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    2009 - 06.06

    30 Years

    Full of laughter, full off tears

    Many a late night drinking beers

    All of my friends, treasured through the years

    I have left them, my eyes shed tears.

    I lost them all on the way

    After a while, not much to say

    We were no longer children, forgot how to play

    We went to work to fill our days.

    No one cared that I was licked

    Didn’t give a damn, gave me the flick

    These were the best people I could pick

    But I was abandoned when I got sick.

    A play doctor, a man in the hole

    Constantly lighting up a new bowl.

    To make more money, stay out of the cold

    I watched my best friend, take the dole.

    And the witch who was a Charlatan

    Causing problems wherever she can

    Lied to me then off she ran

    Chasing, my closest friend.

    And the play doctor turned out to be a bitch

    Had a scratch she couldn’t itch

    She thought I was a Son of a Bitch

    She was right without a hitch.

    My oldest friend from Childhood

    Came to think I was no good

    Because I believed like you should

    But he never could.

    So I am alone in a little hole

    Broken, wasted, smoking bowls

    The truth it seems will never be told

    Of how I lost my friends of old.



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