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    My Mind is Still in Winter

    2010 - 11.28

    My mind is still in winter

    But my heart is in the spring.

    I said, My mind is still in Winter

    But my heart is in the spring.

    All of this sufferin’

    Why it don’t mean a doggone thing.


    The Winter wind it howls

    But my feet are in the sand

    I said the Winter wind it howls

    But my feet are in the sand

    I’m wishin’ it were warmer

    Somewhere else in this land.


    My mind is still in Winter

    Ain’t no sunshine at all

    My mind is still in Winter

    Ain’t no sunshine at all

    I’m just waiting on my baby….

    Been waitin since the fall.



    On Being an Engineer- Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 11.28

    “The thing about being trained as an engineer is a two edged sword. Yes, you get to realize that science is wonderful and the brain and a little cooperation can save us all. But, you also have the insight that everything doesn’t really work. It only appears to function within given parameters for a predetermined period. You never look at anything man made the same way again”.

    -Sam Gold


    The Quiet Behive of Suburban Cities

    2010 - 11.28

    4 a.m. in Beaverton, Oregon. Right outside of Portland.

    They streets are actually quiet

    Movement is rare.

    So, this city does pause for a breath.

    I know things are still going down in the silence of it all

    This is as slow as the inertia ever gets.

    Getting a jumpstart on the day can keep you in perspective

    Of an activity level that rivals a beehive in its conditioned state.

    Watching it go from a slumber to a frenzy is something else

    Proof we are still very linked to nature even with our plans.

    Arm in arm the destiny dance continues.


    Early Morning Jive

    2010 - 11.28

    Got that early morning Jive

    Makes me happy to be alive.

    It comes every time I sleep well

    And don’t go messing in my Hells.

    It’s the middle of winter there is no sun

    But I am up early feeling it come

    I feel, like I have hardly begun

    So Strange when you are older.


    The pulp fiction mass, so, so, crass

    Has stolen all my songs.

    Regurgitating them into a chance

    To buy my life back

    Somebody is going to pay for this.

    Demeaning of the dream

    I hear the souls scream

    You know, the ones out there.


    There is a political dance gone beyond belief

    Everyone’s walking around showing their teeth.

    Some in smiles which can go so far

    Some in snarls, some like sharks.

    We are having our little wars

    Nobody knows what their fighting for.

    For the enemy

    Is all of us.


    Missing My Life

    2010 - 11.22

    Along this time of year, I start missing my life

    Which all along has been strange, so very full of strife.

    The years went by too fast, you can mark my words

    It gets harder each and every morning, or  haven’t you heard?


    I look at my dreams, most of them long past and dead.

    My body is broken,  it seems I’m sick in the head.

    My friends have been left behind me

    I miss them and hope they all are fine.


    Cannot sleep, I live alone

    In a place I thought was gonna’ be home.

    But one of these days, I’ll get it back together

    Find myself some warmer weather.


    I’m gonna’ teach myself to once again laugh

    At all the things that now chaff.

    Throw off this sickness, I’ve done it before

    Get back to life, while it’s still an open door.


    There is still music I need to play

    So many words left to say.

    People I have yet to find

    To help me spend what’s left of my time.



    Sam Gold Quote

    2010 - 11.08

    ” When you decide you are a poet, you make a comittment to always being an emotionally aware person. You can never get away from it”.

    (SG 2010)

    -Sam Gold