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    Phantom Fall

    2010 - 09.30

    Fall, the dying time of year

    Hopeful summer trees give up their leaves

    In hope of some new existence.

    Halloween, still scary even after what we’ve done to it

    The Poets eye sees it all.

    Dark matter everywhere

    Things not quite on our frequency creep out

    On the one night humans think they play

    I am a ghost in a graveyard

    Watching the change

    Listening to the sleeping of the dead

    Fully knowing a bed is already made up for me.

    Just as the dying become more colored and enlivened in their end

    The trees burst forth in a natural psychedelia of splendor

    It is their last effort before the winters sleep.

    I will not sleep this winter for it will be hard

    And I keep these cards close to my chest

    Hoping I will be here when the trees wake from their sleep

    And put on new mantles of life.

    Could I ever do the same?

    Grand old oaks seem to live forever

    Enduring these seasonal repetitions

    I cannot hope to do the same

    Only a very few have such luck.

    The fruit which sustained me in the sun is now becoming scarce

    Like extra dollars in my bank account.

    Squirrel and other animals of the forest

    Scamper to collect and feed themselves fat before the long winter.

    I always wished I could hibernate like the forest bear

    But we humans stay busy until the final sleep.

    These are the thoughts that creep into your mind

    When you whisper to gravestones.

    With the leaves falling down around you

    And unidentified sounds creeping all around you in the still night.

    Without this dying back there would be no spring

    Without the silence of the graveyard

    You would never hear babies cry.

    Phantom fall rolls in and takes a little bit of me away

    Promising to return this borrowed piece of my life

    When the flowers bloom again.


    Samuel Gold Quotes

    2010 - 09.29

    “Properly loved, you can do anything”.


    Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 09.29

    “Plan “A” is always good. Plan “B” shows flexibility. Plan “C” is just being stupid.”


    Watch Me Change

    2010 - 09.29

    Well know it’s been a long time since I checked in

    Into the soul of the body that I’m in

    I saw an old band on the TV today

    Free Bird was the song they played

    I sat and thought “That used to be my song”

    A long time ago when I was so young

    I sat and listened in surprise

    That old song still brought tears to my eyes.

    It used to be my anthem

    Free as a bird under the sun

    But the times have changed and so have I

    Perhaps that’s why it made me cry.

    I did something yesterday I never could dare

    I went out and cut my long hair

    Not because I no longer cared

    Or the way people still stared.

    I felt as though the time had come

    To start a new journey under the same old sun

    Although I am no longer on the run

    A new phase in my life had just begun.

    I’m still free and feel like that bird

    But living in the past had gotten sorta’ absurd.

    I feel fresh in my middle age

    Still on the same journey

    But in the middle of the page.

    Now people say I look swell

    I went to work to ring that bell

    And though my life sometimes seems like hell

    I realize I’m still truckin’ on

    I miss my heroes, watched them grow old

    But I remember what was told

    At those famous scenes where miracles went down

    I learned so much from town to town.

    But it is time for a change

    Parts of my life, I’ve rearranged

    Even as the Free Bird flies on

    I’ve got my fate and must carry on

    Though sometimes I don’t feel that strong

    I know I’ll make it and it won’t be long

    Just watch me change.


    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2010 - 09.28

    “If Love was easy, there wouldn’t be much music or poetry”


    I’m Sick and Tired

    2010 - 09.28

    I’m sick and tired of being nice

    Where is my sugar, Where is my spice?

    I’m sick and tired of this thing called Love

    It’s just a curse sent from above

    I’m sick and tired of being ill

    Waking every morning with fever and chills

    I’m sick and tired of the government

    It didn’t turn out to be what our forefathers meant

    I’m sick and tired of my long hair

    I’m gonna’ cut it cause no one cares

    I’m sick and tired of this Universe

    It’s gonna be better, but not before it gets worse

    I’m sick and tired of eating pills

    They don’t do nothing but complicate my ills

    I’m sick and tired of waiting

    For something I know is never gonna’ come

    I’m sick and tired of being alone

    Just want to hit the highway and roam

    I’m sick and tired of gettin’ old

    Lost all my desire to be bold

    I’m sick and tired of all the repetition

    Of fortune, fools and fame

    I’m sick and tired of the daily news

    Trying to put fear in you till you lose

    I’m sick and tired of the boredom

    That causes me to go dumb

    I’m sick and tired of trying to be a Poet

    I’m famous but no one knows it

    I’m sick and tired of living in the past

    Hanging on to things that never last

    I’m sick and tired of 2012

    We’re already in heaven, though we think it’s hell

    I sick and tired of the babbling

    Useless foam from the mouth

    I’m sick and tired of the rain

    Just brings my old bones pain

    I’m sick and tired of all the names

    Keeping track is driving me insane

    I’m sick and tired of the Human race

    Something else should take it’s place.


    Buy, Consume, Die.

    2010 - 09.23

    Since the Industrial Revolution

    Promised to provide a solution

    Create new institutions

    There has been a new cry

    Your supposed to Buy, Consume, Die.

    Stores have popped up everywhere

    Their shelves stocked with all sorts of wares

    So many things as you stare

    Who really put them there?

    The message is clear

    Your supposed to Buy, Consume, Die

    Everyone must have a job

    Or society considers you a slob

    You work until your strength is robbed

    Get your hand off the door knob

    You’re supposed to Buy, Consume and Die.


    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2010 - 09.20

    “Life is the Universe’s way of examining itself”.


    Hit the Highway

    2010 - 09.17

    It’s time to hit the Highway

    Hope to see you too

    I may be late in coming though

    Got some things I have to do.

    It’s too late for San Francisco

    Too late for Detroit too

    You’d better hit the Highway

    Before it’s too late for you.

    Don’t hang around the cities

    Their too crowded for you

    So many people

    That don’t know what to do.

    Wheels start spinnin”

    They can take you away

    I’m back out on the Highway

    It’s the only place I have to stay.

    Better get back on the Highway

    Your safer than the cities Blues

    Hard to hit a target

    That’s always passing through.