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    Disaster Jive

    2011 - 04.13

    Could the crazy arcade man who daily schemes

    Diligently, throw down the essence of dreams

    Pied Pipers who are  men of means

    Intent on making you silent.


    Spinning patterns begin to emerge

    The beach that has been still, starts to surge

    And the forces of  nature demand to be heard

    Maybe even get a little retribution.


    The firestorm underneath our feet.

    Squeezing and moaning can’t be beat

    From the future I see your defeat

    But that’s no reason to be nervous


    False roughness is used to impress

    Those who have respect for that kind of dress

    And issue all kinds stress

    Around the globe in the name of oil.


    Bitter is the air from radioactive seas

    Fish are now considered a  kind of disease

    No matter what you do to please

    This is an angry planet.



    Misty Moments

    2011 - 04.05

    The forest is quiet at night

    The air smells of ocean breeze

    Animals creep around in the shadows

    Trying to find what the sunlight left behind.


    My campfire burns low

    I love to watch the embers glow.

    Sitting so still even the deer don’t notice me

    As they silently glide through the night.


    The air smells so sweet and fair

    The industrial machine hasn’t been there

    This is a last refuge for many of the forest animals

    Who see the changes before we.


    I heard the owl call my name from the silence

    Wolves howl in the distance

    Certain of their prey.

    Everyone should spend a night in the woods alone.


    Feel the mists swirl around you

    Showing you what’s really true

    You may remember what you can be

    Alone in the forest amongst the trees.


    Status Report # Three

    2011 - 04.04

    Been a while on this ride

    Head in the clouds most of my life

    So much ran past me

    So much left to see


    I am a lucky man in many ways

    Oh the things I’ve had to face

    I walk around these things in my head

    So glad to be thinking, instead of Dead.


    May be going through Hell now

    But that won’t stop this old plow

    It’s all downhill from here

    Hey man, gimme another beer.


    My Metal Steed I left it behind

    No more Highways to unwind

    I’ve think I’ve seen all I can take

    Gonna’ live now for a kid named Jake.


    Oh how I loved the road

    Heading out to parts unknown

    Leaving behind all the strife

    And getting on with my life.