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    2012 - 11.12

    She knows me better than I know myself

    She accepts me regardless of status or wealth

    She digs all my rhymes and is so very kind

    Puts everyone that’s in trouble  before herself.



    Everyday seems like a dream when she comes to stay

    I wish it was forever but I can’t have it that way.

    We’re both headed for health

    She has dreams that she keeps to herself.



    She always talks to me, makes me wonder what she sees

    In a man who went a bit too far and got put out of his dreams.

    For being brave but being alone I know that in her heart

    Is my only true home.



    We both wander around in the great unreal

    Trying to get back to something that we can feel

    Nobody knows, It doesn’t really show

    But love comes around sooner than you know.



    No matter what she’s always welcome at my door.

    The wind blows her by, Only I know how hard she tries

    And she is so  beautiful and I am so surprised

    She keeps me  so tantalized, with grace and love surprised.





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