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    Sweat in my Day

    2011 - 02.25

    It sure is is early, but my body seems to be running late

    Caffeinate the brain, jump start the train

    And get this mother rolling.


    Have some hot water, have some steam

    Scrub yourself, ’till your clean

    Jump into your daily routine

    Or do something bolder.


    All you have struggled

    The time that you trained

    Seems kinda’ worthless now.

    As you hack your way through your life

    Or whatever fortune has dealt you.

    Even the best of us get dealt a bad hand every now and then.


    Sunset scenario is different on this ride

    I’m actually remembering from a futures time.

    Hey…. I recall that ride.

    The one that took me out there and left me drifting…. dreaming….


    Well, the pramatic is activated and there are things to get done.

    Things to be written, songs to be sung

    Honor her ways and means

    Shes’ had a long ride too.

    Life can be hard if your calling has been blue

    I have seen firsthand, this can be so true.


    Praying for a chance to foam at the brain again and let the ideas flow

    Creepy little concepts which will dictate me emotionally through my day.

    I want therefore I must grind

    Work the wheel or be left behind

    Turn the stone every day.


    Blah, Blah…

    2011 - 02.25

    I am still obstinate in my silence.

    I know about this rock I’m riding on

    Interactive stellar question

    Expressed as a vaccum of life.

    It was wise for the founders to put us so far apart.

    Locally, critical mass is being reached.

    And I’m worried about this toothache

    Which like the rest of reality

    Won’t stop drilling into my brain.

    Just glance over at your TV set, just a glance now

    Anymore would trap you.

    Watch it regurgitate our fears back into our faces.

    Hear me,

    The snippets of truth are actually re-enforcing the lie.



    Dead Silence, 19 years later.

    2011 - 02.20

    It has been 19 years since I saw you last Jerry

    I won’t bore you with how much I miss you

    Enough has been said about that

    Enough tears have been cried.

    I have listened to your music and deeply sighed.

    Remembering all the places I saw, the cards that were drawn

    Which led us to this destiny

    And are still echoing in my brain.

    The man who gave everyone a little bit of Heaven

    For the price of a ticket.

    My God how that Fat Man Rocked!

    I reflect now on all the faces I’ve seen

    I remember the whirlpools edge

    How we all were brave and took the plunge together

    Into that Psychedelic morass

    Which left us all forever changed.

    No Jer’, what I miss are the brothers and sisters of the scene

    All the time spent on the road

    Which now seem like a dream

    From which I wish I’d never woken

    For after all these years on the run

    I still find wisdom in the words that were sung.

    I miss the fans that made that scene

    All the men and women

    Who let their Love Light shine.

    We took care of each other

    On our journey to what next?

    And time went by so quickly

    With each passing show

    Now we sit and wonder, where did it all go?

    Do you remember gentle Deadhead

    When was your last show?


    One for all you Lovers

    2011 - 02.14

    If I say I’ll still love you tomorrow

    And you know that’s just how I’d feel.

    If I say our love is a lifetime

    Surely you will know that I’m for real.

    And that life with you holds no pain.

    As we run hand in hand together, in the pouring rain.


    I if I say sorrow belongs’

    To the ones who don’t know love.

    And if say your beauty outshines the sun

    And you and I we were meant as one

    Aw….Oh….Life…it can sometimes be so fun.


    And if tomorrow brings my glory back

    There is nothing you would ever lack.

    For you my queen, are the only one.

    Oh I love you just like the Sun.


    You better believe it baby….


    Just like the sun


    Just like the sun.


    Bright Gray Clouds

    2011 - 02.11

    It is a typical day

    In Oregon

    Mid -winter blues

    Got us all.

    Ain’t no sunshine

    Only bright clouds

    The days are chill and so

    I just walk toward the sun and go

    To those places in my mind.

    Places in my mind

    Places in my mind.