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    I Miss America And She Misses Me Too.

    2016 - 02.22

    I miss America and she misses me too.

    One of these days, gonna’ drop all these blues
    Pick a new direction, any one I can choose
    I’m gonna’ run, yes I will over the hill
    Take all the dreams that I believe in still.

    The highway still remembers my name
    Bikes and cars and the fast lane
    Back to a day where I once was free
    For a long time now, they won’t let me be.

    I can’t remember everywhere I’ve been
    All over this country and what I have seen
    Wanna’ go anywhere but here
    And I’m so tired of the lonely tears.

    I could tell you some of my stories
    About the road and all its glory
    But I’d rather take you there
    You and I with the wind in our hair.

    I miss America and she misses me too.



    2016 - 02.12

    It’s a moment in reason, it’s another rhyme

    It’s a point of satisfaction, it’s another time

    I been talking at you, tryin’ to make you see

    Giving you reasons, to remember you’re free

    It’s been such a long time, it’s just another day

    It’s time to blossom, it’s time to get away.



    Forget all those bad dreams, try living instead.

    Right in the moment, get out of your head

    And my love for you, is like moments in the sun

    Blue Skies are coming, And I’m still on the run

    It’s a special excitement, it’s a living end

    A new life is comin’ right around the bend.


    And I been tryin’ to tell you over all the noise

    You’re something special, you still have a choice.

    And in the nighttime, when I take my rest

    I remember the good times, they were the best.

    Your gonna’ make it, I know it seems long

    You got it right and did nothing wrong.


    Graceful lady, let me see you smile

    Come down gently, let go of your trials

    To every end, there’s a brand new start

    And another reason, for a change of heart

    And life loves you, with a sideways glance

    And it’s still lingering, waiting to dance.








    Ravens In The Winter

    2016 - 02.10

    This year the winter has been so hard.

    Ravens they poke and scrape in my yard.

    Death walks with them hand in hand.

    Taking the old ones from this land.


    Many of our heroes have taken their leave

    Guitars and voices that cannot be retrieved.

    Ravens crow at deaths open door

    And we’re left alone still wanting more.


    I grew up with all their songs

    And they helped me stay so very strong

    But Ravens are still lurking in my yard

    This time of dying can be so hard.


    Ravens in the winter always speak of change.

    Rock and Roll will never be the the way.

    Right now a Raven is giving me the eye.

    But there is so much to do before I die.


    Souls come and then they go

    Leaving musical marks on our souls

    Ravens are deaths messenger for sure

    Tell me how much more can you endure?