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    Lament of the Dying Rose

    2012 - 08.31


    If I had to do it all over again

    Babe, I’d do it all for you

    If I had to wait for ten thousand years

    Babe, I’d even do that too.


    Well, everybody’s got somethin’

    That they’re lookin’ forward to

    I’m lookin’ forward to when I can do it all again

    And babe, I’ll do it all for you. 


    Well, if I had my way tomorrow or today

    Babe, I’d run circles all around

    I’d sing to the wind, do a somersault and spin

    I’d even dance on the ground.


    Well, everybody gets their hour

    Everyone gets their time

    Well, everybody gets the chance

    To finish their own rhymes.


    When the time arrives when I can be in your life

    I will be stronger, straight and thinking of you.

    Well, I don’t need money, I just need a day that’s sunny

    Baby, and my days are gonna’ come true.


    Well, you cut me like a jigsaw puzzle

    I am a walkin’ wreck, sick in the head

    You pushed my heart through my backbone

    But enough of that has been said.


    Well, if I’m ever standin’ steady

    And doing what I really want to do

    Well, I tell you my long time lover

    I’d do  it again just for you. 


    I’m just restin’ just waiting for health to shine

    And, baby I’m just sittin’ on the shelf

    Look in your mind, that’s where I am

    Pacing and whispering to myself.




    Love Rose

    Bubbles of Bliss

    2012 - 08.26

    Bubbles of bliss float up

    Through the tarpit

    Of my despair.

    Desperation moves me now

    I look high, look low

    Still can’t find a direction to go.

    Nothing will heal

    But nothing is real

    Except her love.


    The Longest Week

    2012 - 08.24

    The longest week

    Has reached it’s peak

    I can relax

    Go take a walk out on the tracks

    And find some way out of here

    I don’t remember

    I can’t recall

    I can hardly think of anything

    No nothing  at all.


    I made it through the surgeons blade

    Now I can rest easy, I can breath again

    Pick up the pieces of my life

    Wade on out of this

    Reaching for bliss

    But coming up empty handed.

    I will go back

    And try to do it again

    Fight the enemy called entropy

    Remembering, what used to be.


    New City Blues

    2012 - 08.23

    Suddenly and surprisingly

    I felt out of wack

    All my chemicals put me off of the track.

    My body is moaning

    As I try to hang on

    My footsteps are faded

    I don’t feel too strong.

    I went out shape in such a short time

    Seriously in danger

    I lost track of the Rhyme

    Which beats along now without me.

    Trapped by the lack

    I cannot find the health groove

    My pocket book tells me

    I may have to move

    Into some smaller existence.

    Where as an old man

    I am doomed to start over

    And do the best I can.




    Watch Over Me

    2012 - 08.23

    I’m marching away from the pain

    Into the hands of the surgeon.

    Going to face the blade

    Before time runs out on me.

    I wish I could be alone away from this

    But I have no choice.

    I must save my life.

    Everyone holds their breath.

    Most do not wish to believe

    That such a sweet smile

    Has to walk this path

    That was made for my footsteps alone.

    It is too hard, too real.

    God how long I have climbed

    Too be healthy, free

    And away from this pain

    Watch over me

    Though I want to be alone

    I am going to make it

    Then I’m going home.

    Back to the bottom of the hill

    I march to it, some kind of drill

    Climb back to the top

    Where I know the sun still shines.

    Watch over me

    Though I want to be alone

    I am going to make it

    Then I’m going home.


    Jerry (Grandpa) Garcia, delivers the truth

    2012 - 08.04

    It all rolls into one
    and nothing comes for free
    There’s nothing you can hold
    for very long
    And when you hear that song
    come crying like the wind
    It seems like all this life, was just a dream

    Stella Blue.