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    2009 - 10.30

    I remember the saddle life… running cattle

    just to get by , just to get by

    Long journey’s, through mountains

    Mountaintops and field.

    The order of the wagons was determined as to who was most expendable in Indian raids.

    The Wagons mingles with the moving swarm of cattle as men pushed them for ward all day long

    Heading west was an adventure of its own in those days

    Men in saddles would saunter down the stream of wagons looking at the woman,

    You couldn’t blame them it had been long time on the trail

    They in a sense were mercenaries, hired by hand to escort beef and human across the great expanse.

    The land which must be almost sailed as a ship to traverse.

    It was all done on  the backs of the cowboys.

    I saw it on the dreamscape in a  place where I’d been before.



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