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    Sam Gold Quote

    2011 - 01.30

    “I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade and  then find someone with a bottle of Vodka”.


    Reborn, not destroyed. Insert another quarter, this game is going to the next level. (circa 2012)

    2011 - 01.26

    Sometimes it is best to defer to the original masters, When something is said so well it becomes timeless.

    Here is a thought about the doomsday ideal that is circulating and making people think that we are in an existence with no options.

    Tomorrow Never Knows


    Turn off your mind, relax
    and float down stream
    It is not dying
    It is not dying

    Lay down all thought
    Surrender to the void
    It is shining
    It is shining

    That you may see
    The meaning of within
    It is being
    It is being

    That love is all
    And love is everyone
    It is knowing
    It is knowing

    That ignorance and hate
    May mourn the dead
    It is believing
    It is believing

    But listen to the
    color of your dreams
    It is not living
    It is not living

    Or play the game
    existence to the end

    Of the beginning
    Of the beginning
    Of the beginning
    Of the beginning
    Of the beginning
    Of the beginning

    Remember, it is the end of the beginning, which happens to be the meaning of the word Apocalypse. Did you ever think that life may progress beyond anything you could possibly imagine at this point?

    Thank you John and Paul.


    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2011 - 01.24

    Everyone at some point in their lives does something that exceeds their limitations. The question is; What do you with it and where do you go from there?


    Paranoid Conspiracy?

    2011 - 01.21

    Imagine if you will viruses, they existed long before mankind.


    Imagine if you will the Plagues and Spanish Flu and all the people who died from viruses.


    Imagine if you will mankind is a very observant creature.


    Imagine if you will the Indian wars in the early west, we gave them blankets infected with disease.


    Imagine if you will this was the birth of germ warfare.


    Imagine if you will that the scientists who want to cure viruses had their work perverted.


    Imagine if you will that viruses have mutated in animals and suddenly are jumping to humans.


    Imagine if you will that Hitler’s body wasn’t ever found. Did his dream of the perfect white human die?


    Imagine if you will that his top scientists were brought to the U.S. and given clemency.


    Imagine if you will that the rest fled to South America, never to be found. Like Hitler’s body.


    Imagine if you will that nuclear war is expensive and will kill the planet, eventually everyone will agree on this.


    Imagine if you will nuclear fear is generated not to scare us but to distract us.


    Imagine if you will the technology for modifying viruses is so much cheaper than nuclear conflict.


    Imagine if you will that the powers that be decided it is better to kill a populace and leave  everything else intact.


    Imagine if you will a virus killed all the people in a specific area, the resources there would be yours. Like oil.


    Imagine if you will that AIDS mutates all the time with an intelligence we don’t understand.


    Imagine if you will that the Humane Genome Project has mapped race specific genes.


    Imagine if you will how easy it is now to modify viruses to attack specific gene pools.


    Imagine if you will that as a race we are seeing an increase in weakened immune systems.


    Imagine if you will no matter how much money we throw at it, cancer cases are still growing.


    Imagine if you will how most societies consider old people to be a burden.


    Imagine if you will the recent mass deaths of specific animals was just a test.


    Imagine if you will all the explanations for this came from the government and we can trust them, right?


    Imagine if you will all the secret space shuttle missions and rocket launches.


    Imagine if you will that the quickest way to disseminate a virus globally is in the air and not person to person.


    Imagine if you will the government that holds the cure would rule everything.


    Imagine if you will that the “New World Order” is something different than you could possibly know.


    Imagine if you will people who talk about these things disappear or are marginalized as crazy.



    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2011 - 01.21

    “The best gift you can give a person besides love, is to teach them to be independent”


    Course Adjustment

    2011 - 01.19

    New days are coming

    Finally, a familiar landmark

    Something to steer a new course by

    Program the new coordinates into the console, we’re outa’  here.

    Set the controls on autoglide

    Sit back, enjoy the ride

    We are going home.


    Been so long here in the station

    On the outside life flashed by at the speed of light

    On the inside it seems like forever.


    We are in this phase for just a little while, life is a short run

    Like children outside at play who never want to come in

    I have spent my time drifting, dreaming, scheming, wondering

    I never knew what this long trip would reveal

    But now we have so much data

    It will take us years to sort it all out.


    The journey was insane

    But I freely signed up for the ride

    Fully knowing there was no guarentee

    Of any safe return.


    Fortune smiled at the last minute of 2010

    Now we are on a new heading

    Back to the 3rd planet from the sun.

    Where this journey so long ago, began its run.


    Sam Gold Quote

    2011 - 01.15

    “When I was quite young, my addictive gene turned on like a neon light. I thought to myself, “This is the begining of a long love affair””.

    A Sam Gold Quote

    Dark Veil

    2011 - 01.12

    Yes my darling, you look good in pale

    Here we are in the dark veil

    Out of the graveyard into the sky

    No more reasons to ever cry.

    We had so many lives together

    Stood through so much stormy weather

    Join me, for a glass of wine

    Here at the end of time.

    Your beauty is so ethereal

    Now that we left the great unreal

    You still have all the appeal

    Of when we were in the flesh.

    Now we are bright

    Stepped into the light

    Ended the fight

    Of mere existence.

    The hit and miss through all of time

    Has ended, now your are mine

    And I am yours forever.

    I told you I would chase you through time

    And now here at the end of our Rhymes.

    We begin new times, in the dark veil

    My, I love you in the pale.

    We leaned on each other through the trials

    That eventially stole our smiles

    Put us to rest for a while

    Till the wheel spins around again.

    Yes, we lost so many on the way

    But now we’ve joined them forever to stay

    In the peace of death.

    We left our marks on the earth

    We’re remembered, for what it is worth

    What matters most is that in the end

    We made it out together.

    I never knew you could be reborn

    From the silence of a graveyard.



    2011 - 01.01


    This too, I’m told is bound to pass
    You’re not the first,  You know you’re not the last
    You pray for one good day, it’s okay…….
    When the scene goes from from bad to worse
    You’re not the last, You won’t be the first
    Today is tomorrows yesterday….So what’s to say?

    It’s been a  lesson to me
    All these things I have seen

    Watch that fastball, it’s a curve
    Try not to lose your nerve.