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    2013 - 10.20

    I’m 51 and not having fun

    The law got me anyways

    All these years of elusiveness

    I was caught, stopped cold, and now I am clinging

    Well you know I don’t feel so bold,

    And I am in here all.by myself

    The law leaning hard on me

    I stare down the road, wondering. “am I gonna’ make it”?

    Miss the love, miss the money

    Got turned around, lost my way

    And Lord, let me tell ya’,,,,, I miss my honey.

    A Gaunt Poet waits for a word, wondering what to say.

    Speaking forever and never being heard

    It just gets more absurd

    And I watch my life slips through my fingers this way

    I need something new every day.



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