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    2008 - 11.17

    Back to the Basics


    Well he came back here all alone, with his Beatles and his Stones

    Back to the hippie that stayed the same, he forgot his name

    But what does it matter anyhow he didn’t change

    He still believes in flowers, run in showers

    Laughs at himself in the pouring rain.

    He was always a clown, nothing got him down

    A smile on his face could  put a positive space

    Where he was, where he was

    A simple hippie, that’s all he was, that’s all he was.


    He came from nowhere, knew there was a somewhere

    That he could find a place, he could find a place

    But dreams, they don’t matter now, they’re all gone

    Like the wind on a song, they were long gone.

    He had a taste here and there, boy wasn’t she fair….?

    But now he’s alone, mostly by his own choice

    Had to leave his friends, they couldn’t hear his voice

    So he’s left alone with his Beatles and his Stones


    Time has flown by , now by all rights he’s old

    At least that’s what he’s been told

    But he can still remember a day

    When the sun machine went down

    And everyone had a party

    To celebrate life and their friends

    Never thought it could end

    Just tryin’ to make it home.

    With his Beatles and his Stones



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