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    2017 - 10.09

    In the flash of the bright neon light, the ragged darkness announced change.
    We were still rolling through the end of the beginning.
    Been here since it was there.

    Listening to that mighty engine, we already knew the destination.
    And you sang that song to us from a space we have yet to know.
    I could hear the rustling of a diamond turning.

    From the playgrounds to the streets, that’s where the road started.
    In the beginning, they were just songs of our own.
    Now they breathe and have thoughts.

    Each of us got on that train, but it was on different nights
    The whistle said, “Who else will”?
    It was the best of times, the thing you could hold in your hand forever.

    And during the songs, always the echoes of that crazy hand
    Pondering past present and future while skating on the planet
    Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings…..

    And though I ran ahead to the end, peering into grimy panes
    I loved every minute of the now, lotus like unfolding.
    The adventure of, “What next”?

    Was it near the land of the midnight sun
    Where I heard you sing so slow?
    You were leaving us all behind.

    All the years and all the stars
    The final phrase, Much Love
    Both joy and grief in our tears.

    As I mirrored your movements
    It was summer and we were on the run.
    Lookin’ for relief.

    By the time I got home “He’s Gone” was all I could hear
    You were so far away, yet still there.
    “But it just goes to show, you don’t ever know……….”

    And in the rivers eddy far from the moment
    I think back to this day, you are gone, yet just right here.
    The music never stopped.


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