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    2012 - 06.04

    I sat in the doorway just for the air

    Thinkin’ of you coming up the stairs

    Your eyes wide open and a smile

    That stretched clean outa’ here for many a mile

    This is the way that I think of you 

    Anything but a woman whose Blue.

    We both know it isn’t fair 

    Life deals you cards too heavy to bear

    One thing I always admired about you

    Your vision was clear and to it you’re true.

    I have always thought of you as half of my sky

    I held the other half and together we tried.

    Now we both know of this thing called Death

    It’s much to close, feel its breathe.

    But that doesn’t mean it’s coming for you

    But I’d step aside, let it do what it must do.

    Finding the strength to just keep up

    Take a drink from the eternal cup.


    Every day I put you in my prayers

    Even though you’re not even here.

    Everyday, my only smile

    Is when I think of you, free of your trials.

    You still somehow make me see

    That any day now I shall be free.


    Together forever this is our song

    And it goes so far, seems so long

    I look to a future that we both will see

    You will find your health, then come for me.

    Until that day I hang on so long

    Knowing that God helps those who are strong.




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