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    2017 - 10.09

    Fall has come again, crying psychedelic leaves to the ground.
    The light itself changes color.
    In the autumn of my time, I wander back.
    Back to times where my thoughts lie dust covered in quiet rooms I have not tread in for some time.
    Back to distant smiles frozen forever in a moment.

    My fingers trace ridges on the walls.
    I sit still, timeless and wondering.
    In the kaleidoscope of my memories there are long stretches where I wandered alone, It was a long time out there.
    Now I see something, so much hidden before, peace is within my grasp.

    From the back streets of my mind to the world, still brave with days anew, my perimeter grows wider.
    Blowing dust from a chair I sat down, it was a museum of past events, brave dreams and a perpetually resilient hope.


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