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    2009 - 10.19

    In the Rock-N-Roll arena it’s murky most of the time

    Ain’t no lighting backstage, except dim fluorescence lights

    I got thrown into this matter, Anyhow I love to play

    I like to do the best I can and never be afraid.

    But backstage it’s so black, musicians and the like hover like ghosts

    This is the ledge, where my experience drops off and goes………….

    I’d like to rehearse a bit so I can pull it off

    My hero that night was a roadie from another band

    He clipped a maglight to a mic stand

    Told me to do the best that I can.

    And I actually pulled it off.

    I rehearsed my music, heard them call my name

    Put on my sunglasses, walked onto the stage lights

    Fingers were itchy, to get on with the night

    Out here, it was so bright

    One thing I remember was out of the corner of my eye

    Off the stage a roadie’s grin, one of those smiles.



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