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    From Death Life Returns

    2009 - 12.19


    Christmas Season 2009

    2009 - 12.17

    Let me tell you dear reader that my life has come so far since the childlike anticipation of this holiday to my current and accepted (by me) standard celebration of a martyr.

    I take a lot of flack for my religious stance, Yes Christ is my King but I believe other things too.

    Like science and religion are just two sides of the same coin.

    Both purposely obscured and manipulated.

    Their are few true Christians left, that doesn’t mean the rest are bad people.

    They just haven’t read enough red in their bibles.

    My Lord was an evolved being, capable of changing time and space.

    But he was Born, lived , loved and died a man.

    (I am going to get so much flack from the church for this)

    God and Evolution walk hand in hand, it is only by his will anything proceeds to perfection.

    We are all on that journey.

    Life itself desires to be here, therefore it is. No more questions needed.

    God is a concept for the intelligence that got the ball rolling.

    But even the Universe has its plans

    We have all the time there is to do what must be done

    This is a great game to pass eternity with.

    Born, live, die, forget. Born, live, die, forget.

    But some of the original souls are now showing signs of Evolution.

    All according to God’s plan.

    If you read between the lines of life you can plainly see

    Something is happening, to you, to me.


    Winter Sun

    2009 - 12.07

    I love the color of the light in winter.

    It makes everything seem overexposed

    Like some old picture

    I know all about the astrological reasons

    But something about this light touches me in a way no other season does.

    I am almost invisible.