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    Early Morning of a Poet

    2011 - 03.31

    I open my eyes to a new day after night has let go of me

    It usually takes a second to remember where I am

    On this sliding scale of life.

    When my memory is returned intact

    I feel the pain. Arthritis they call it.

    At 54 it rears it’s head.

    I had a wild young life, dove in over my head

    And I have all the scars to prove it.

    Words do not describe the sensation

    Of still having that child like wonder

    Yet living in a decaying  body

    That has long past the halfway mark.

    I get up, my movements favoring what is painful

    God, I hate physical paradoxes.

    It hurts to move, yet I must move to not hurt.

    Then my first luxury of the day, a long hot shower

    Then my second luxury coffee, pushes me forward from there.

    The Poet comes to me with his daily piece

    I sit down and  hit the keyboard

    Driven by the need to be a set of eyes for the world

    I capture words which run like little lizards among the rocks

    And weave a spider web of coherent phrases.

    Which stack up into neat little piles as I get older.

    I will not leave any children on this world

    But maybe my words will inspire children

    Long after I have left the work behind me.


    Twilight Prison -dedicated to one of the bravest woman I have known. A poem about the value of good health.

    2011 - 03.28


    After they took my money

    After they took my time

    After they took my health

    And my sense of rhyme.

    I hide in the dark

    My head explodes by the day

    Eyes are throbbing so hard

    Don’t have much to say.

    Loud sounds devour my brain

    Seeming louder than trains

    My old life went down the drain

    And put me in this prison.

    I used to love the sun

    Sand and surf was so fun

    But now it is like a gun

    Pointing at my head.

    My wings were clipped

    I can no longer fly

    Every new day I need a reason

    To get up and try.


    My old friends they just don’t understand

    This pain in my head can’t meet their demands

    Only a few loved me enough

    To help me make a stand.

    The pain of watching my dreams die

    Sometimes makes me cry and cry

    And no matter how hard I try

    I can’t find any reasons

    The man who loves me suffers so

    And understands my pain and knows

    There is only one place to go

    When you’re standing on the bottom.

    All I want is some rest

    A little time, dim at best

    So I can get back to the test

    Of this thing we call life.

    So mark my words and watch your health

    Do all you can to take care of yourself

    It is certainly your greatest wealth

    And you won’t know that ‘till you lose it.



    2011 - 03.27

    Dead birds, exploding frogs

    Unknown beasts, weird dead dogs

    Millions of fish on the shore

    Crabs dying like never before

    Ecosystems going wrong

    What the hell is going on?

    Darwin was right, it’s a fight

    Where the loser goes extinct

    Did you ever think about those chemicals

    That you wash down your sink?


    Mass die offs have happened before

    Entire species are no more.

    Man is an animal just like the rest

    Bound by the same rules

    In evolutions test.

    We think the world is ours to ruin as we please

    Overcrowding has led to disease

    We are so arrogant in our minds

    We could be the next in line.


    Box of Pictures

    2011 - 03.18

    Today I glanced through my box of pictures

    Remembering how they all got here.

    I have learned new things from these old photos

    Stories of how I got here.

    Now, I stare deeper into the pictures

    Burdened with my new found knowledge.

    I never realized how hard it was for my forebearers

    I see their pictures differently now.

    America has all but buried the Great Depression

    But it has grown into a monster and returns

    Looking for fresh meat.

    It took me so long for me to realize I am how lucky I am.

    Cell phones, Satellittes, toxic waste

    And a planet in the birth throws of a new destiny

    Soon Atlas will shrug.

    You’re in the ocean of despair

    Grab onto something that floats

    We all are tested, we all get bested

    By things we never will understand.


    Anticipation of Spring

    2011 - 03.10

    The Sun breaks the silence I’m wakened to a new life today

    Don’t know where this train is heading

    But it seems to know the way.

    Bad lands and Winter behind me,

    Still more to come

    Don’t you look behind you now

    You could go mad or blind,

    Winter sky still makes me lose track of the Sun

    And I don’t feel so kind.


    Gave up trying to chart this course way back when

    Wanderin’  the world today has to be done with keyboard.

    Connect, interact, retract. Process the results.

    Use this data to come to some conclusion

    About where your life is heading

    What tomorrow may bring.


    Try as many paths as you can find

    Find yourself clinging to ledges of sanity

    If you could only see the look on your face

    Where you were worried you’d fall.

    Not believing for minute

    That I could catch you.