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    2012 - 05.26

    I was looking in on the future

    From my comfortable place in the here and now.

    Berkeley dreams, seemed so real.

    The climate change had happened

    Swallowing the Bay Area as promised

    By the disregarded science freaks.


    I was on Telegraph Avenue

    That was the new shoreline.

    For the seas had risen to reclaim

    What they once blessed us with.

    The water had risen to swallow most of the buildings

    Which had long since been abandoned.


    But displaced people still inhabited the dead buildings

    They were called “Water Rats” by the rich who lived on in the hills

    Whose lives were changed but still privileged.

    They were called the Highlanders and were now the ruling class.

    There was nothing left of the middle class

    That dream died when the water claimed their existence.


    Ladders rose from the sidewalks into the 2nd or 3rd stories of the windows

    This was how the Water Rats hid in the dead buildings.

    Graffiti everywhere, Gangs ruled block by block.

    If you got lost, they would surely kill you.

    And the Army kept everyone in their place

    Nightly patrols of Military killers kept the Water Rats from escaping

    To some better existence.


    Across the Bay in San Francisco

    The financial district was closed

    It too, swallowed by the sea

    So  the Bay Bridge was closed to all but the Highlanders

    Guarded by men with orders to shoot on sight

    Anyone who wasn’t a Highlander.

    The Golden Gate was treated the same

    Choked off to all but the Highlanders.

    Whose disdain for the Water Rats

    Turned into bullets.


    And in my time on the Dreamscape

    I knew this was surely a glimpse

    Of the retribution of our folly.

    For ignoring the signs

    For ignoring the men who screamed of disaster

    Like Al Gore and many others

    Who were silenced by men who foamed at the mouth.



    Mother Nature has her surprises

    And in my vision I saw with complete clarity

    All of this and more.

    I knew the world had changed

    And it was like this everywhere

    Everywhere, man had been slapped in the face by Mother Nature

    Like a woman who scorns a man to the point of striking him

    Mother Nature took back her love of our species

    Leaving us to drown in our sorrows




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