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    Flying Too Low

    2015 - 04.16

    Woke up this morning, with a yawn

    Got up and put some music on.

    Poured some coffee, waiting on the sun

    It’s another new day on the run.


    News came in with a flash

    I threw it out with the trash.

    Nothing makes sense anymore

    Nothing outside of my door.


    Walking in the dew on my lawn

    Hair blowing back, feeling strong

    Just another hippie antique

    A jaded 21st century freak.


    No longer fitting in anywhere

    No more brothers or sisters who care.

    So much love, but so alone

    Words lay scattered around my throne.


    Long ago, stopped asking why

    It’s gettin’ down to do it or die.

    So sick of saccharine smiles

    That know nothing of my trials.


    Never did forget the dance

    Just give me one more chance

    Dark Horse coming ’round the bend

    Furious pace to the end.


    Put everything in a hobo bag

    Wipe my face with a dirty rag

    Worn down shoes keep walkin’ on

    The road is long, but not the song.


    Nothin’ but a recycled scheme

    Nothin’ but a silent scream

    Nothin’ but a change in rhyme

    Nothin’ but another day in time.




    2015 - 04.12

    Before I could think, or even see

    I was pure light, knew nothing of time

    Never had a thought or any form

    I was unsoiled love, not good or bad.


    Then came the wish, the urge

    Pushed out of formlessness

    Into the unlimited cage

    Thus began my forgetting.


    Matter is like a candle with no flame

    And light was attracted, bursting bright

    Now my soul dances on the wick

    Burning to a certain end.


    I became conscious, some call this life.

    Found myself in a head, a brain

    With hands and feet.

    I hit the ground rolling.


    Now, I take up space

    There is a cap on infinity

    Eyeballs wiggle like goldfish

    Taking it all in.


    I count on hands and feet

    Getting me to the next best thing

    My body is the candle

    My soul is the flame.


    The center in my head they tell me is in control

    Head, hands and feet……That’s the connection

    Rolling through the dim light

    Running back to the end.


    Life is but a Nexus, a meeting in time

    A flame on a candle burning down

    Way down, to the end of the wick

    Heads, hands and feet gone.


    When the candle burns out, my soul it will fly

    Back to the end of the beginning

    And I will forget the Nexus

    Until the candle is lit again.






    Advice To The Young Ones

    2015 - 04.12

    My life has been like whitewater ride

    Ending up in some quiet lagoon

    Got mixed up in so many things

    In the end, alone in my room.


    In the beginning I couldn’t be stopped

    I was relentless night and day

    If I crashed or screwed up

    Well, I always could pray.


    I’ll tell you this young one

    About all those ideas in your head

    Some of them will take you somewhere

    With the rest, you may end up dead.


    You may be learning about love

    You may be learning to fly

    One thing I’m sure hasn’t occurred yet

    Someday, you’re gonna’ die.


    I would never fault you

    For running when young to try your wings

    But remember this one fact

    Not much means a thing.


    Somewhere you’re going to find love

    And from it you will be changed

    It will be all you think about

    And surely, it will be strange.


    You may be chasing things in life

    That you only read about before

    Think about those things carefully

    Before you close that door.


    Even though love may fill you

    And make you take chances once in a while

    In the end did you make a difference?

    Did you make anyone smile?


    Sometimes you’ll trip the light fantastic

    Out of your head, lost in space

    The goal is to learn about life

    Go on, find your place.


    Always keep your eyes open

    Learn something new every day

    You won’t always get what you want

    And sometimes you won’t get away.


    So you may be on some long lost highway

    Chasing down some fun

    Traveling with souls like you

    Livin’ life on the run.


    Don’t ever forget where you came from

    Or lose sight of where you are going to

    Honor those who show you wisdom

    Always, try to learn something new.


    Someday youth will leave you

    I hope your life was well played

    Don’t end up like an old Poet

    Overcome , and off the stage.


    Take what you learned in the circus

    Remember what you saw in the zoo

    Your going to need those things now.

    As you become what I did too.



    A Poet On The Beat

    2015 - 04.10

    Every day I get up and hit the streets
    Looking for something to write about
    Sometimes it’s such a feat
    Watching the people run around and shout
    While I just walk my daily beat.

    I see the homeless, more everyday
    Looking into their eyes
    They too, just want to get away
    It should come as no surprise
    That could be me tomorrow….so,just live for today.

    And the kidz, walking home from school
    Excited and shouting, Chomping at the bit
    Ready to break any and all the rules
    I admire the flame in them so recently lit
    Long ago, that was me, and I was such a fool.

    And the potpourri of faces, swimming like fish
    Wonder where they all came from, just what is the story?
    Just how did they come to eat from Americas dish?
    They heard about this land and want a piece of its glory
    Freedom it is, that’s their most important wish.

    As a Poet, my walk is like going to a market
    Everyday, I go shopping for words
    Takes me far and wide, day becomes dark
    Sometimes the words are jumbled, almost absurd
    I Know it’s my life, sometimes rich, sometimes stark.

    And when I sit down and words pour from the pen
    I’m creating a picture, exposing a scene
    A window to the world I do open
    It’s my job, It’s my dream
    And it’s the only way that I can keep coping.


    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 04.09

    “Is it getting scary? Don’t look down”. (SG2015)

    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 04.09

    God’s not exclusive, no religion owns him. (SG2015)

    A Samuel Gold Quote.

    2015 - 04.09

    If you paid for it…You endorsed it. (SG2015)

    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 04.09

    NSA……..No Security Anymore………..(SG2015)

    A Samuel Gold Quote

    2015 - 04.01

    “When I get cut emotionally, I bleed words.” (SG2015)