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    2017 - 10.10

    Sometimes, my ears hear thunder.
    Sometimes, the darkness closes in on me.
    Sometimes, It’s so clear, then
    Sometimes, I can’t see a thing.
    I wonder what is true and where in the Hell are you? And I’m thinking….

    Sometimes, I hear the voices talk in the night.
    Sometimes, I just want to get away.
    Sometimes, the sun is so brilliant.
    Sometimes, I dwell on yesterday.
    I can see forward, I can look back and it doesn’t…. mean a thing.

    Sometimes, I hear the wind call your name.
    Sometimes, you’re in my dreams smiling.
    Sometimes, it’s the words you said.
    Sometimes, your memory makes me want to sing.
    The mark on my heart, was there from the start and I’m weeping.

    Sometimes, the world is so quiet.
    Sometimes, I hear billions of heart beats clamoring
    Sometimes, I grow so weary fighting it all….
    Sometimes, I feel time is….running away from me.
    In the beginning, I knew this for sure, just how to open the door. Now I’m left wondering…..

    Sometimes, the truth is so clear to me.
    Sometimes, the lies I see cause me so much pain.
    Sometimes, I know just where I’m standing then,
    Sometimes, It just happens…..again
    I put on a smile, carry it for a while, it’s lingering…..

    Sometimes, I got all the answers.
    Sometimes, I don’t know nothin’ at all.
    Sometimes, time is my enemy.
    Sometimes, my worries are so small.
    Another song, another day and the thoughts that get in the way, keeps me searching………


    New Suede Shoes

    2017 - 10.09

    Summer of ’17, hitting the bricks in the new shoes of decent destination.
    The perpetual slumber of the sun has kissed the earth and my face.
    Quickened my step, hitting the bricks, on the beat again.
    I had no idea the future was living next door, caught smiling, slightly ahead in time.

    Found an infinite quietness and now it hums at you too from all sides. The multiverse wants your undivided attention.
    And green plants play the game of chasing after the sun so you may continue to be blessed by her goodness.

    We run and play as the forever children we are, living on echoes of that crazy hand.


    Forever Birthday

    2017 - 10.09

    (For Tedd)

    Nothing lasts forever, excepting the non-tangible.
    This is the home you have in my heart.
    We never would have guessed this path…
    Which tore our journey apart.

    The years have grown so long, to think I outlived you.
    But I won’t be long in the scheme of things
    Life still tickles me to laugh and remember
    Just who you were and what you gave to this world.

    And that stellar beacon I still can see
    That question I always asked to give me certainty
    And to think how short a time it really has been
    You, always a touchstone for me.

    It’s one more ring around the sun, aka, your birthday.
    I write this to celebrate, not mourn.
    For you helped make me who I am
    You lived a quiet example.

    And in the graveyard where the bones of life are piled
    You’re so far away and this gravestone marks your exit
    Just your name hovers, recalling the best of times
    Your name is left on so many heartstrings as well.

    I will never say goodbye, that is like destroying
    A part of myself without which, meaning would be lost
    Just know my astral friend, you never left us
    I’ll meet you at the Jubilee.



    2017 - 10.09

    In the flash of the bright neon light, the ragged darkness announced change.
    We were still rolling through the end of the beginning.
    Been here since it was there.

    Listening to that mighty engine, we already knew the destination.
    And you sang that song to us from a space we have yet to know.
    I could hear the rustling of a diamond turning.

    From the playgrounds to the streets, that’s where the road started.
    In the beginning, they were just songs of our own.
    Now they breathe and have thoughts.

    Each of us got on that train, but it was on different nights
    The whistle said, “Who else will”?
    It was the best of times, the thing you could hold in your hand forever.

    And during the songs, always the echoes of that crazy hand
    Pondering past present and future while skating on the planet
    Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings…..

    And though I ran ahead to the end, peering into grimy panes
    I loved every minute of the now, lotus like unfolding.
    The adventure of, “What next”?

    Was it near the land of the midnight sun
    Where I heard you sing so slow?
    You were leaving us all behind.

    All the years and all the stars
    The final phrase, Much Love
    Both joy and grief in our tears.

    As I mirrored your movements
    It was summer and we were on the run.
    Lookin’ for relief.

    By the time I got home “He’s Gone” was all I could hear
    You were so far away, yet still there.
    “But it just goes to show, you don’t ever know……….”

    And in the rivers eddy far from the moment
    I think back to this day, you are gone, yet just right here.
    The music never stopped.



    2017 - 10.09

    The same sounds of summer, comes back once again
    The dance of the spring goes to the festivities
    Which begin anew with a joyful noise.

    Cherish these times, for you will tell your children
    And they will hunger for adventure themselves.
    Speak to the light in their eyes.

    I must watch from the distance, the Poet’s eyes roam
    Recording the events for discussions down the road.
    Better than pictures in a box.

    Hard times require furious dancing my friends
    Stomp on that turf, sing along and be free
    There is always some job to return to.



    2017 - 10.09

    Fall has come again, crying psychedelic leaves to the ground.
    The light itself changes color.
    In the autumn of my time, I wander back.
    Back to times where my thoughts lie dust covered in quiet rooms I have not tread in for some time.
    Back to distant smiles frozen forever in a moment.

    My fingers trace ridges on the walls.
    I sit still, timeless and wondering.
    In the kaleidoscope of my memories there are long stretches where I wandered alone, It was a long time out there.
    Now I see something, so much hidden before, peace is within my grasp.

    From the back streets of my mind to the world, still brave with days anew, my perimeter grows wider.
    Blowing dust from a chair I sat down, it was a museum of past events, brave dreams and a perpetually resilient hope.