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    This Year

    2008 - 12.31

    This Year
    This year, I realized how much I loved you
    This year, I realized how much you care
    This year, Our love grew stronger
    This year, was made possible by you.
    This year, I saw I was getting older
    This year, I watched my youth and health fade away
    This year, I was rescued by my lover
    This year, I turned one of those proverbial corners.
    This year, was full of disappointment
    This year, you made my life better
    This year, you let me cry on your shoulder
    This year, I had so many tears.
    This year, I lost some of my heroes
    This year, I wrote many new poems
    This year, I watched you rise from the ashes
    This year, You took a stab at your fears.
    This year, was one of the worst ones
    This year, required I endure it
    This year, took so many things from me
    This year, was full of fear.
    This year, I’m gonna’ put behind me
    This year, forget everything but you
    This year, I couldn’t find it
    This year, I lost the truth.

    And I Had it My Way

    2008 - 12.06

    I Had it My Way


    When I was young I got slapped to the floor

    Because I did what I wanted and nothing more

    My world was very different from yours

    And I had it my way.


    Then they went and put me in school

    Specifically designed to create religious fools

    I wouldn’t listen, got in trouble for breaking the rules

    And I had it my way.


    The it was off to the military school

    Where I learned pretty fast not to be a fool

    I was a revolutionary for breaking their rules

    And I had it my way.


    Then I had to hit the west coast

    It was the place where it happened the most

    When I left it it seemed like a ghost

    And I had it my way.


    The other day I noticed the years were gettin’ by

    Hairs the wrong color and I feel like I’m dying

    I think of my early years and know there were mistakes

    And I had it my way.


    Still a long way up this road

    With a destiny to behold

    When they ask me was it worth it in the end, I’ll say it heaven, it was hell

    And I had it my way.