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    No Turning Back

    2008 - 10.19

    I have lived and I have loved

    People places and things.

    I have been to places I’ll never tell

    Some would say that it was Hell


    I’m down on my luck

    I’m black and blue

    Tomorrows another fight

    I wonder what will happen next


    It’s never what you think it’s gonna be

    There is always a snake in the grass

    Just when you think you’ve found true love

    Better watch your ass


    I’m old and I’m weary

    I can’t believe your love for me

    Is it real, what you feel

    Or am I just an old fool?


    Been sick a long time

    Can’t take care of myself

    Never had any reason to

    Since you been gone.


    I see in between the lines

    Of this wretched life

    Sometimes I want to walk away

    Nothing left to say


    I don’t know where you are

    In regards to you and me

    I’m getting older every day

    And time is passing away


    Never wanted anything but familiar faces

    Someone to bring flowers to

    Someone to take me in and love me

    Someone to be true.


    My guitar sings my frustration

    There is suffering at every turn

    Once in while, it gets bright

    So I don’t look back.




    The Farmer

    2008 - 10.19

    He tills the earth in hopeful anticipation

    Loves the dirt

    Plants the seed

    Knows no greed

    And takes only his need

    To live yet another day

    Succored seventy years by the earth mother

    He is happy.


    Brighter Days Less Sun

    2008 - 10.19

    Everything is wonderful, I can hear bells ring

    Feelings have come out to make the heart sing

    Summer is ending yes it is ending fast

    Indian Summer is going to make it last


    A bridge from the black will take me back

    To the place that feelings I lacked

    Finding my heart astray I realized, I was in good company

    Looking for some new hopeful scene to be in.


    Fall will come yes, rolling up summers rug

    I feel it now with it’s kiss, longing look and a hug

    Small adventures now are firing up the que

    I cannot wait for what’s in store, as long as it is with you.




    Remember Tomorrow?

    2008 - 10.19

    Remember tomorrow?

    It’s when it all comes together

    I’m waiting for it now.

    New expectations this time

    I was a runner now I’m a hunter

    And I’m coming after you..


    I learned to believe in the day

    Because I’ve always lived at night

    My trip keeps on rolling though

    But I know it’s gonna’ be all right.


    I don’t hardly yell or cry

    My horses are under control

    I’ve been known to give it a try

    Take a punch and roll.



    Mean Woman Blues

    2008 - 10.19

    A past of bygone and tattered memories

    Came to greet me on this day

    For they are all I have left

    Tasting so bitter to my heart.


    I’d hoped to end these games

    But every day it began anew

    A planet circles the sun while I cry


    I didn’t mean to hurt you

    My intention was to make you high

    You know it isn’t true

    If it said I lied


    So Now it seems I’ve lost you.

    Really, after all this time

    Now I’ve got to find something new

    Get back up into the Rhyme


    Have I really burned my bridges now

    Or committed some sort of crime?

    If I have then tell me how

    And why the fault is mine.



    Tao and Coffee

    2008 - 10.19

    Picture a man

    Walking to the stand

    Listening to the band

    In a masquerade.


    Imagine if you can

    A grain of sand

    Put it in your hand

    Do you understand?


    The world we live in today

    Is a small part in a play

    What can you say

    In response to that?


    So get ready and go

    You’re on in the show

    Pick up your guitar and play

    It’s your turn today.


    Someday when I’ve had my say

    I’ll be old , get out of the way

    But now it’s time to take the stand

    And play with the rest of the band.




    Last Look Back

    2008 - 10.19


    I know these words will never say enough

    About the ways I love you

    Being but the reflections in the eyes

    Of a wandering young man


    But there were days and there were times

    When I thought you where were my queen

    And I a strange magician

    Bringing back what has been.


    Star filled nights ruled by Orion

    Under which we were cast about

    Eyes wide with anticipation

    I kissed you for the first time


    Your love has taught me to grow

    Like you the perennial rose

    Ever to reach for the sky

    Basking in it’s golden glow.


    But then again you love has taught me

    Things that make me reel in pain

    For its beauty is quite crystalline

    And cuts me, again and again.



    Ice Queen

    2008 - 10.19

    Ice Queen touch my world today

    Ice Queen turns to frozen grey

    Greeting all with her crystalline wand

    Soft flung snow adorns the places you’ve been

    Reflections frozen in Moonlit splendor

    Quietly you flow into crystal streams

    To seep into my day.


    Treasure this timeless part of the year

    Forever frozen in memory

    The years just float right on past

    This never changing scene.


    It’s at this time when all is still

    I see life flow by as if a dream

    Through crystal water lenses

    I peered at your icicle dreams


    Soon spring will come and you’ll be melted away

    Time will spring forward with its madness once again

    Gone will be Winter’s dream

    As I’m kissed awake with a Spring day

    To wonder where I’ve been.




    In this Life of Mine

    2008 - 10.19



    It’s been hard livin’ in this dream

    Putting up with all the things I’ve seen

    Everything I did just to be free.


    I been listening to what they say

    But still this pain just won’t go away

    Turn the page and live another day.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine. Oh… yeah, in this life of mine.


    The thunder of the freeway the sound of the band

    It’s just something they don’t understand

    And why I wandered all over this land.


    When I think about it, it makes me cry

    The many ways we tried and tried

    I’m so glad you were on my side.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine. Oh…yeah, in this life of mine.


    The Ocean on my left, the land on my right

    You in my arms, I held you all night

    We made sweet love, until the morning light.


    We didn’t know that it wouldn’t last

    We were too young to have a past

    But let me tell ya’, it went by so fast.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine. Oh… yeah, in this life of mine.


    Now I can’t tell you what it all means

    Or why the sacred becomes obscene

    I just wonder, where have you been?


    A fallen Angel tells me that I should

    I think about it, I knew that I could

    If you were with me, I think I would.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine. Oh…yeah in this life of mine.



    So come and take my hand, We’ll walk away

    While we’re still young, with something left to say

    I got down on my knees and I prayed….


    That life still has some sort of mystery

    And while we can still walk, we can be free

    And that in the end, we’ll finally see.


    Mmm.. Yeah, In this life of mine. Oh…yeah in this life of mine.



    I’d Love to Change the World

    2008 - 10.19


    I love to change the world rising to that new occasion But fearful of failure I wait Sharpening my skills. Mustering my strength

    I won’t jump the gun but I will run the race. On the horizon is the next phase

    I’ll pace myself to it Measuring step and time looking for the opening break then I will run to the finish. Breathlessly arriving at my destiny Knowing it was worth the wait Looking for you.


    The Short Story

    2008 - 10.19

    I have seen things great and small

    Spent most of my life, living it all, living it all.

    Now my time is running fast

    Gets that way when you run from your past

    Can’t believe I’m still alive

    More than that, I’m starting to thrive


    I have won and I have lost

    Paid such a bitter cost

    Because I lost the rhyme

    And had to do the time

    She has reminded me there is more

    Waiting for me just outside my door, just outside my door


    I was a biker, a rebel without a cause

    And I went everywhere, everywhere.

    This old country it needs a hand

    Volunteers, inspired by bands

    If you get confused listen to the music play

    For it is opening the door to another day.


    I must be brave, rise back to myself

    No longer afraid of anyone else

    For I am a man who doesn’t believe in the scam

    I just want to be what I am.

    And be by your side, be by your side.

    For it’s gonna’ be a long, long ride.


    I had friends for most of my life

    They were bent on causing me strife

    I walked away alone, couldn’t go home

    Their madness I could not condone.

    So I’m leaving, going away

    I found a new place where I can stay


    I’ve lost every battle, but I will win the war

    She gives me reasons, she gives me more

    So I’m a soldier against apathy

    I’ll sing my songs, maybe set them free

    Maybe they will hear, maybe they will hear

    Take it into their hearts and hold it near.


    I could fail, but I’ll take that chance

    This is the first tune, but it is the last dance

    The stage is set, it’s my turn to play

    And to do it right I must go away.

    There is no one in this town for me anyway.



    All are Gone Now

    2008 - 10.19

    I have had playmates in the days of my child hood, in my school days

    All are gone now, the old familiar faces.

    I have had laughing  times, I have had carousing times

    Drinking late smoking like a dragon

    All are gone now, the old familiar faces.


    I loved a woman fairest of them all

    She opened my cellar door

    She was all I had left

    I will never leave her side.

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    I had friends, they were the kindest of friends

    Like an ingrate I left them abruptly

    For they didn’t see me anymore.

    And they set out to hurt what it was they did not understand

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    Ghostlike I pace around the corners of memory

    Earth just seems like a desert I’m bound to traverse

    Seeking what was never there.

    I found things I wasn’t looking for

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    I had friends that were as close as brothers

    We came from the same places

    If I could see them now

    When our anger cleared we would talk about how

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.


    Some have died, most just left me

    And some were taken from me , all departed

    I could do nothing to stop the erosion 30 years can bring.

    They weren’t listening to me anymore

    All are gone now, all the familiar faces.




    Of Course

    2008 - 10.19

    I just found out, everything I knew was wrong

    My fair weather friend told me the details

    And I realize I really don’t matter much anymore

    Wow, what a change of perspective.


    To hear what you really think

    Told to me third party

    Of the pettiness in your thoughts

    Denying what used to be my reality


    Do you think I am joking?

    Playing some sort of game?

    My life hangs in the balance

    Yet you speak of IM Chatter


    You gave yourself away

    Told everyone how I disappointed you

    Made it clear in everyway

    So you scored the winning point.


    And what of me all alone now

    Doesn’t matter anyway



    Did I leave behind you

    A bitter trail of memories?




    It Really was a Strange Life.

    2008 - 10.19

    The desert sun was relentless

    I had come to the end of my way

    It’s time I took the saddle off this overburdened horse

    And find a place for me to lay.


    All I know is captured in my soul

    I know my dying day is near

    None of you can stop it

    Really my loved ones, there is nothing to fear.


    If I were here and you were there,

    I’d meet you in between

    And not until my dying breathe,

    Confess what I have seen.


    Believe it or not gentle friends

    I’m coming to the end of my words

    And words are all I am

    At least that’s what I’ve heard.


    I can guarantee I’ll see you at the reckoning

    My place is set expectantly

    For my story is an old one

    I am just the current Hero.


    What happened on those broken roads

    Is only for me to see

    Your lives are too good to hear

    What happened in that that nightmare dream.


    I love you all. It’s all too beautiful



    Every Day

    2008 - 10.19

    Every day I reach out try to make you smile,

    For it’s all I want to do, so I try all the while


    Every day I just want to lash out at the things that cause us pain

    But all I do is cry and shout in the end no more to gain


    Will you come with me, take this outstretched hand?

    Will you walk this way finally leave this land?


    Oh noble wanderer Have you no home?

    For years now you have let your stray thoughts roam?


    Every day I just want to twist and shout

    That’s right just let it all out!


    Every day I think of new ways to say I love you

    Anyhow it doesn’t matter anyway you know it’s true


    Will you come with me, take this outstretched hand?

    Will you walk this way finally leave this land?




    2008 - 10.19

    Been so long since a strange woman slept in my bed, see how sweet she sleeps, how real must be her dreams. In another lifetime she must have been righteously wed, to a righteous King who played psalms beside her by moonlite streams.


    She is an angel and gives everything. She has shown the truth to  everyone, even you and still she walks barefoot..

    She and I since creation have both learned to honor and forgive.

    She and I walk the same path with so much distance in between.

    She and I will one day be together again.

    Until that day I’ll wander and pray that the gods smile on her.



    These Last Days

    2008 - 10.19

    It is on these last days I ponder which way my fate will end

    I am not going to exit Karmic Cycle I am due for yet another road.

    I missed too many chances squandering youth and years.

    No, I wish to fly away far from this land of tears


    When all these words are done I’ll be on my way

    I’ve got no reason and no one who wishes me to stay

    Been here so long I’ve started to call it home.

    But I lost it, lost it all.


    It seems as if death follows me and I escape ever so narrowly

    Thirty 36 bones later I have realized.

    Those conditions of madness, arrogant sadness have taken their price from me.

    I have learned a lesson here from the Wise Woman…


    Summers escape will be followed by fall which is already manifesting.

    All the signs are here, you know them kind reader you see these things too

    I need fresh material which requires adventures anew

    That is how I will take you there.






    2008 - 10.19

    Let my creative spirit flow, like glasses of  fine merlot, painting colored ribbons that you can see.

    Infinities of Devils stare, through my curtains of despair, constantly whispering.

    While the fire burns so high, there’s so many things I would try, to give you anything.

    When the Sandman brings you sleep, a fortress for you to keep, till the morning light.


    The hourglass drains so impatiently, it slowly sets you free, to walk again into the night.

    Paths are there for you to choose, when you win when you lose. Does it matter anyway?

    Climbing up on hills too high, trying to touch the sky, that was my beginning.

    Settling for places deep, I can no longer speak, of any of these things..


    Let my desperation know, there is no room for me to grow, up and out of this reality

    Cursed be the tongue, when fortunes had its run, suddenly your left empty.

    Finding paths towards the sun, I look forward to being one, with infinity .

    Looking out to the Stars, I think I’ve come much to far, to find the ring.


    I have seen so many climb, trying to find the Rhyme, losing the meter on the way

    Words are free, you can see, That the Storyteller knows you and me.

    But then you were gone, these places all went wrong, I am a stranger now.

    Still the wind it will blow, the seasons now it will show, constant changing.


    Once I thought I was wise, trying to not despise, human nature.

    I look around and all I see, are things that could have been, too bad it was lost

    My heart is struck silent, preferring not to relent, to another day

    I tried my best, I am at rest, with my answer.




    Yes, but only once.

    2008 - 10.19

    Yes I was a lonely young man once

    But I got out.

    Lived hard ever since.

    Baby, I was all right until I met you.

    If I am alive when this is over.

    I’ll know somebody cares.

    I stopped believing long ago that this love would be fair.

    It takes a lot that’s what it takes

    It takes a little something

    Something you can’t fake

    Go ahead make me show my hand.


    Morning Environment

    2008 - 10.18

    Dawn Slips in on us

    Unaware, uncalled for and unready

    Shattering the spell of night

    Juices flow, body says “No!”

    Mind tries to act bright.


    Shift the brain into a more familiar mode

    Reexamine your allotted workload

    Pull on the clothes, Pull on the face

    Gear yourself up, for the Rat Race.


    Rationalize your daily crimes

    As a way to buy more precious time

    Act out your part

    Then exit stage left

    And all the while watch your step

    For quality control is watching you.