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    A Lizard Man

    2009 - 06.28

    A lizard man, that’s what I am

    Dry as a bone in the desert sand

    contemplating everything that’s true

    Shows you that some things are not so new.

    Lizard tail flick the sand

    there ain’t no water in this land.

    Lizard man he don’t care

    He gets his water out of the air




    30 Years

    2009 - 06.06

    30 Years

    Full of laughter, full off tears

    Many a late night drinking beers

    All of my friends, treasured through the years

    I have left them, my eyes shed tears.

    I lost them all on the way

    After a while, not much to say

    We were no longer children, forgot how to play

    We went to work to fill our days.

    No one cared that I was licked

    Didn’t give a damn, gave me the flick

    These were the best people I could pick

    But I was abandoned when I got sick.

    A play doctor, a man in the hole

    Constantly lighting up a new bowl.

    To make more money, stay out of the cold

    I watched my best friend, take the dole.

    And the witch who was a Charlatan

    Causing problems wherever she can

    Lied to me then off she ran

    Chasing, my closest friend.

    And the play doctor turned out to be a bitch

    Had a scratch she couldn’t itch

    She thought I was a Son of a Bitch

    She was right without a hitch.

    My oldest friend from Childhood

    Came to think I was no good

    Because I believed like you should

    But he never could.

    So I am alone in a little hole

    Broken, wasted, smoking bowls

    The truth it seems will never be told

    Of how I lost my friends of old.



    2009 - 06.03


    When I see the faces of all the beautiful races
    I truly wonder how could we fight?
    Every one them is a treasure
    Whose wealth we cannot measure
    Each will have their own place in time.

    When I think of all the sorrow
    That comes with tomorrow
    I wonder, why we hate another color
    It’s like hating a rainbow
    Which is beautiful because of its spectrum

    I used to judge color, in America we are taught to do that
    What arrogance this must be
    Every race has it’s story, in school it just was boring
    Until I began to travel, then the mystery was unraveled.
    Of how we each hold a piece of the puzzle.