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    Season of Love

    2009 - 10.13

    Season of love is here again

    She plays guitar by the stream and smiles

    Been a long time since the sun’s looked that way

    Brilliant throughout the afternoon

    See it it now dip into the horizon

    With the crescent of the moon tagging along behind

    To show me beauty of yet another light.


    I already knew you were coming

    2009 - 10.13

    I dreamed last night

    I was dreaming, dreaming so lucious and fine

    Beauty and insanity, have I crossed that line?

    For I am crying. crying yeah

    Last  night I was dreaming, dreaming so fine

    That you were mine , mine, mine, all mine.

    Last night, we held each other against the time

    Yeah we felt so fine,

    Your my friend

    But your not mine…..

    Is it a crime, is it a crime?


    Sky Rider

    2009 - 10.13

    I Just want to touch you,

    Reach you in your world

    Take you a little higher

    You’re no longer a little girl

    Don’t want to scare you

    Don’t want to make you cry

    I just want to help you go on

    And give it another try.

    Yes it’s true I love you

    This happens all the time

    For I have loved so many

    In the courses of my rhymes.

    I wont’t drag you down or expect you to play

    Any of the mind games, I use to pass my day.

    I am a man that few understand

    Just trying to get back there

    I watch the days grow shorter

    As I search for one who cares

    So turn and look back today at this thing called life

    It waits with open arms, bearing more than strife.


    Infinity Dash

    2009 - 10.13

    Secretly I’ve decided, to escape to other circles

    For this game grows tiring

    As time slips away

    Yes, I’m ready to run further up the trail

    And leave the smoking embers of this camp behind me

    As usual, with the settting sun

    Where to is not known, just ever on endlessly

    I look up the trail where I had come

    And I see it is empty


    San Francisco- Tenderloin District-1985

    2009 - 10.13

    Dead drunks are on the street

    Fetid odor of death

    Whores jabber  like monkeys when you come by

    Falling silent as you pass


    Above you the silent silhouettes

    Hang from windows

    Long ago giving up hope

    Long since lost their pride


    No is the word

    None is the time

    No One is ever heard

    And None are the rhymes.


    In the city you’ll find

    In the city you’re blind

    In the city if your kind,  it’s out of pity.

    In the city you’ll see in the city you’ll be

    In the city you’ll agree

    It doesn’t have to be this way.


    In the city ignore the whimpers

    In the city, watch him pimp her In the city you grow limper

    If you don’t stay on top

    In the city.


    It ‘s just another day

    2009 - 10.12

    Sunrise, a long climb to the peak of another day

    A handful of possibilitities

    Noon, a celebration of what is halfway done yet will always be.

    Sunset, the decline of effort, accomplishment, bittersweetness

    It was so clear today, for a while the mist in my mind parted

    And I saw you.

    Frozen in time crystaline

    Then the wheel turned and you were gone.


    Motorcycle Days

    2009 - 10.12

    Rubber Asphalt marking the miles

    On a chrome horse I ride

    A womans walking down the street makes me smile

    Take in the sights, taste the flesh of the town

    Boy these are crazy times

    Turn around then head out of another town

    Store it in the memory, these things that you learn

    You will need it later

    When it’s time for another turn.


    Time in Reverse

    2009 - 10.12

    Race onward with the phantom winds of time

    Knowing you’ll never catch it.

    A short jaunt into the past reminds you of the paths you chose that lead you here

    But the wind has covered your footsteps and there is no way back

    Your tracks are covered by the sands of time.



    2009 - 10.12

    The days go by in slow motion

    It takes forever to get things done

    Everything sorta’ floats on by

    As  I sit in the sun

    Living as if opium dreams have taken over my life

    I pick up my mind and go,

    Wading through the strife.


    Precursor to Autumn

    2009 - 10.12

    Can I sustain my self on dreams

    When all else fails , I will.

    There you are, such a star

    gone so far

    To return to the beginining.

    Autumn sun seeps into my day

    And between us, another empty day flies by.


    Pen to Paper

    2009 - 10.08

    It was early in the morning, just past the dawn

    My favorite time for writing

    Poetry and Song

    I put my pen to the paper

    This gets harder all the time

    All the Pen would do is tears of ink cry

    Oh this wouldn’t do, no not at all

    For writing is all I am, no longer big, no longer small.

    I’ve become a character in my own play

    Which is written fresh and new each and every day

    Everytime I pick up that pen when I think I have something to say.

    I didn’t know that I was aging, didn’t hear the wolves at my door

    I was too busy engaging a brand new reality war.

    Then the thing about what my art is doing , why it is changing me

    I now demand freedom, I’m willing to die for you and me.

    This isn’t what I planned , not for my simple rhymes

    I launched a spell straight from Hell that goes in and out of time.

    Can this course be changed, is it just a phase?

    My body is now a coat of colors, isn’t that strange?

    I yanked the pen from the paper, we won’t be writing today

    Too many demons in their glory have gotten on the page.

    Sometimes this happens, when I don’t control my own hand

    Other things get in there and try to make a stand.


    Situation Room

    2009 - 10.03

    Ya know I’ve lived this life 40 some years

    I couldn’t tell you half of what went down

    But I charted the Ozone pretty well, cried a lot of tears

    Listened to Heaven’s choir. Knocked on Heaven’s door.


    Usually I don’t complain but I am getting mad

    Over all the good times and the friendships that I had

    Was is just a dream fading in the sand

    Or something I never had?


    Still can’t get her to love me , they way I know I can

    And this thing about a mission, well this I don’t understand

    Why would the universe pick such wreck of a man

    Where is this trip going? Where will I land?


    Now I’m starting to worry, about being old in the end

    I won’t stand to be treated that way

    I’d rather my own life end

    If I’d only gotten my family.


    Just a little peek, into the heart

    Of an old man, trying to make a new start

    Can’t do it alone,  I ‘ve come to far to be had (again)

    Lord I need a miracle, Heaven sent.


    The Traveler

    2009 - 10.02











    Just as I came from the light,

    In the end I shall return to it

    Filled with a lifetime of knowledge

    Again I shall know star dust.



    Earth Bound Blues

    2009 - 10.02

    What’s the use in tryin’

    When they tell you you got no more to give or time to live

    What’s the use of dancing, think I’ll leave by the kitchen door

    What’s the use in believing all those thing that you were told

    Tell me, where’s the gold?

    What the use of practicing the art, it hasn’t done me well.

    I think I’ve fallen under my own spell.

    Now the years are flinging by seems just like an dream

    And still I’m tryin’ to play this part.

    The only thing there is is this Love

    She breaks all known expectation

    We dance around so much we need public relations.

    Don’t want to rain on anyones parade ,

    But I can feel it coming and I don’t know where to stand

    We’ll all get to where we are playing God’s part

    Nothing shifts without a start.