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    Cell Phones

    2009 - 02.28

    Cell Phones

    I see them now everywhere, people using them, don’t even have a care
    Of the dangers lurking out there, using a cell phone is no longer rare.
    I want to tell you , it’s part of a plot, easy to use better to have them then not
    Did you know you can be found, make the the wrong call and your prison bound.

    Kids and people walking down the streets
    Irradiating their heads into cooked pieces of meat.
    Watch what you say , you better be discreet
    They are listening, cops are working this beat.

    They can turn it on and listen to you say
    When you make a call, they can hear you play
    Echelon Dictionary now makes the rules
    Watch what you say, now don’t you be a fool.

    They are so convenient, they always are there
    In the past, did you really care?
    I remember a time when they were so very scarce, now if you don’t have one people just stare.

    Now the half wit drivers who drive and make their calls
    They are in fact, endangering us all
    The highway is not a place to make a casual call
    People have died, because the driver lost it all.

    Do you really have something that important to say?
    Or are you making things up that just get in the way?
    Maybe that task can wait another day
    And you can stop the incessant insanity

    I tell you my friends its part of a plot
    Take from an engineer who knows better than not
    These  devices were made for control
    They finally found a way to get into your soul.


    Snowy Portland Morning.

    2009 - 02.26

    Snowy Portland Morning.

    It’s early in the morning, snow on the ground
    My breath freezes in the air
    I walk through the streets laughing
    Today, I don’t have a care.

    Noise of the city isn’t a pity?
    No one knows the country anymore
    Were kept so busy it makes us dizzy
    We forgot what fields and flowers are for.

    I want to hold your hand , pull you close
    Keep you warm in the cold of Winter
    There are things you will know
    Right now there is only a hint there.

    I have been so amazed to watch you as you run
    You’re the one who makes me realize
    Life might still be fun, together under the sun
    And dreams do materialize.

    Where Did We Go?

    2009 - 02.25


    Call me a whining boy , call me what you will
    I can hear my past moanin’ over the top of the hill
    It is like a ghost to me but friendlier and stranger still
    I have lived a long hard life, I could have gotten killed

    But I never did get a home.

    They say we all have things to do in this little life
    In the grand scheme of things, we only add to the strife
    Spent my whole life looking for the perfect wife
    One who won’t cut me with her sugar coated knives
    But she doesn’t seem to hear me when I call.

    Where is the happiness that God had  promised us all?
    Did we lose the right to it after the fall?
    Eden has shut its doors to us all
    Now the fields are filled with the devil’s shopping malls
    My eyes they collide with my tears.

    Did I hear my favorite band playing their message still?
    They reached so many souls, gave them such a thrill
    When it all ended we were held together by our will
    Trying to remember the sound that suddenly went still.
    Wanting to honor their pasts, still we knew it wouldn’t last.

    So many ways to get lost in yourself these days
    Good things come, but they never stay
    Grandma told me , it would always be this way
    Until our King  comes back on that wonderful day
    The best we can do is love and hold on.


    Walking Alone

    2009 - 02.22

    Walking Alone

    He is walking alone
    He has no throne
    No one to love
    When push comes to shove
    I’m walkin’ outa’ this life

    He is walking alone
    He loves a woman
    Who filled his head with promises
    And then left him all alone
    After her realities all were blown

    He is walking alone
    Soon to leave his home
    He will fade away
    She left him with no reason to stay
    I guess it doesn’t matter anyway.

    He is walking alone
    Crying in the Oregon rain
    She showed him pain
    She is insane
    He… will never be the same.

    He is walking alone
    No place left to roam
    Just a bullet driving home
    A release from all this strife
    He had a terrrible life.


    Out of control

    2009 - 02.21

    Out of Control

    I’ve lost some of my heroes
    I’ve lost all of my friends
    But all I can say is I did my best.

    This year brought changes
    Put me to the test
    I took what I could carry
    Forgot the rest.

    Foolish people harm you
    Not meaning to be so cruel
    But right now nothings seems cool
    Places start to haunt me
    Can’t get them to go away,
    If this is life, I ain’t gonna’ stay
    This is me talkin’ now.

    If your life isn’t what you want
    Go work in some restaurant.
    There are no wages for a broken man
    If you understand me, then lend a hand
    Look at the need of your fellow man.
    He may know nothing, but he has a soul
    On a journey, learning self control

    Don’t bother to listen to what most people say
    It will only drive you up the wall
    Listen to your heart, it’s right the first time
    It was first to hear the call.
    Then take what you learn
    And let your spirit burn
    Wild and out of control.


    My Nemesis II

    2009 - 02.21

    So you think you’ve got me,
    Cornered in the night
    Is this the best you can do?
    My Nemesis, I have no fright.

    You have tried so many times
    To rift me of my soul
    The damage you have done
    Trying to wrest control

    You just can’t know
    Of the stuff I am made
    What makes me tick or
    Why I am unafraid.

    “Because sometimes we choose our Gods,
    and sometimes, they choose us.”

    You laughed when I came through the flames
    Sword in hand, very much alive
    Didn’t estimate Your odds
    Didn’t know I’d survive.

    You didn’t count on love
    Being here in the end
    My last and final card
    Victory, Heaven sent.


    Moonlite Mania

    2009 - 02.21


    Moonlite Mania



    It came on nightly sojourns

    Taken on the sly

    Madness fantastic relieves the mundane

    So don’t ask me why.

    Where I walk reality quivers

    Melting in the focus of my minds eye.

    It starts when the air shivers

    And parts to Heaven’s high.


    In the beginning it was chaos

    It still is.

    We don’t have to give up

    Let us make legends still

    For what else can be done?

    Come, Juggle lifetimes with me

    I will take you there.