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  • A Night in the Woods

    2008 - 11.17

    Night in the Woods

    Towards the darkness from the sun

    I and the night became as one

    Animals of the night float on the mist

    Seasons are rolling right on by.


    I am but a ghost, pacing the night

    Doomed to live in world

    That does not yet see reality

    The Atom was only the entrance.


    I am in the woods in an old graveyard.

    Waiting to keep a promise to a soul

    Made many lifetimes ago

    There are many paths to insanity.


    I’m starting to ignore mankind

    Giving up on many levels

    For again my brain has decided

    What and who really matters


    The woods has always been my place of refuge.

    I love to wander alone at night

    After all the things I’ve seen there is no fright.

    The animals know me here.


    Home this is my home

    But I’m never here

    I’m busy wasting my life away in the cities

    Missing the values of God’s creation.





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