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    The Race

    2009 - 07.31

    I was running the 2 mile race

    A current favorite, I knew my place

    He and I were ahead of the pack

    It was clear it would come down to our attack

    I came up up close and asked how ya doin?

    He said I’m doin’ alright what about you?

    I said fine though he was the best I’d ever come across

    I was gonna’ win this race couldn’t handle a loss.

    So I told him one lap left, I bid him adeu

    And with that I was gone, nylon blue.

    He tried to catch me but I am brother to the wind

    I didn’t even look back he was so far behind

    And I had finished in record time.


    Fields of Corn

    2009 - 07.30



    It is hot, July summertime

    We all got a case of the midwestern blues

    Ever drive through miles of corn? the effect is quite hypnotic.

    It can take you places

    Or remind you how stuck you are.

    When I was little the creature to fear was the corn snake.

    We took the bees for granted back then.

    I remember running through the rows

    Picking the corn

    Shucking the corn

    It was all part of a cycle I did not yet see

    But now I do and it is fading away.


    Insanities Wall

    2009 - 07.29

    I have come heard the call, I climbed insanities wall

    Sometimes almost losing my grip

    I watch many a friend fall or slip.

    It is treacherous yes indeed, it will hit you you where you need

    And there is no way back down, the best you an do is be calm have a look around

    Spiteful eyes stare at you while all want to devour you like a piece of meat.

    The challenge is to hold body and soul intact, a very difficult act.

    To beat this game and climb this hill, you must be very very real

    Or eternity will squash you with the weight of things your aren’t prepared to know yet.


    Mystery Track

    2009 - 07.20

    Mystery Track


    Went down to the station, bought a ticket to the mystery track

    Went down to the station, bought a ticket to the mystery track

    Don’t know where it goes, but I’m sure it don’t come back.

    Gonna’ leave this sad town with tears in my eyes

    Gonna’ leave this sad town with tears in my eyes

    My baby done put me out like a cigarette under her heel.

    And this old town has no more appeal.

    Sad, Sad songs, ring through my head

    Sad, Sad songs, ring through my head

    Reminding me of that woman

    Make me wish I was dead.

    Gonna pack my guitar, give the rest away

    Gonna’ pack my guitar, give the rest away

    Wander around, find some  new place to stay.

    Play my way to freedom, that’s what this is about

    Play my way to freedom, that’s what this is about

    No time to argue, no time to mess around

    No time to argue, No time to mess around

    There is still too much in this old world

    Too many things to find about.



    Morning Love Sick Blues

    2009 - 07.18

    Woke up this morning, feelin’ bad

    I’d lost the best woman I’d ever had

    Woke up this morning, had the morning love sick blues

    Had some coffee, tried to think, about anything but you

    Impossible, you’re all I can see. woke up this morning

    Had the morning love sick blues.

    Last nights dreams, they were bad

    Nothin’ but you in ways I never had

    Woke up this morning, feeling the morning love sick blues

    Now this lady, she is so sweet, nothing ’bout her, can be beat

    Now she’s gone, she left me here alone………

    Woke up this morning, feeling the morning love sick blues.

    Tried to work, tried to play, my love for you gets in the way

    If only, If only you were here.

    My love would be complete, Why I’d always be near.

    Woke up this morning, empty bed, got the devil in my head.

    Woke up this morning with the morning love sick blues.

    Tell me baby, what will I do? I cannot live without you

    Tell me baby what will I do?


    When I wander the darkness

    2009 - 07.01

       When I wander the darkness


    Why does the rain fall?

    Or the wind blow so hard?

    If you don’t ask

    You may never know.


    Ask no questions

    Still you’re told lies

    From those with good intentions

    But they have beams in their eyes.


    How good to have finally found you

    When my heart was frozen cold

    And the poison of my anger

    Was making me old.


    I’m not ungrateful

    I’ve just grown a little hard

    Couldn’t stand the disappointment

    Of watching my dreams die.


    In some cemetery round about midnight

    I wait for a long lost friend

    It’s been a long time since we traveled together

    Tonight he comes to me on the dreamscape.


    When morning comes and all is done

    My hatred and sorrow are lessened

    My best and my worst

    Is what I take away.


    Mmmm…. This darkness

    Dark with deep shades of gray

    Mmmm…..momentary madness

    Soon shall pass away.