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    Quiet please

    2014 - 02.28

    Noise surrounds me, tearing me from my Rhymes

    I thought I was free, but I may need to do some time.

    All of my dreams ,they mock me in the night

    I hear the echos of screams, when I open my eyes

    I could have had it all, I could have got away,

    But I fell in love, and that’s all I got to say.

    My eyes they are so tired, with the time looking for you

    The woman who got my Rhymes, She left feeling Blue.

    I sit surrounded by things, I only did halfway

    I live alone in this house, trying to stay away

    Away from all the noise that comes from every side

    My Heroes have grown old and I must watch them die.

    I think of my old friends, many are now dead

    Before I do something, I ask what would they do then.

    And I have gotten weary, I am old before my time

    But God is within me, he knows this heart of mine.

    Yes things still happen, I force myself to smile

    I need the practice, so I walk many a mile.

    I always find myself, walking down the road.

    Petro scenes are blasting, I keep walking slow.

    And every mile I make it, something different hits the stage

    I have become indifferent and sometimes full of rage.

    The road is an allegory, keeps running through my mind

    I will persevere, I will do my time


    Back at the Rhyme

    2014 - 02.23

    I live in a  house that’s a prison to me, a park on the other side

    Geese and heron, ducks to feed. I’d like to stay there all of the time.

    There is a woman I long have adored, on the other side of the globe

    She makes me happy in the long nights. Her love has crept into my Rhymes.


    There is so much to do and even more to see

    One of these days we’ll both be free

    How can you put a name on what we think?

    She’s the other half of my sky. Makes me get up and try…..


    There are somethings yet to be  fulfilled

    I’m getting better, don’t wanna’ ill anymore.

    Another opened door another set of stairs

    And still two empty chairs.


    I still believe in her and me, we both have seen some rough times

    But fortune let’s us postulate, on some day

    When she will knock on my door and smile

    Knock on my door and smile.


    America where are you now?

    2014 - 02.12

    Been running hard in these times

    Trying to fit the words into my rhymes

    I am starting to think, America has lost

    Crazy money men are upping the cost.

    I thought we had elected a man who would change

    All of the things that had gone strange

    But I myself and millions of fools

    Just sat back and watched as he changed all the rules.

    I hate to say it though it needs to be said

    The rich will be happier when the poor are dead

    The Law is an army, they will kill you

    If it’s justice you need, don’t expect it to be true.

    I am old, sorta’ in the way. They came for me and busted me anyways

    Gov-Pigs are men who flaunt the law

    They’d rather shoot you and walk away from it all.

    Stand firm together and this I hate to say

    The revolution will be bloody, just like the old days

    Watch your money and how it is spent

    This is the way to make a difference

    I myself am a little confused

    Can’t understand what’s the use

    Oh Brothers and Sisters all over the land

    It may get ugly…Do you understand?

    Lies within lies are truth ordained

    What is real and what has changed?

    Remember it’s the children we are fighting for

    Don’t let them grow up in the middle of a war.

    I am a Poet, simple and free, but the law wants me in their machine

    So I will be a Ghost and watch the night

    I will warn you if it’s right.

    You my friends must be your all

    We have a hurricane coming, that is now just a squall