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    Slow Motion Fall

    2015 - 02.22

    After you have run with youth

    A longtime lover in your life

    You find yourself changed

    Walking away from the immaculate moment.


    Things start to look different to you

    The tree of your existence changes

    Colors spin and you shed your leaves

    Leaving you naked in the winter of your life.


    Time starts to run away from you

    Going so fast, you can’t keep up

    And you trip on obstacles you never saw before

    Hanging on to the moment.


    And your slow motion fall cannot be stopped

    Entropy waits with open arms

    Your possessions and loved ones

    Are torn from your grasp.


    Oh to stop the clock just once

    Even for a little time

    Give you some space to think

    Time to make new rhymes.




    On A Quiet Night.

    2015 - 02.22

    One a quite night, you can hear the outdoors

    Which is usually drowned out by the sounds of spinning wheels

    By day, cars form a monotonous noise

    Numbing my brain.


    On a quiet night, in the city, you can hear sirens

    Like ring wraiths screaming, searching for the one ring

    Somebody is in trouble

    Who knows what tomorrow brings?


    On a quiet night you can hear the past

    Going on and on about things that no longer matter

    Don’t mean a thing, never has

    I hope life treats you well.


    On a quiet night, you don’t hear the cops

    Who are fishing and killing

    And they won’t stop

    Until somebody stops them.


    On a quiet night, you have dreams

    Past, present and future

    Rolled up in a ball of mirrors

    Imitating real life.


    On a quiet night, the fire burns low

    And for a short time, there are no worries

    All is as it should be in your little world

    Hang on to this moment, you will need it later.


    On a quiet night lovers dare

    To appear naked and vulnerable

    Showing their love for each other

    In the shadows of the night.


    On a quiet night I remember

    All the things I have been

    Everything I ever wanted

    And all my destined dreams.


    On a quiet night, the Poet labors

    In the silence that surrounds him

    In the morning, he will be gone

    Leaving words like footprints in the snow.



    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 02.20

    ” If you are a writer and do not fulfill your hearts desire and write; Life will pile up behind this dam you put on your creativity and you will become undone, a monster of various proportions”.



    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 02.10

    “…..did I just hear the doctor say I have to treat myself differently because I’m aging?…………………..Really?……Fingers in ears. LALALALA”!



    A Castro Street Bar

    2015 - 02.09

    I see you sitting at the Castro Street bar,

    Drinking to change your paradigm

    As you drink you slide down into your seat

    As the alcohol loosens your spine.

    Why are you here?

    You’re supposed to be on the wagon.

    Not pulling it.

    I see in your eyes and in your face

    You’d do anything to get out of this place

    From this point it seems so unfair

    And the bottom of the glass has caught your stare.

    Underneath the buzz you have planned

    What to do when you escape this land.

    You’ll leave the man who loves you the most.

    But that’s not the point or the view.

    You must go somewhere to find your health

    And to it be true.

    Where you go from that point in time

    Will be up to you.

    Back to the butterfly that you are

    Flying so free, what will you be?

    And everyone will see your beauty Shine.

    What will you do with your new found time?