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    A Decade of Desire

    2016 - 12.26

    You first came to me as a voice, visiting in my loneliness and confusion
    Through the telephone, you tickled my ear, making me smile.
    And the exquisite taste of a lemon, forever froze that moment
    Suddenly fastened my soul to yours, launching so many words
    Where I tried to describe that, which is infinite.

    And daily that voice, reminded me of Blue Skies
    Which are always beginning, setting the stage
    For adventures and expressions of love.
    So often, I was gently reminded
    Just how good that could be.

    And I wanted to follow your voice, to hear it forever.
    For I could sense the longing, that undercurrent of tone
    Which suddenly became the center of my life.
    Thinking of you as a dove who longed to fly
    And you flew to me.

    Nothing could have prepared me for the moment
    When I first laid eyes on you,
    When the exquisite melody you sang, found a home
    And your face smiled at me, already old friends
    My small world expanded to the Blue Skies.

    Our bodies longing to touch, found a home in each other
    And I felt a love I thought I’d never see in this life.
    Suddenly, the focus changed, and the dance began
    My flesh to your flesh, the gentle rocking ecstasy
    Which erased so much pain and fear.

    This love which made all else pale, gave us strength
    And we leaned on each other, smiles on our faces
    Certain now we knew the way home
    Our see saw emotions, always in tune
    When I was down you pulled me back into the light.

    I could question forever how you could be so loving
    Just how you found your song in the midst of those tears
    Suddenly, everything revolved around you
    I was the sun, you were the moon
    And our dance took to the skies day and night.

    Our adventures were the respite we ran to
    Seeking to give each other something
    Forever finding shelter in each other’s arms
    I wanted to reach into the skies and give you the stars.
    While we floated on the sea of love and madness.

    Years flew by the and although we were apart for times too long
    I held on with an iron grip, trying to be strong for you
    The peculiarity of a situation unfolded
    And I fought hard to keep our little island free
    Free from the treachery of the ocean waves.

    And times were both good and bad at once
    Pearls in the oyster, created with the tiny speck of sand.
    And with this antithesis, I was able to see so well
    That which had escaped me all of my life
    That which I yearned for, but had never possessed.

    And though all whom had been in my sphere
    Left or betrayed me, you alone came to me
    And together it was decided we would fight
    For health, for wealth, for a better purpose
    We didn’t know that road could be so hard

    And Death who forever pursues us all
    Would not relent, we were tested,
    And each of us wandered in dark calling out
    Arms outstretched to find the embrace
    I stared in the flame of a candle, while you hovered in-between.

    Against all odds we pushed, each in our own lives
    We struggled when we were apart
    The satellites sent our voices to each other
    I could not have gone on without you
    Without the soothing voice.

    Your practical wisdom always stole the thunder
    From the demons who stalked in the night
    My mornings found me alone, situation intact
    And in the bed of loneliness, I tossed and turned
    Fanning the fire to keep it burning

    This fire did burn so strong and though we were apart
    Our battle was the same, on the same front
    We sent each other communiques of our situations
    And sometimes we cried the same tears
    Together and alone, we danced under the same moon.

    And in your absence, I was the Poet who dreamed
    Because I knew if I could bring it to words
    I could bring it to life, to carry the torch again.
    A light to your dark fears and loneliness.
    It was a long road back for both of us.

    And the years have crept by, one day and the next
    The river of life ran through the wilderness of time.
    One of us always waiting on the other
    Soothed by the guarantee that we’d be together
    I dreamt of gently kissing your upturned face.

    This love I feel, could take forever to define
    Continually, I stoked the flames with words
    Sometimes the only gift I could give you
    And you treated my words like diamonds
    Found on the beach of Stellar Seas.

    And time goes so quickly, with this fact we now live
    It could be a thousand years or merely a moment on the breeze
    I wake with you in my heart so beautifully each and every day
    It has been ten years, sometimes I wonder how it has gone so fast
    A Decade of Desire, we find our love still lasts.