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    The Things We Cling To

    2009 - 05.07

    The things we cling to are more often than not

    Better given up then ever got.

    Coffee in the morning, tea at 3

    Martinis for lunch and in the evening brandy


    Drugs for the hippies and all their trips

    Stick it in your arm , put it to your lips

    God for the fearing, hoping to be

    Through hypocritical works

    Nearer to thee


    Lovers for the lonely, husbands for the wives.

    Grab them now and hang on for life.

    Wheels for your getting around.

    The many places to cling to in this town.

    Toys for the kids you buy them whole hog

    Why you’re even buying toys for your dog.


    Musicians to their music that’s never heard

    Poets and Lawyers to their many words.

    Like a tree that is clung to by the vine

    We cling to life and pass the time




    2009 - 05.07

    When I was a boy I had a home
    When I was a boy I was all alone
    Daddy left me, up and died
    To this very day I cry and I cry
    And I can’t seem to win no matter how hard I try.

    Father of love, in the skies
    Take me to your arms in my time
    Let me know my life was true
    Even though I didn’t always love you.
    I got me some people they’re on your side
    Tell ’em I’ll see them in the by and by.

    I have a little hole I call my home
    But it is evil when you live alone
    Phantoms will haunt you, yes it’s true
    Nobody to face, nobody but  you

    I’m tired of waiting, times runnin’ fast
    Gotta’ pull away from the looking glass
    It don’t matter what you do
    Time is a force and it will find you.