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    Indian Giver

    2009 - 10.31

    God is an Indian Giver

    He eventially takes back all he has given you

    Sometimes the loss is horrific and you are left

    Wondering what you did you do?

    He gave me health  then took it away

    He gave my  youth a home and then took it away

    He gave me the most beautiful man I ever knew,

    Then God Damnit took him too

    God is an Indian Giver, be careful what you take.

    He gave me wealth and took it away

    He gave me a wife and took her away

    And finally, he took my heroes my beloved friends away too.

    I only have one treasure left ,

    We talk about the blessings of this God

    Yet he only gets lip service until he takes from you.

    None of us are above this thing we call it life.

    I call God life, ergo he is the giver and the taker.

    It gets even weirder than this.

    When you follow the words of men.


    Walk Me

    2009 - 10.30

    I am an older man now
    Named after my father
    Been alone in this life
    Since I can recall
    I’ve traveled all over
    Seen many things
    Some I’ll speak of
    Some I’ll just sing
    (Walk  in his footsteps when you get lost
    Walk in his footsteps if you are alone
    Walk in his footsteps when all else fails
    Walk in his footsteps he will take you home)
    I been lucky
    And I been had
    All in All it’s been a rough life
    Just wanna’ be a Dad.
    I still got my dreams
    Some are even close to real
    But I’ve lost my perspective
    On what needs to be dealed.
    (Walk  in his footsteps when you get lost
    Walk in his footsteps if you are alone
    Walk in his footsteps when all else fails
    Walk in his footsteps he will take you home)
    I’ve seen a lotta’ wins Lord
    All along the way
    Of my failures now, I got nothin ‘ to say
    I got me a woman
    I’d love to be in her life
    And have her in mine
    To pass the time
    I have other dreams
    These are like clouds passing in the the sky
    Dreams I work on every day
    I try and I try
    I write down some words, play a few songs
    Everything else
    I do seems to go wrong
    (Walk  in his footsteps when you get lost
    Walk in his footsteps if you are alone
    Walk in his footsteps when all else fails
    Walk in his footsteps he will take you home)
    But my day will come
    I have been told
    Things from my prayers
    Help me keep hold.
    (Walk  in his footsteps when you get lost
    Walk in his footsteps if you are alone
    Walk in his footsteps when all else fails
    Walk in his footsteps he will take you home)


    Biscuits and Jerky

    2009 - 10.30

    I remember the saddle life… running cattle

    just to get by , just to get by

    Long journey’s, through mountains

    Mountaintops and field.

    The order of the wagons was determined as to who was most expendable in Indian raids.

    The Wagons mingles with the moving swarm of cattle as men pushed them for ward all day long

    Heading west was an adventure of its own in those days

    Men in saddles would saunter down the stream of wagons looking at the woman,

    You couldn’t blame them it had been long time on the trail

    They in a sense were mercenaries, hired by hand to escort beef and human across the great expanse.

    The land which must be almost sailed as a ship to traverse.

    It was all done on  the backs of the cowboys.

    I saw it on the dreamscape in a  place where I’d been before.


    The Wordsmith

    2009 - 10.25

    Right before my words left me

    I told them to be true

    To go out into the world

    To mingle and teach

    Sifting through minds everywhere

    For they are born of me and are pieces of my soul for the taking.

    Long have these phrases uttered and read resided in my bones.

    Painfully wrenched free by life’s experiences.

    Examined and turned in my minds eye

    Now I watch them running lip to lip

    Hoping they will touch you friend

    As they have touched me.





    2009 - 10.22

    Morning mists are now apparent

    I’m using an extra blanket

    It gets dark earlier now

    I love the ominous aspects of Autumn

    Early in the morning it is like another land.

    Stripes of color now paint the trees

    Soon the leaves will perform the dying dance

    Autumn has rolled up Summer’s rug

    Which looks back with longing look,  a kiss and a hug

    A year can be a long time to miss someone.

    Fall, that dying time of year.

    Precursor to winter.


    Beatles Quote

    2009 - 10.20










    “We’re Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, We’d like to thank you once again.

    Sgt.Peppers one and only Hearts Club Band, it’s getting very near the end

    Sgt. Peppers Lonely, Sgt. Peppers Lonely,Sgt. Peppers Lonely….Hearts…..Club Band!

    Following footprints

    2009 - 10.19











    The story of life

    is quicker than the wink of an eye

    The story of love is hello and goodbye,

    until we meet again.

    Black and White Backstage

    2009 - 10.19

    In the Rock-N-Roll arena it’s murky most of the time

    Ain’t no lighting backstage, except dim fluorescence lights

    I got thrown into this matter, Anyhow I love to play

    I like to do the best I can and never be afraid.

    But backstage it’s so black, musicians and the like hover like ghosts

    This is the ledge, where my experience drops off and goes………….

    I’d like to rehearse a bit so I can pull it off

    My hero that night was a roadie from another band

    He clipped a maglight to a mic stand

    Told me to do the best that I can.

    And I actually pulled it off.

    I rehearsed my music, heard them call my name

    Put on my sunglasses, walked onto the stage lights

    Fingers were itchy, to get on with the night

    Out here, it was so bright

    One thing I remember was out of the corner of my eye

    Off the stage a roadie’s grin, one of those smiles.


    Music served up Rare

    2009 - 10.19

    Chords are playing the backbone

    Sometimes in Arpeggio

    Notes glide in and out

    playing  like the velocity of a machine.

    My guitar and I were in rare form

    For the music was playing me

    A girls eyes in the front, showed I was registering.

    I played songs as they came to me

    Staying away from the ones still in the black

    But what I knew was that this audience was entertained

    So I played  my guitar until I was drained

    10 people wanted to buy me a drink, I said I’d have one so I could politely think

    Was I ever coming back there?

    And then there is the stroke, making patrons feel good

    Convincing management that you could bring people in

    They all want a demo, I need a band

    This is the side of music that no one understands

    All the work that’s needed to set the words and music free

    I tell you it’s worth it, Best high I’ve ever seen.


    Aint gonna’ Grieve no more

    2009 - 10.17

    I ain’t gonna’ grieve no more

    I got worlds of trouble right outside my door,

    But I  ain’t gonna’ grieve no more

    Ain’t gonna’ grieve no more

    I got worlds of trouble right outside my door,

    But I ain’t gonna’ grieve no more

    Bad thoughts fill my head,

    I say bad thoughts fill my head

    Somedays I wake up and rather be dead

    Bad thoughts fill my head.

    But I ain’t gonna’ grieve no more

    No I ain’t gonna grieve no more

    Trouble starts outside my door

    I say trouble starts outside my door

    But I ain’t gonna grieve no more

    I got rocks in the holes in my shoes

    I got rocks in the holes of my shoes

    It makes it hard getting ’round this world

    But I ain’t gonna’ grieve no more


    My own Rules

    2009 - 10.16

    I have been alone most of my life

     Setting my own rules

    Living alone in the middle of a crowd

    Surrounded by fools

    I think this is because, I’ve been abandoned my whole time

    One stood by me, but he lost his life

    Of the second one, although I’m sure

    Things have happened to her that only she and love can cure.

    But I love her, as if this matters to anyone under the Sun.


    Believe it or not, it’s the crazy horse I choose to ride

    Besides being strange myself, I kinda’ like the ride.

    How all of this will come down is unknown to me

    All I want is someone to love and a happy family.

    This will replace, much that threatens my life

    I can change in an instant

    I’m flexible under strife.


    Found a source of poetry

    2009 - 10.14

    Well Gentle Readers, we are going to go back a bit in time. 

    If you scroll through the last 15 entries or so you will see they are dated 1985

    This is because I found a leather bound book I used to drag all over the country with my gear and would sometimes write.

    There are subtle changes in  me and how I write, Please enjoy.

    Sam Gold

    Sam Gold Quote

    2009 - 10.14

    Secret seeds are planted

    In hopes of bloody traditions

    Sprouting to rule your childrens rendition

    Of Reality.



    2009 - 10.14

    Sometimes I watch the changes

    That come with each new day

    For many are their surprises

    That come yet never stay

    I woke up today wondering what to do

    Picked up my guitar and played

    Through a Portland Afternoon.

    It seems to me that each sunrise

    Is like a a new card dealt

    Stacked full of memories

    And all I’ve ever felt.


    Lizard on the side of the road.

    2009 - 10.14

    Wind rattles dead branches, clinking skeletal bones.

    Silent witness to perpetual change

    The Sun beats down on the next in line.

    It’s often we don’t know which

    It is often we are alone

    But seldom are adventures hid

    If one knows where to roam

    Many thoughts, Many roads, Many faces.


    Sense of Season

    2009 - 10.13

    Seasons suanter past my eyes

    A clock of time gone by

    I watch this from a merry-go-round called life.

    Blurred shapes, colors, things that die, all spinning

    Leaves falling to the ground echo with eternity

    Sun rises , sun falls, gallant greenery grows taller

    Children play in the grass

    As a star streaked across the Heavens.


    The Waitress and the bum

    2009 - 10.13

    The waitress is pausing in a calamity

    To sip on her coffee and gather her sanity

    Customers bleat in the morning rush hour

    Far off in the distance a bell rings in a tower.

    A man is standing on the street

    His eyes are vacant, his soul has been beat.

    Say hello, watch him retreat……



    2009 - 10.13

    Sections of my life like leaves are just blowing by

    They move so quickly now making me want to cry

    Not for fear, not for grief, not for my endless frustrations

    But for the silent falling of an Autumn leaf and private inner elations

    Will you come to me? Will you make the soft escape?


    Physical Relationship

    2009 - 10.13

    Will you agree there is a difference between your mind and the light of day?

    It glares with inconsistency yet shares a begrudging relationship

    Can you see the many ways there are to look at life because of this fact?

    For Reality eludes even the sharpest gaze and prances into the shadows

    Even when peered at by the keenest of eyes.

    It escapes definition.


    Time Shift

    2009 - 10.13

    Sitting in a sanctuary long ahead in time

    I was making fun of the past

    What do you know of those days?

    So cool I am as I babbled to the rest

    Then I listened and laughed with my secret knowledge

    For I was as they will be, I did my time, escaped with many.

    What do you think brought me here fool?