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    Ghostly Thoughts in the Night.

    2010 - 03.31

    Last night a thought came to me

    Like so  many men must have thought before

    I have found I tend to survive better

    By walling off whole parts of my life off

    Denying me most of the pleasure

    Of treasured memory.


    Every thing is light

    It all depends on how fast the frequency of the atom is vibrating

    As to whether it is a solid or a source of light

    So every thing is; still here, yesterday and tomorrow, It is all Now. (This is old Hippy wisdom)

    Because Light is escaping outward to places, we can’t even wrap our minds around.


    I felt my place in the physical, saw the machine.

    Smelled the stench of decay

    Also, I have smelled the tail of the dragon

    And have the rest of my life to write about it.


    Earthly Limitations

    2010 - 03.24

    Here in the flesh, there is lots to do

    A whole lot of trouble

    Can come to you too.

    These are the horns of the dillema

    So many things you can and can not do

    I won’t live forever

    And I can’t cure you.

    But you know I’ll always love you

    Do anything you want me to.

    I’ve offered my life up

    In exchange for yours

    The gods just laughed at me

    Said I must be bored

    So I’ll have to bribe an Angel

    To look over one of their kind

    Whose seen too much pain

    And was struck blind.

    But don’t forget dear, I been damaged

    I need your love too.

    Now I wake up in the morning

    Wondering, how does it feel to be you?


    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2010 - 03.23

    “The difference between a Poet and any other person is that any other person is not always in the moment to perceive an emotion during the moment as it occurs. And must remember it later, comparing  it to everything She/He previously knew about the subject or event.  A Poet on the other hand, perceives a variety of emotions in the moment of any given event and captures them for later examination by all”. -Sam Gold

    Saint Patrick’s Day 2010

    2010 - 03.17

    Yeah, I’m wearin’green today.

    The color of it, makes me look ill.

    I’m sittin’ here at the bottom of this bottle

    Wondering, why I’m drinking still?

    Is it for the  Luck O’ the Irish?

    Or am I sufferin’ too?


    Yeah, we make a good beer here now in America.

    And we drink our daily fill.

    ‘Cause we’re just like the Irish

    Who lost their middle class too.


    But you know here in America

    Many an Irish man came to stay.

    I love drinking in your pubs

    Maybe play a little music too.

    To celebrate the Great Irish…..

    Hear your stories 

    A little bit in me and you.


    Flirting with the Edge (Meeting the Family) Up And Down With The Grateful Dead Scene II

    2010 - 03.16

    I look around, high speed velocity is blurring everything.

    Just hung a left turn  at the Safeway at the end of Golden Gate Park onto the Great Highway.

    I’m riding a Yamaha 650 Midnite Special California Edition,  a very fast rice burner.

    Pretty good for a kid  who just got his first ride, aren’t Dope Dollars great?

    Hey, if the C.I.A. can do it,  so can any other American.

    I start from first gear, the front wheel goes into the air, rearing stallion like

    I push forward and continue to accelerate and shift up

    Wound up like a rattle snake ready to strike

    I begin the Laguna Seca run.

    Watching through vigilant eyes as the speedometer passes 100 m.p.h

    Did I just see a sign that said: “Now Leaving Normal”?

    That must be the acid kicking in.

    At these speeds, you either get very dialed in or you go over the Edge.

    Down that long slope to the gaping maw of the Pacific ocean.

    Tonight I’m dialed in

    High speed runs are a matter of math and statistics.

    Wind velocity, gyroscopic angles, counter steering into curves, cops.

    Running the straight-aways like some over-crazed rocket

    Weaving in and out of traffic, a dance that I figured out myself

    On lookers think I have a death wish

    A yearning to go over the Edge.

    But, it’s not true. I did the math, This road knows me.

    And the ocean always waits for that miscalculation.

    I’m on the run to a huge party, meeting the Dead Family.

    Mark this time, you’ve made the scene intact, relax now, smile.

    Do the business, kick back and enjoy yourself for awhile.


    Sam Gold Quote-

    2010 - 03.15

    “It was really, really a fun scene in Quasar City II until the binary suns lost their gravitational attraction.

    Gravity just did the rest”.


    Middle of the Page

    2010 - 03.15

    I am in the middle of the page

    Experiencing middle age

    From a present tense point of view

    The future seemed so far off when I was young

    Some distant “Thing”  I’d get around to sometime

    But now I am here.


    The adventures that I had

    Now seem so far in the past

    You knew it wouldn’t last

    How many times did you tell yourself that

    As you flew all over this country?


    My youth has now run, I  feel under the gun

    To get things done,  everday.

    But I have grown wiser since my blood cooled some

    And I believe it is time for new adventures.

    Ones that are far more in-depth after I apply the filters of everything I’ve ever learned upon them.


    Planet Earth, Day 17,520

    2010 - 03.07

    Now on these early mornings

    Which surprise me when I rise

    Another day before me

    Another pretty sunrise.

    Time goes so fast

    Time goes so slow

    I’ve learned in this life

    There are some things I’ll never know.

    This makes it hard

    To be so intense

    Atmosphere is getting rocky

    Better cool my jets.

    Switching  into glide

    Coming down again

    Swallow my pride

    Remember why I was sent.