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    Semaphore flag Origins of the Peace sign

    2012 - 12.17


    There you have it folks, plain and simple. These flag signs stand for the letters N and D for Nuclear Disarmament. Wave your freak flag High!



    Faerie Revel

    2012 - 12.16

    Fairies in boots! Yes, you’d better believe it,

    I saw them dancing with my own two eyes

    In my backyard with the animals prancing

    I could not have been more surprised.


    Thin music was drifting down to a place

    I never seen or even tried.

    Moss and mushrooms dancing with Fairies

    Whose boots were leather with silver outside.


    I was drawn so near by the magic spell

    Somewhere between Heaven and Hell

    The fairies took me to strange strange lands

    Mountain rivers to desert sands.


    I woke in the morning something was wrong

    I’d seen too much, and it was the fall

    Where did the time go, I wondered why

    Then I heard the thin music in my mind.


    Nothing could never, ever be the same

    For I had danced the Fairies way

    Now I listen every moonlit night

    Fairy boots tip-taping to my delight.



    Bitter Pills

    2012 - 12.16


    All my life I have taken the bitter pill

    My father died, I was five, I took the bitter pill.

    Realizing as a child life was going to be hard

    I took the bitter pill.


    Growing up alone, I was in my head.

    Living, with the bitter pill.

    I was dreaming or even dead

    Taking those bitter pills.


    I was locked up against my will

    I took the bitter pill.

    The doctors said I had to

    So I took those bitter pills.


    Things that were said

    Others always dishing the bitter pill.

    Pain comes from all sides now,

    So I take the bitter pills.


    Dreams came by and off they went

    I took the bitter pill.

    Burning out before I am dead

    Taking these bitter pills.


    Then things went wrong in my head

    I took more bitter pills.

    Forward on my loved ones went

    I took the bitter pill.


    Couldn’t be here, couldn’t be there

    So I took the bitter pill.

    Fortunes were made then left

    I took the bitter pill.


    Seasons came by and went

    I took the bitter pill.

    What if love isn’t Heaven sent?

    I took that bitter pill.


    Now I am older and will not relent

    I’ve taken the bitter pill.

    The view here is treacherous……

    No more, the bitter pill.


    (SG 2006)

    Trails End- to My Departed Friend Tedd Highe

    2012 - 12.16


    Down the road here in the future

    I waited for my best of friends

    But you were long in coming.


    Over time through the web called life was a friendship

    Born of childhood; surviving through the years.


    A special place we both had,

    Touchstones of who we were.


    Sometimes we walked different paths

    Which lead us far and wide

    Both agreeing to meet at the end,

    Each telling what we saw along the way.


    At times one of us arriving so late,

    But always, always the other stood waiting

    Eager to share the day’s adventure

    Looking toward tomorrow’s possibilities.


    Years and miles went by in this fashion

    Now, reflected in our faces is

    The deep well of our pasts.


    Rich joys framed by sorrow and pain

    Results of the paths we’d chosen,

    Which are going further now

    Making bigger circles each longer than the last.


    I missed the times we walked together

    While I waited, for the footsteps of my friend.


    Midnight Encounter

    2012 - 12.14

    Black as night she was, we were dancing feverishly, suddenly she grabbed my hand and led me upstairs, it never occurred to me that this beautiful woman lived here.

    She looked at me with eye’s white and shining and pressed her ebony love to me, breasts poised as tears, lips that caressed mine, thighs that rode me long into the night

    Here smile was brighter than mine as she kissed me and held me through that dreamy night that I will never forget.


    The Death of the Madman

    2012 - 12.14

    I walk in, the clock is striking midnight hour.

    All is quiet around the house.

    I approach the Madman who is sleeping

    He twitches in feverish dreams

    His mind is; who knows where?

    Little does he know

    I have come to kill him.

    With an excruciating passion

    My steps slowly advance

    My mind is; precisely sure.

    First, I took his medication from him

    Watching him shake, squirm and yell

    Crying for the lack

    Begging to be let back on

    His cries fell upon deaf ears.

    Second, I took his reasons

    I stole his certainty, explained the issues.

    He no longer was right.

    Realizing this, I watched him start to crumble

    I kicked him on his way down.

    Third, I infested him with light

    Watched it eat up his darkness like an Angel of light

    Spoiling his dank hiding spot

    Forcing him as a reluctant vampire to the day

    To shrivel under the dawning of realization.

    Finally, I said a prayer over his ashes

    Asking God to have pity on his soul

    He cackles now in the great infinite.

    Forever warning of his return

    I turn and shrugged, walking on.


    I Have a Box

    2012 - 12.14

    I have a box, with a lock

    Made of wood, it is good.

    It holds very special things

    In the mirrors of my mind.


    Do you know what I mean?


    Bits and pieces of my life

    Symbols of the strife

    That lead me to this day

    I want to remember.


    Do you know what I mean?


    Over the years, many tears

    have been laid inside

    With my pride

    And all things about me.


    Do you know what I mean?


    I have lived and loved

    Sometimes, shed some blood

    But the box is just a mirror

    Of the times I left behind.



    Do you know what I mean?


    People in my life, just passing through

    Some were mean, some were true

    Pictures of a little boy

    And all his little toys.


    Do you know what I mean?


    Like the candle I stared down,

    When you were in danger

    And I wasn’t around.

    Ashes of, my oldest friends.


    Do you know what I mean?


    Pictures of places and faces

    Most I will never again see

    Sketches of a wild young man

    Who had no plan.


    Do you know what I mean?


    I have been alone in this life

    It just sort of happened that way.

    But my box reminds me

    Of the days that were so free.


    Do you know what I mean?


    Sometimes I look through this box

    Which reflects silly symbols of my time here

    Oh how I wish I knew how it would know

    What path I needed to be shown.


    Do you know what I mean?


    I am glad I kept these little reminders

    Of who I am and how I came to see

    On a path where I knew not the end

    But still kept walking around the bend,


    I think you know what I mean.



    Gonna’ Run on Down the Road

    2012 - 12.11

    I have been here for a while and I rarely smile

    It is time, to run down the road before my head explodes

    With thoughts I don’t want to feel ’cause nothing is real.

    And time goes too slow for a man who can’t understand

    How the road flew on by fast.


    The places I used to go, I miss them so

    The Visit

    2012 - 12.11

    We…. drift into December, trying to remember

    The light has gone away for now, but still somehow

    She….remembers how it used to be

    And it won’t go away,I’m so glad she has stayed.


    We…..are tender to the parts of our lives

    That have shown so much strife.

    Because it won’t always be this way

    And I still have things to say.


    Sitting in the poet’s room…. avoiding words of gloom

    Because She makes me love the world

    Whenever my spirits afraid

    She makes the fear go away.


    Today… the depth of my love rises above the rain

    There will be no more pain after She tells me

    Of the things that she sees, just her and me

    And time has no more meaning.


    It’s all just love, straight from above

    From her heart to mine.

    We’ll see the sun shine

    And her sky will be blue….oh so blue. remember.