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    Switch into Glide, a Sam Gold Quote.

    2010 - 04.28

    “Atmospheric landings are always a little shaky.

    We still haven’t mastered all of the stolen alien tech.

    But we made some pretty nasty toys!

    They have been here for a while, seemingly only observing

    Ever since we lit the big one.

    They have been watching our Atomic Test

    Is there change for humanity in the wind?

    The trick is to stop thinking your goverment can help you

    Only YOU can prevent the dangerous use of Salvaged Alien Technologies “.






    The Journey taken Alone

    2010 - 04.19

    In all of our lives exist journeys

    They are like paths at a trailhead

    Waiting to be chosen

    Each leading to a different fate.

    Each offering unknown joys and sorrow as you journey down them.

    But you never know the outcome of the trail you choose

    For Life is the journey and the end is not yet known

    And some paths, some paths are made for you alone.

    No one can make it any easier

    Its your own epic journey

    And you don’t know what awaits you down the path

    But even though fearful, you must walk there anyway.

    In a way, we all are adventurers in our own stories

    Some stories are long and sad, some are works of beauty

    But there is nothing more memorable in the end

    Then the journey that you took alone.


    Hiding the Artifacts

    2010 - 04.15

    I’m gonna get me some nice wooden boxes

    Trunks like they old ships would carry

    A fitting place for my life

    A neat and tidy end.

    You see as I look around me

    I see pictures, faces, scenes from the past

    All these good time memories

    That made me laugh and laugh

    But in the end it didn’t last.

    I can’t bear to think what happened to my friends

    It’s better I don’t look back.

    Everything is a symbolic thing

    Of a young mans glorious past.

    So I take these pictures

    And things I can no longer stand

    Put them away forever

    Maybe my children will get a laugh.

    The hardest part for me

    Is I’ve lived long enough to know

    You don’t want to be surrounded by images of misery

    When it’s time for you to go.

    I figure this way is easier

    On those who have to wipe up my life

    These souveniours of my lonliness

    Are meant to be buried now

    Don’t remind me of my life I don’t wanna’ know

    How my life went the way it did

    I sorta’ feel I’ve been had.

    Or was it something I did?



    Trails End

    2010 - 04.13

    The desert sun was relentless

    I had come to the end of my way

    It’s time I took the saddle off this overburdened horse

    And find a place for me to lay.


    All I know is captured in my soul

    I know my dying day is near

    None of you can stop it

    Really my loved ones, there is nothing to fear.


    If I were here and you were there,

    I’d meet you in between

    And not until my dying breathe,

    Confess what I have seen.


    Believe it or not gentle friends

    I’m coming to the end of my words

    And words are all I am

    At least that’s what I’ve heard.


    I can guarantee I’ll see you at the reckoning

    My place is set expectantly

    For my story is an old one

    I am just the current Hero.


    What happened on those broken roads

    Is only for me to see

    Your lives are too good to hear

    What happened in that that nightmare dream.


    I love you all. It’s all too beautiful



    Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 04.06

    ” My opinion concerning medical bills sent to collection agency is this;

    If they fixed the problem (not likely) then you should make every effort to pay the money,

    However, if you are being hounded by a collection agency for bills incurred for problems that remain unresolved.

    Then you owe nothing and should feel no guilt in not paying a company that did not deliver any relevant service”.


    Things I have noticed as I grew up

    2010 - 04.06

    Where have all the frogs gone?

    Where have all the fish gone?

    Why are there so many people?

    How come they don’t clean your windows anymore at the gas station?

    When were children taught to not trust adults?

    Where did we fail them?

    How come the sun is dangerous now?

    Why have food prices risen almost 1000%?

    What ever happened to the American family?

    I don’t see as many birds anymore.

    And Politics is going to kill us all.

    I remember gasoline at 25 cents a gallon

    A carton of cigarettes was 3 bucks.

    A loaf of bread was 10 cents

    Candybars a nickle

    We can’t eat much fish anymore.

    I guess everything changes

    For better or worse


    More Broken Stuff

    2010 - 04.06

    I have lived a wild life, sedate in some circumstances

    But basically out of control.

    In the course of my rhyme I have done many things

    That are considered dangerous.

    And I have paid dear reader I have paid.

    So much broken stuff.

    Bones predominately

    Then my heart

    Then my life style

    And finally my health.

    Broken stuff.

    Can’t ever be fixed

    And I live with pain

    That would make a Banshee scream.

    I don’t know why I have these enduring misfortunes

    Which have dogged me my entire existence

    I never should have done that life

    As a Roman Centurian.

    I know I am paying Karmic Dues

    For the paths so long ago, I decided to choose.