movements
    It was summer and we were on the run.
    Lookin’ for relief.

    By the time I got home “He’s Gone” was all I could hear
    You were so far away, yet still there.
    “But it just goes to show, you don’t ever know……….”

    And in the rivers eddy far from the moment
    I think back to this day, you are gone, yet just right here.
    The music never stopped.



    2017 - 10.09

    The same sounds of summer, comes back once again
    The dance of the spring goes to the festivities
    Which begin anew with a joyful noise.

    Cherish these times, for you will tell your children
    And they will hunger for adventure themselves.
    Speak to the light in their eyes.

    I must watch from the distance, the Poet’s eyes roam
    Recording the events for discussions down the road.
    Better than pictures in a box.

    Hard times require furious dancing my friends
    Stomp on that turf, sing along and be free
    There is always some job to return to.



    2017 - 10.09

    Fall has come again, crying psychedelic leaves to the ground.
    The light itself changes color.
    In the autumn of my time, I wander back.
    Back to times where my thoughts lie dust covered in quiet rooms I have not tread in for some time.
    Back to distant smiles frozen forever in a moment.

    My fingers trace ridges on the walls.
    I sit still, timeless and wondering.
    In the kaleidoscope of my memories there are long stretches where I wandered alone, It was a long time out there.
    Now I see something, so much hidden before, peace is within my grasp.

    From the back streets of my mind to the world, still brave with days anew, my perimeter grows wider.
    Blowing dust from a chair I sat down, it was a museum of past events, brave dreams and a perpetually resilient hope.



    2017 - 02.04

    The old play book was resurrected and dusted off.
    Surely the people have forgotten.
    Pages were reviewed, tactics were derived.
    The new plan was transformed into newfacts.
    Long ago an opportunity was recognized.
    A new quarterback was put into play to run with it.
    And the silent faces hidden behind egged him on
    Fingers were pointed at the quarterback
    Crying Foul! Foul! Boo him out of the game!
    But the silent faces had plans for that
    They knew the quarterback would fall
    But not before the points were scored.

    The fans on both sides of the bleachers
    Each rooting for the right to be right
    Spilled over onto the field fists out shouting
    We can force you to be free they chanted
    And the talking head announcer
    Kept a running commentary going
    Repeating what was quietly whispered
    The words were no longer about the game
    The words were about winning no matter what
    And the people who paid for their tickets
    Shouted over and over, the same numb song
    And I stood silent.


    A Decade of Desire

    2016 - 12.26

    You first came to me as a voice, visiting in my loneliness and confusion
    Through the telephone, you tickled my ear, making me smile.
    And the exquisite taste of a lemon, forever froze that moment
    Suddenly fastened my soul to yours, launching so many words
    Where I tried to describe that, which is infinite.

    And daily that voice, reminded me of Blue Skies
    Which are always beginning, setting the stage
    For adventures and expressions of love.
    So often, I was gently reminded
    Just how good that could be.

    And I wanted to follow your voice, to hear it forever.
    For I could sense the longing, that undercurrent of tone
    Which suddenly became the center of my life.
    Thinking of you as a dove who longed to fly
    And you flew to me.

    Nothing could have prepared me for the moment
    When I first laid eyes on you,
    When the exquisite melody you sang, found a home
    And your face smiled at me, already old friends
    My small world expanded to the Blue Skies.

    Our bodies longing to touch, found a home in each other
    And I felt a love I thought I’d never see in this life.
    Suddenly, the focus changed, and the dance began
    My flesh to your flesh, the gentle rocking ecstasy
    Which erased so much pain and fear.

    This love which made all else pale, gave us strength
    And we leaned on each other, smiles on our faces
    Certain now we knew the way home
    Our see saw emotions, always in tune
    When I was down you pulled me back into the light.

    I could question forever how you could be so loving
    Just how you found your song in the midst of those tears
    Suddenly, everything revolved around you
    I was the sun, you were the moon
    And our dance took to the skies day and night.

    Our adventures were the respite we ran to
    Seeking to give each other something
    Forever finding shelter in each other’s arms
    I wanted to reach into the skies and give you the stars.
    While we floated on the sea of love and madness.

    Years flew by the and although we were apart for times too long
    I held on with an iron grip, trying to be strong for you
    The peculiarity of a situation unfolded
    And I fought hard to keep our little island free
    Free from the treachery of the ocean waves.

    And times were both good and bad at once
    Pearls in the oyster, created with the tiny speck of sand.
    And with this antithesis, I was able to see so well
    That which had escaped me all of my life
    That which I yearned for, but had never possessed.

    And though all whom had been in my sphere
    Left or betrayed me, you alone came to me
    And together it was decided we would fight
    For health, for wealth, for a better purpose
    We didn’t know that road could be so hard

    And Death who forever pursues us all
    Would not relent, we were tested,
    And each of us wandered in dark calling out
    Arms outstretched to find the embrace
    I stared in the flame of a candle, while you hovered in-between.

    Against all odds we pushed, each in our own lives
    We struggled when we were apart
    The satellites sent our voices to each other
    I could not have gone on without you
    Without the soothing voice.

    Your practical wisdom always stole the thunder
    From the demons who stalked in the night
    My mornings found me alone, situation intact
    And in the bed of loneliness, I tossed and turned
    Fanning the fire to keep it burning

    This fire did burn so strong and though we were apart
    Our battle was the same, on the same front
    We sent each other communiques of our situations
    And sometimes we cried the same tears
    Together and alone, we danced under the same moon.

    And in your absence, I was the Poet who dreamed
    Because I knew if I could bring it to words
    I could bring it to life, to carry the torch again.
    A light to your dark fears and loneliness.
    It was a long road back for both of us.

    And the years have crept by, one day and the next
    The river of life ran through the wilderness of time.
    One of us always waiting on the other
    Soothed by the guarantee that we’d be together
    I dreamt of gently kissing your upturned face.

    This love I feel, could take forever to define
    Continually, I stoked the flames with words
    Sometimes the only gift I could give you
    And you treated my words like diamonds
    Found on the beach of Stellar Seas.

    And time goes so quickly, with this fact we now live
    It could be a thousand years or merely a moment on the breeze
    I wake with you in my heart so beautifully each and every day
    It has been ten years, sometimes I wonder how it has gone so fast
    A Decade of Desire, we find our love still lasts.



    Come Down Slowly

    2016 - 05.05

    I met you when we were young, havin’ some fun

    For us, life had just begun.?

    It was still a sunny day, with no yesterdays

    You told us that you could not stay.


    When you broke free, to see the country

    You ran so far with certainty.

    Always had a smile, that went on for miles

    Those times  weren’t burdened with trials.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me


    It was a brand new page, you were old for your age

    There was no stopping you in those days..

    The Grateful Dead, now let it be said

    Nothing else was in your head.


    And the tie dye days, were all of the rage

    Saw you smiling from behind the stage.

    You could never forget, those people you met

    And together we saw a thousand sunsets.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    And the way that we traveled, as the future unraveled

    Storming the freeways on your chrome horse’s saddle.

    We never lacked a thing, in our little ring.

    You made us so happy, we would sing.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the  bottom, call out for me.


    As days turned into miles, all of the while

    They were so impressed with your guile

    We followed you, what you said came true

    We never thought you could be so Blue.


    But time has a way, rearranging the play

    And you decided to change your name

    You put on a mask, for the difficult tasks

    Giving your all if anyone asked.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the  bottom, call out for me.


    Burned by the sun, always on the run

    What did you think when you saw their guns?

    And where angels fear to tread, we were lead

    No matter how strange, you kept your head.


    But the California dream, was makin’ you scream

    And cracks began to show at the seams

    Started to get jaded, part of you faded

    Could your thirst ever be sated?


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    Like the man onstage, you started to age

    And history turned a page

    And when he died, oh how hard you cried.

    The rain fell down from sullen skies.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    Time has led to now, you made it somehow

    Up and moved to a different Town

    Hid in nook, wrote yourself a book

    It was the only way you could look.


    Then I got the call, you were living pretty small

    All alone and hidden from us all

    You said you might try again, if you could still  find a friend.

    Someone to be there in the end


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    It isn’t over, invite your friends over

    We could ride on to the next bend.

    It’s been said,  That band saved your head.

    So lie down sweetly in that dream bed



    I Miss America And She Misses Me Too.

    2016 - 02.22

    I miss America and she misses me too.

    One of these days, gonna’ drop all these blues
    Pick a new direction, any one I can choose
    I’m gonna’ run, yes I will over the hill
    Take all the dreams that I believe in still.

    The highway still remembers my name
    Bikes and cars and the fast lane
    Back to a day where I once was free
    For a long time now, they won’t let me be.

    I can’t remember everywhere I’ve been
    All over this country and what I have seen
    Wanna’ go anywhere but here
    And I’m so tired of the lonely tears.

    I could tell you some of my stories
    About the road and all its glory
    But I’d rather take you there
    You and I with the wind in our hair.

    I miss America and she misses me too.



    2016 - 02.12

    It’s a moment in reason, it’s another rhyme

    It’s a point of satisfaction, it’s another time

    I been talking at you, tryin’ to make you see

    Giving you reasons, to remember you’re free

    It’s been such a long time, it’s just another day

    It’s time to blossom, it’s time to get away.



    Forget all those bad dreams, try living instead.

    Right in the moment, get out of your head

    And my love for you, is like moments in the sun

    Blue Skies are coming, And I’m still on the run

    It’s a special excitement, it’s a living end

    A new life is comin’ right around the bend.


    And I been tryin’ to tell you over all the noise

    You’re something special, you still have a choice.

    And in the nighttime, when I take my rest

    I remember the good times, they were the best.

    Your gonna’ make it, I know it seems long

    You got it right and did nothing wrong.


    Graceful lady, let me see you smile

    Come down gently, let go of your trials

    To every end, there’s a brand new start

    And another reason, for a change of heart

    And life loves you, with a sideways glance

    And it’s still lingering, waiting to dance.








    Ravens In The Winter

    2016 - 02.10

    This year the winter has been so hard.

    Ravens they poke and scrape in my yard.

    Death walks with them hand in hand.

    Taking the old ones from this land.


    Many of our heroes have taken their leave

    Guitars and voices that cannot be retrieved.

    Ravens crow at deaths open door

    And we’re left alone still wanting more.


    I grew up with all their songs

    And they helped me stay so very strong

    But Ravens are still lurking in my yard

    This time of dying can be so hard.


    Ravens in the winter always speak of change.

    Rock and Roll will never be the the way.

    Right now a Raven is giving me the eye.

    But there is so much to do before I die.


    Souls come and then they go

    Leaving musical marks on our souls

    Ravens are deaths messenger for sure

    Tell me how much more can you endure?













    The Finest Place

    2015 - 08.20

    Inside of my heart is this place

    I find comfort there and am reassured

    It is where I go when my thoughts become dark

    Therein  your face and voice live.


    My world has become constricted

    But this space knows no bounds

    It is the blue sky where I can dream

    Visions of your loveliness float through like clouds


    And you are so far away, yet you are here

    Comforting me when I am alone

    Singing your quiet pure song

    Sharing your peaceful wisdom.


    This room in my heart

    Where I can feel you

    Where we press ourselves together

    And your arms pull me into you.


    Wrapping myself around you

    Pushing into your being with my love

    Gently rocking until cries escape your lips

    Until we move as one.


    And the aftermath is a serene space

    For time does not run from this moment

    And like grapes on a vine perpetually

    It is always luscious, always willing.



    Can’t Stop Now

    2015 - 06.13

    I was winding my way up a mountain, still on the run

    Glancing over my shoulder, praying for the sun

    Searching for something, in the middle of the night

    Not another soul was anywhere in sight.


    Then the past, catches up and hits me from behind.

    I didn’t see it coming, must be getting blind

    There were days, when I was so sure

    Now life is a sickness, that has no known cure.


    I had my Dylan and I had my Grateful Dead

    A thousand songs between them, it all got so well said

    So much happened, so many stories to tell

    Told them to all the Angels that I met when I was in Hell.


    And now in the backwaters of an incredible tide

    Left wondering if I needed another place to hide

    The awesome beauty and the perpetual decay

    And all that love that sadly went astray.


    Life loves Death so much, She sends souls his way

    And Death keeps every single one until Judgement Day

    Don’t be thinking, you won’t get your chance

    It’s such a short time, just don’t forget to dance.


    And the false noise that constantly whines

    It don’t mean nothin’, but it can break up your mind

    The world is fooled and looking for wealth

    But the real value is still on the shelf.


    My guitar is a lover that has never betrayed

    She soothes my mind every time that we play

    And the music keeps me goin’ so strong

    The two of us been together, for so very long.


    Long way back, I went wrong, got sick in the head

    Took some bad turns on the paths I was lead

    But I came back, Found my own way

    Only to find, so much had changed.


    I could say I’m sorry, but then I’d never stop

    So many regrets, I have lost count

    I will live strong and do what I say

    Put it all back together, find some new way.


    Just words and music, it comes down to this

    And the demons, that constantly hiss

    But in my life, there is no fear

    Everything changes, this much is clear.


    You can count on me, I’m not givin’ in

    Until I pay for every single sin

    I will make it right, there is still a way

    From the darkness of night comes a brand new day.


    And all who I love, who stayed by my side

    I am so thankful, you came on for the ride

    Don’t worry about me, I’m not really done

    I’m chasing a dream, that’s why I still run.


    So if your able to hear these words

    Take what you need, what you think you’ve heard

    All of life, just give it your best

    Can’t stop now, there’s no time to rest.








    On The Way Home

    2015 - 05.12

    Tried so hard to be free

    And still be that me

    That I was once so in tune with.


    So many get their say

    But get lost on the way

    I’m never slowing down.


    Am I in bed and dreaming?

    Is that my voice screaming?

    Please one more chance, just for me…………


    What will happen tomorrow

    With all this time I have borrowed?

    I know it wasn’t free.


    There is something, you should know it

    It’s damn hard to kill a Poet

    Just wait and see………..


    The ghosts try to put me to fright

    But I simply do not bite

    They are dead, not me………


    In the beginning of the day

    My thoughts can be swayed

    But never, ever changed.


    I have love and don’t you know it

    I have a hand, I never show it

    Cards held close that only I ever see………


    So please Father Time

    Give me some slack

    Let me finish the rhyme.


    So glad that you came

    And yeah…… I’m still sane.

    And it’s getting closer to the dawn


    Spirits are on the lawn

    Start the day with a yawn….

    Oh Yes, I’m still strong.


    We won’t stop here

    Until daylight finally appears.

    Now stop all those tears.


    I’m getting so much older

    Lookin’ back at Death over my shoulder

    He’s tracking on me………


    Do I still have the time?

    Do my thoughts still rhyme?

    Is she still waiting there for me?



    Flying Too Low

    2015 - 04.16

    Woke up this morning, with a yawn

    Got up and put some music on.

    Poured some coffee, waiting on the sun

    It’s another new day on the run.


    News came in with a flash

    I threw it out with the trash.

    Nothing makes sense anymore

    Nothing outside of my door.


    Walking in the dew on my lawn

    Hair blowing back, feeling strong

    Just another hippie antique

    A jaded 21st century freak.


    No longer fitting in anywhere

    No more brothers or sisters who care.

    So much love, but so alone

    Words lay scattered around my throne.


    Long ago, stopped asking why

    It’s gettin’ down to do it or die.

    So sick of saccharine smiles

    That know nothing of my trials.


    Never did forget the dance

    Just give me one more chance

    Dark Horse coming ’round the bend

    Furious pace to the end.


    Put everything in a hobo bag

    Wipe my face with a dirty rag

    Worn down shoes keep walkin’ on

    The road is long, but not the song.


    Nothin’ but a recycled scheme

    Nothin’ but a silent scream

    Nothin’ but a change in rhyme

    Nothin’ but another day in time.




    2015 - 04.12

    Before I could think, or even see

    I was pure light, knew nothing of time

    Never had a thought or any form

    I was unsoiled love, not good or bad.


    Then came the wish, the urge

    Pushed out of formlessness

    Into the unlimited cage

    Thus began my forgetting.


    Matter is like a candle with no flame

    And light was attracted, bursting bright

    Now my soul dances on the wick

    Burning to a certain end.


    I became conscious, some call this life.

    Found myself in a head, a brain

    With hands and feet.

    I hit the ground rolling.


    Now, I take up space

    There is a cap on infinity

    Eyeballs wiggle like goldfish

    Taking it all in.


    I count on hands and feet

    Getting me to the next best thing

    My body is the candle

    My soul is the flame.


    The center in my head they tell me is in control

    Head, hands and feet……That’s the connection

    Rolling through the dim light

    Running back to the end.


    Life is but a Nexus, a meeting in time

    A flame on a candle burning down

    Way down, to the end of the wick

    Heads, hands and feet gone.


    When the candle burns out, my soul it will fly

    Back to the end of the beginning

    And I will forget the Nexus

    Until the candle is lit again.






    Advice To The Young Ones

    2015 - 04.12

    My life has been like whitewater ride

    Ending up in some quiet lagoon

    Got mixed up in so many things

    In the end, alone in my room.


    In the beginning I couldn’t be stopped

    I was relentless night and day

    If I crashed or screwed up

    Well, I always could pray.


    I’ll tell you this young one

    About all those ideas in your head

    Some of them will take you somewhere

    With the rest, you may end up dead.


    You may be learning about love

    You may be learning to fly

    One thing I’m sure hasn’t occurred yet

    Someday, you’re gonna’ die.


    I would never fault you

    For running when young to try your wings

    But remember this one fact

    Not much means a thing.


    Somewhere you’re going to find love

    And from it you will be changed

    It will be all you think about

    And surely, it will be strange.


    You may be chasing things in life

    That you only read about before

    Think about those things carefully

    Before you close that door.


    Even though love may fill you

    And make you take chances once in a while

    In the end did you make a difference?

    Did you make anyone smile?


    Sometimes you’ll trip the light fantastic

    Out of your head, lost in space

    The goal is to learn about life

    Go on, find your place.


    Always keep your eyes open

    Learn something new every day

    You won’t always get what you want

    And sometimes you won’t get away.


    So you may be on some long lost highway

    Chasing down some fun

    Traveling with souls like you

    Livin’ life on the run.


    Don’t ever forget where you came from

    Or lose sight of where you are going to

    Honor those who show you wisdom

    Always, try to learn something new.


    Someday youth will leave you

    I hope your life was well played

    Don’t end up like an old Poet

    Overcome , and off the stage.


    Take what you learned in the circus

    Remember what you saw in the zoo

    Your going to need those things now.

    As you become what I did too.



    A Poet On The Beat

    2015 - 04.10

    Every day I get up and hit the streets
    Looking for something to write about
    Sometimes it’s such a feat
    Watching the people run around and shout
    While I just walk my daily beat.

    I see the homeless, more everyday
    Looking into their eyes
    They too, just want to get away
    It should come as no surprise
    That could be me tomorrow….so,just live for today.

    And the kidz, walking home from school
    Excited and shouting, Chomping at the bit
    Ready to break any and all the rules
    I admire the flame in them so recently lit
    Long ago, that was me, and I was such a fool.

    And the potpourri of faces, swimming like fish
    Wonder where they all came from, just what is the story?
    Just how did they come to eat from Americas dish?
    They heard about this land and want a piece of its glory
    Freedom it is, that’s their most important wish.

    As a Poet, my walk is like going to a market
    Everyday, I go shopping for words
    Takes me far and wide, day becomes dark
    Sometimes the words are jumbled, almost absurd
    I Know it’s my life, sometimes rich, sometimes stark.

    And when I sit down and words pour from the pen
    I’m creating a picture, exposing a scene
    A window to the world I do open
    It’s my job, It’s my dream
    And it’s the only way that I can keep coping.


    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 04.09

    “Is it getting scary? Don’t look down”. (SG2015)

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