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    2010 - 05.29

    Just the other day I found myself walking on the road

    Headin’ south feeling my load of years

    The miles come harder than they used to

    I’m all tore up about the state of Blues

    Blue is what I feel.

    Blues come from my guitar

    Blue used to be my favorite color

    Until pain erased it from my eyes.


    Walkin, I’m walking, not talkin’

    These southern roads are so sublime.

    Yearning, hearts burnin’

    Will you ever be that kind?


    This road has taken my companions.

    Who turned off and went their own ways

    Some got lost in the canyons

    Some just gave up on the way.

    I seen all of these endings

    But begingings are very few.

    Just want to find a rest stop

    Someplace where I can enjoy the view


    Walkin, I’m walking not talkin’

    These southern roads are so sublime.

    Yearning, hearts burnin’

    Will you ever be that kind?


    Never Tempt Fate

    2010 - 05.28

    You can always count on me for one thing

    I am a strong man in many ways

    Not always in the physical

    But in the non-physical

    I am legend.

    Little of that bleeds through

    To the here and now

    Where I exist.

    Somewhat damaged, wasted

    grasping for love

    Fighting my way back

    To some position where love

    Doesn’t make me work so hard

    Only to mock me for my efforts.

    But don’t we all just want a cool friend

    Who happens to be a hot lover?

    Apparently not.



    Bare Bones Coffee Morning Blues

    2010 - 05.25

    Ain’t got no reasonable platfform

    Nowhere solid to sing my tunes

    Ain’t got no girl, in this whole wide world

    Not since the the day your love left you.

    Aint got no rhyme or reason

    For a Poet that’s a drag

    Though I’m still writing tiny little tunes

    And blowing up thought balloons

    I’m at the bottom of my bag.


    Thought I had backup

    Thought it was OK to not look behind

    I never will make that mistake again

    You know people can be so unkind.

    Don’t you give it a second thought

    Just do what you gotta do

    I be OK, sometime down the line

    Step back now I’m gonna’ play the blues.


    Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 05.17

    Love has no Fear, it runs the Universe


    So Many People

    2010 - 05.17


    So many people goin’ crazy now

    So many people runnin’ late

    So many people goin’ underground

    So many people gettin’ straight


    That was a big mistake

    I took a lucky break

    And ran it through…..


    So many people burnin’ bridges now
    So many people passing away

    So many people hassle my way now

    So many people to pay today


    There was some clouds today

    They took my breathe away

    Had so so much to say this afternoon…..


    So many people gossip now

    So many people want more cake
    So many people taking what they found

    So many people in this place


    I saw a child today

    Who taught me how to play

    And wonder too….


    So many people scream so loud

    So many people look at them wave

    So many people count them now

    So many people gotta’ get away


    Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 05.16

    “You are not connected in your body or your world if your left pinky finger is not aware of your right little toe”.


    Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 05.14

    “A Journey started with a Lie will never find the truth”.


    Midnite Avenue

    2010 - 05.14

    There is a place you can go if you choose

    Everyone there sings the blues

    It’s called Midnite Avenue.

    Everyone singing a different song

    Something dark in a minor key

    No one knows your history

    On Midnite Avenue

    Its not really a place

    But a state of mind

    Keep on moving or you’ll get left behind.


    You’ll get pulled over interrogated by the shoulder

    Even though your getting older

    The cops still hassle you in this town.

    On Midnite Avenue you can have anything you choose

    As long as your willing to pay the dues

    Life is cheap here on Midnite Avenue

    Truth is something everyone whispers about

    While they drink.

    That’s the offer you got to choose

    Do a little time

    On Midnite Avenue.



    Am I Bitter?

    2010 - 05.14

    When the deepness of your betrayal became evident

    I realized the depth of my folly

    I trusted you with my life.

    My Secrets

    My hopes and dreams.

    I dragged us up out of a trailer

    Into an Apartment of our own.

    I got a job that I turned into a brass ring

    Then I bought a house in rich mans land.

    And did my best accorrding to what I was taught was Right.

    I even married you.

    But then came the bad times

    Boy they hurt us both

    But you should have seen it from the first person’s perspective.

    When I was down and struggling to stay alive and sane

    You just lied about our life, then walked away.

    The way you slid that dagger in was so smooth

    Where did you learn that move?

    I hardly knew my life was ending.

    But when I realized just what you had done

    What you cost me

    Where you put me

    I swore one day I would rise again.

    Today is this day, I am moving up

    Out of this cage of an Apt.

    Into a real House

    With a yard and a garden.

    I’m coming back Laura Weinberg

    You won’t believe what you’re going to miss.



    2010 - 05.14

    The times have always been changing

    But they have a way of being as old as Moses too

    On a geographic scale

    Nothing changes very often

    But the world of man is quite different.

    The young always think they know better than the old

    Until they too, are old

    Sex has been around since the begining of life

    Everything that has ever happened is stored in your DNA

    From my perspective, I have seen much change in the ways of man

    It seems like when I think it can’t get any weirder

    Something else pops up to override the previous weirdness.

    I see us getting better and worse at the same time.

    Same old fight, Good vs. Evil

    Sometimes ones on top then the other.

    And I thought long hair was way out there when I was young.

    Now you know it’s  getting stranger

    How far it’s gonna’ go I don’t know.


    The Secrets of Crystal Frequencies.

    2010 - 05.13


    Interesting things.

    Born under extreme conditions

    In the bones of the Earth Mother

    Meanwhile back in the land of science

    We are discovering what Tesla knew all along

    The frequency of everything.

    All crystals when energy is applied will resonate

    At a specific frequencies

    Which can Heal

    Or Harm.

    Tesla was interested in Force Fields

    Generated by the resonation

    Of the energy in the air

    All around us.

    He believed we could harness this power

    But then there would be no electric bills

    No utilities

    No pollution.

    Why do you think he was marginalized and stolen from?

    He died broke, Edison won

    But he took a very important secret with him

    The resonate frequency of the earth.


    Sapphire Skies

    2010 - 05.13

    Sapphire Skies
    Sapphire Skies surround me
    Everywhere I look around
    I know I am sleeping
    What is this place I’ve found?
    Rivers of emerald colored water
    Dance in some familiar fashion
    Like natives remembering an old dance
    Handed down for generations
    The Sun is a weary red eye
    In the Sapphire Skies.
    Just enter the dreamscape
    Following the path with heart
    The color of our blood
    Was taken from the Sapphire Skies
    The mountains here are red and crystaline
    Reaching great heights
    The place is peaceful
    The Universe isn’t done
    This will be a home for
    A people who have not yet begun.
    I’m just on the dreamscape
    Taking a look around
    It’s interesting to see places
    Man has never found.
    Someday my destiny will cause my return
    But many things I have yet to learn
    Before I can breathe
    Underneath the Sapphire Skies.

    Traversing the Dreamscape

    2010 - 05.12

    Memo from Sam Gold

    2010 - 05.10

    I, am a man of legend
    Known in many spaces
    That you never, ever seen
    I, travel through time
    I am in a test that will last lifetimes
    But I’m weakened none the less.
    But now, see me rise! Sword in my hand
    And a fell look on my face.
    As I, slowly walk through the flames
    Very much alive, Ready to fight once again today.


    Status Report

    2010 - 05.10

    Status Report
    Staring at half a century
    Examining the things that don’t work
    Some are beyond recall
    I am poisoned by disease
    Every day I’m losing ground
    Why didn’t somebody point this out
    Oh, that’s right, I hate to be bothered by facts.
    I feel the tendrils in me
    I can smell death, some days he lurks so close.
    My equilibrium has gone astray
    I’m not sure of reality
    And I think I’m running out of things to say.
    I’m in the summing up aspect
    Why now? I’m not done!
    Carpe Diem I cry!
    Better make some new memories
    Better fix the machine
    Better see the dreamscape
    It’s time to come clean.