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    First look 2010

    2010 - 01.30


    Wow! I thought as I stiffly moved into wakefullness

    It’s 2010, where have I been?

    Then it all came back to me

    Seems like I have been hit by the train I was waiting for.

    I can say I know one thing

    Never anticipate the future

    For it will surely change the moment you set your gaze upon it.

    The best you can do is hold that rudder hard

    And hope the winds don’t change.

    My mind now has learned how to go forward, reverse, sideways

    But I can never just be still.

    I have recently been flirting with death

    Not the suicidal kind

    But the one where death sets many traps

    And looks to see which one you will spring

    I fell into the hole of disease

    And made the mistake of looking back at the chaos from which I was warned

    And was turned to salt.

    Now my soul is bitter to the taste

    Death has my attention now

    But not my life, not today.

    Recently, I’ve been missing the many comrades I left behind

    Because the reality had become distasteful and full of lies

    I could not become one of them

    Therefore I did what I do best when things go bad

    I ran ahead further down the road.

    It does not mean I have lost my love for them

    But I had to withdraw my mind.

    In order to save myself

    And for that brave act

    I found something priceless.

    Looking around the world

    All I see are circles

    For all of our glory

    I don’t think we’re getting anywhere

    Mankind is slowly walking backwards to cliff they don’t see.

    We think we can tear ourselves away from the very fabric of nature

    And be apart like gods

    Never in all of my lives have I witnessed such arrogance on a grand scale

    I look about and wonder who can clean up a mess like this

    And realize, it’s you and me, you and me.