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    Can’t Stop Now

    2015 - 06.13

    I was winding my way up a mountain, still on the run

    Glancing over my shoulder, praying for the sun

    Searching for something, in the middle of the night

    Not another soul was anywhere in sight.


    Then the past, catches up and hits me from behind.

    I didn’t see it coming, must be getting blind

    There were days, when I was so sure

    Now life is a sickness, that has no known cure.


    I had my Dylan and I had my Grateful Dead

    A thousand songs between them, it all got so well said

    So much happened, so many stories to tell

    Told them to all the Angels that I met when I was in Hell.


    And now in the backwaters of an incredible tide

    Left wondering if I needed another place to hide

    The awesome beauty and the perpetual decay

    And all that love that sadly went astray.


    Life loves Death so much, She sends souls his way

    And Death keeps every single one until Judgement Day

    Don’t be thinking, you won’t get your chance

    It’s such a short time, just don’t forget to dance.


    And the false noise that constantly whines

    It don’t mean nothin’, but it can break up your mind

    The world is fooled and looking for wealth

    But the real value is still on the shelf.


    My guitar is a lover that has never betrayed

    She soothes my mind every time that we play

    And the music keeps me goin’ so strong

    The two of us been together, for so very long.


    Long way back, I went wrong, got sick in the head

    Took some bad turns on the paths I was lead

    But I came back, Found my own way

    Only to find, so much had changed.


    I could say I’m sorry, but then I’d never stop

    So many regrets, I have lost count

    I will live strong and do what I say

    Put it all back together, find some new way.


    Just words and music, it comes down to this

    And the demons, that constantly hiss

    But in my life, there is no fear

    Everything changes, this much is clear.


    You can count on me, I’m not givin’ in

    Until I pay for every single sin

    I will make it right, there is still a way

    From the darkness of night comes a brand new day.


    And all who I love, who stayed by my side

    I am so thankful, you came on for the ride

    Don’t worry about me, I’m not really done

    I’m chasing a dream, that’s why I still run.


    So if your able to hear these words

    Take what you need, what you think you’ve heard

    All of life, just give it your best

    Can’t stop now, there’s no time to rest.