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    Bar Question

    2008 - 11.21

    Bar Question


    Hey guy’s I’m gonna’ ask ya to think

    So take a break right now , put down those drinks.

    Have you ever had a love, one that shines

    Brought peace and happiness, all of the time?


    Then suddenly, it was all these different things

    Put you in the back seat, Her cigarette ashes raining down.

    The calls don’t come, like they did before

    That rock solid trust, has gone out the door.


    You try to talk some, end up wrangling over this and that

    Forgetting about the love you brought to the scene

    And you end up in the corner nursing your wounds

    Instead of makin’ love..


    Have you ever stayed awake all night

    Wondering what she was doing with her time

    And why doesn’t she call?

    Honest, these are tears of laughter that’s all.


    Well fella’s just wanted to hear

    How many here have done this scene?

    I see most of your hands.

    So we’re all here drinking , listening to bands.


    Go on back to your misery, sorry I bothered you

    But I had to know, was it something weird in me

    Or something that effects us all

    Great or small, it effects us all.




    All night Comic Revue

    2008 - 11.20

    All night comic revue.


    It’s Five in the morning

    Been awake most of the night.

    Sandman said “I need some help”

    Will you watch the mine?

     I always wondered about this supposed sand

    What’s it about?

    Brought sleep to the land, This I don’t understand

    Me, I’m immune to the stuff

    Don’t get me off.

    Don’t do too much

    That’s why he picked me. To guard his stash

    He knows I never sleep, just watch the land.

    All night long, I am a Ghost

    In the morning he thanks me , we have a litlle toast.



    Millennium Blues Jive

    2008 - 11.19

    Millennium Blues Jive


    Ran into some trouble, ran into some hitches

    This old world full of mean sons of bitches

    But I tell you one day, I will stand by my King

    Until then all the shit that goes down doesn’t mean a god damn thing.


    Gonna’ find my army from the streets

    Nothing like a man with a family to feed

    This nation, change is gonna’ come

    Everybody got to make in the new reality.


    I got me 15 year old truck,

    Built like a tank don’t use it so much

    But she’s still a beauty and can run

    We all gotta’ get used to not havin’ one


    Well we’re in two wars and were supposed to keep world peace

    Were killing families and not being very discreet

    Even  Jesus won’t forgive what you’ve done

    A man who lives by the gun is gonna’ die by another one.


    The earth is heating up and gasping for air

    It ain’t the same sun we used to have out there

    We are choking ourselves that’s for sure

    I feel so sorry for the animals that are getting left behind.


    I’m looking at all the couples out there

    The ones that got it, they don’t care

    Late for the country club, what’s on the financial news?

    I tell ya tomorrow, you’ll be singing the blues.


    Trying to keep my life simple, truth is I got no choice

    Nothing to give , but my voice.

    Learn people , read between my lines

    I’m talking about things that happened in other times




    My Tribulations

    2008 - 11.18

    My Tribulations


    When I was growing up in captivity

    And escaped just to make some noise

    I learned a lot of things pretty fast

    Put away my toys.


    Wandered here, discovered that

    It was all so new.

    When did your enthusiasm go flat.

    Make you ignore the rules.


    It’s fair to say your life’s been hell

    You can even find your way there

    But you’ll never find your way into Heaven

    If you don’t lose that demons stare.


    The Angels sigh for you

    The Holy choir sings for you.

    Cause its been foretold

    In the end you’ll be bold

    And God himself will forgive you.


    Your sins they’ll be in the past

    You’ll earn your backstage pass

    To the city of Eternal Gold.

    So let’s go on with this show

    It’s our turn to go,  pick up your cross and go



    Watch Closely Now

    2008 - 11.18

    Watch Closely Now (Final)


    Let’s observe closely now at this curious exchange of energy.

    Are we apparitions in our own manifestations

    I’m just not sure……………..


    Watch closely now

    Watch closely now


    I am the age old Magi

    That wants to take you to your real home

    You want to be free of the love I hold for thee

    Go ahead drive the knife home.


    Watch closely now

    Watch closely now


    Don’t you know there is a Universe waiting

    Waiting for you.

    Were gonna’ stay together girl, make it somehow.

    I’ll do anything you want me to.


    We’ll still on our feet nothin’s brought us down

    Getting’ scary? Don’t look down!



    Watch closely now

    Watch closely now



    You don’t know how easy it is waiting for you.

    When it’s been lifetimes, what will a few months do?

    I’m  gonna’ try but won’t be played for a fool

    There’s got to be some changes in the things that we do.



    Watch closely now

    Watch closely now




    My Hairline

    2008 - 11.17

    My Hairline.


    Well My hairline line you win

    You reached  the pinnacle of my skull

    I always watched you with deep suspicion

    Over the years, I would mark indicator hairs

    Which would give me reading on your progress.

    Slowly you ate your way through them

    I was the perfect candidate

    Super stressed over long period of time

    Malnutrition, toxins. I could see what it was doing to you.

    And this thing about turning silver practically overnight

    Why It makes me look like an aging hippy

    Which is the reality of the matter anyway.


    So I going to have to use science in hopes to retain and regrow you.

    This will fun to watch



    Lesson lessons learned over the Time of my Life

    2008 - 11.17

    Lessons learned over the time of my Life


    When I was small, I stood up tall

    With the hope that I could be

    Always anticipating  the next change

    I positioned my sails to take advantage.


    Since the end of the beginning

    Been running pretty hard

    Life comes at you fast

    So be right there when the whistle blows


    Isn’t it hard, to keep your hands on a friend?

    Circumstance always takes them away

    You forget when you say goodbye

    That it could be the last time your ships ever  pass


    Get those tears out of your eyes

    How are you going to see your way around.?

    This should come at no surprise.



    A Night in the Woods

    2008 - 11.17

    Night in the Woods

    Towards the darkness from the sun

    I and the night became as one

    Animals of the night float on the mist

    Seasons are rolling right on by.


    I am but a ghost, pacing the night

    Doomed to live in world

    That does not yet see reality

    The Atom was only the entrance.


    I am in the woods in an old graveyard.

    Waiting to keep a promise to a soul

    Made many lifetimes ago

    There are many paths to insanity.


    I’m starting to ignore mankind

    Giving up on many levels

    For again my brain has decided

    What and who really matters


    The woods has always been my place of refuge.

    I love to wander alone at night

    After all the things I’ve seen there is no fright.

    The animals know me here.


    Home this is my home

    But I’m never here

    I’m busy wasting my life away in the cities

    Missing the values of God’s creation.




    Back to the Basics

    2008 - 11.17

    Back to the Basics


    Well he came back here all alone, with his Beatles and his Stones

    Back to the hippie that stayed the same, he forgot his name

    But what does it matter anyhow he didn’t change

    He still believes in flowers, run in showers

    Laughs at himself in the pouring rain.

    He was always a clown, nothing got him down

    A smile on his face could  put a positive space

    Where he was, where he was

    A simple hippie, that’s all he was, that’s all he was.


    He came from nowhere, knew there was a somewhere

    That he could find a place, he could find a place

    But dreams, they don’t matter now, they’re all gone

    Like the wind on a song, they were long gone.

    He had a taste here and there, boy wasn’t she fair….?

    But now he’s alone, mostly by his own choice

    Had to leave his friends, they couldn’t hear his voice

    So he’s left alone with his Beatles and his Stones


    Time has flown by , now by all rights he’s old

    At least that’s what he’s been told

    But he can still remember a day

    When the sun machine went down

    And everyone had a party

    To celebrate life and their friends

    Never thought it could end

    Just tryin’ to make it home.

    With his Beatles and his Stones



    My Eternal Question

    2008 - 11.17

    My Eternal Question


    All those years died but love didn’t weep

    More of the same just came along

    Then it too went all wrong

    Since then I don’t sleep

    Why did they all have to cut so deep?


    Broken now, not much to say

    Yeah, I been in it, had my time and place

    Seen many a places in the rhyme

    Caught the scenes of so many plays

    Why is it then, I cannot stay?


    Why is it she’s stuck in my mind

    With a world I’m gonna’ leave behind

    She completly stopped listening to my rhymes

    And left the story we created.


    (SG 2008)

    The Cowboy’s Ride

    2008 - 11.17

     Cowboy’s Ride


    Ya’ wander this life

    Devil takes your soul

    Spend the rest of your time

    Tryin’ to get control


    Sometimes it’s a six gun

    Sometimes it’s your hand

    Your permanently marked, when you kill a man.

    But you do what you gotta’ due, the Preacher man said.


    Riding down to the town  

    people looking your way

    They remember the day

    You saved their town

    And then rode away.



    Now they say you’re they fastest

    And every maverick wants a try

    But when you pull that gun

    Lightning echoes in the sky


    Papa said one thing.

    the day he died.

    He said “Son, better look life, right in the eye”

    I been a outlaw since that day

    I been a outlaw since that day.