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    Feel the Heat

    2010 - 06.17

    Gotta’ get back out on the Highway

    Feel the Asphalt Jungle Blues

    It’s motion in the  Rhyme

    Wheels spinning around  in time

    When it works out, it’s really cool.


    Give me a stretched out highway

    Somewhere I can slide away

    No more stop signs, parking meters, traffic fines

    Just a ribbon driving off into the blue sky far away.


    Signs of information glide through my eyes

    Getting caught in the brain

    You know what I been lookin’ for…

    Somewhere safe to play some tunes

    And a rest stop where I can sigh

    No more, lonely goodbyes

    No more, revved up Highway Blues.

    Just a nice little rest stop

    A place for me

    And you.


    End Game Gambit

    2010 - 06.14

    Who’d ever thought we’d end up here?

    Down the road away’s now

    Who’d thought we’d still have these tears?

    They should have been cried away by now

    I miss you all wish you were here

    But without those fears around.


    I am consumed in raging anger

    Which quickly fades to a digital silence

    I play music that no one hears

    And I have my way now

    All alone waiting to fly

    Making my way to you



    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2010 - 06.07

    “It is an honor to remind a friend something they have forgotten”.

    -Samuel Gold

    We need another Band

    2010 - 06.07

    A long, long time has passed since the Beatles.

    The Grateful Dead are gone too

    A long time ago we lost Elvis

    One of the original troublemakers

    May his Soul Rest In Peace

    With John Lennon

    Jimi Hendrix 

    Bob Marley

    Peter Tosh

    Denise Hopper

    Hunter S. Thompson

    Ken Kesey

    Jerry Garcia

    They were all brilliant flashes of light

    Then they went downstream, it was not dying.

    And we were left with the shoulders of giants to stand on

    But no head to relate to.

    I was on a city bus the other day, watching the children interact.

    They were about John and Pauls age in the begining. I wondered.

    Could it be here on this very bus that the world is changed again?

    Or some backstreet baseball game which turns into a jam session

    ‘Cause the girls love that!

    Where is it going to come from? wonder  men who now are legend.

    It is here, I can feel it still, my heart wants at it.

    To be truthful, it never left us.


    Just a man of words and music

    2010 - 06.01

     I’ve always  loved the sounds. I could easily learn a rhyme

    I could learn every song by heart

    I learned everybody is a Star at such a young age.

    And then the Poet gave his gift to me

    And I been writing every since.

    For I am just a man of words and music

    Always there with a quote

    Always quick with a rhyme

    In and out of time

    I dig up the sublime

    Because I am just a man of words and music.

    I’ m swimming in inspiration

    And I see in between the lines

    With the net of my conciousness

    I snare poems and songs for all to see.

    Because that’s what you do

    When you’re just a man of words and music

    Like me.