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    A Decade of Desire

    2016 - 12.26

    You first came to me as a voice, visiting in my loneliness and confusion
    Through the telephone, you tickled my ear, making me smile.
    And the exquisite taste of a lemon, forever froze that moment
    Suddenly fastened my soul to yours, launching so many words
    Where I tried to describe that, which is infinite.

    And daily that voice, reminded me of Blue Skies
    Which are always beginning, setting the stage
    For adventures and expressions of love.
    So often, I was gently reminded
    Just how good that could be.

    And I wanted to follow your voice, to hear it forever.
    For I could sense the longing, that undercurrent of tone
    Which suddenly became the center of my life.
    Thinking of you as a dove who longed to fly
    And you flew to me.

    Nothing could have prepared me for the moment
    When I first laid eyes on you,
    When the exquisite melody you sang, found a home
    And your face smiled at me, already old friends
    My small world expanded to the Blue Skies.

    Our bodies longing to touch, found a home in each other
    And I felt a love I thought I’d never see in this life.
    Suddenly, the focus changed, and the dance began
    My flesh to your flesh, the gentle rocking ecstasy
    Which erased so much pain and fear.

    This love which made all else pale, gave us strength
    And we leaned on each other, smiles on our faces
    Certain now we knew the way home
    Our see saw emotions, always in tune
    When I was down you pulled me back into the light.

    I could question forever how you could be so loving
    Just how you found your song in the midst of those tears
    Suddenly, everything revolved around you
    I was the sun, you were the moon
    And our dance took to the skies day and night.

    Our adventures were the respite we ran to
    Seeking to give each other something
    Forever finding shelter in each other’s arms
    I wanted to reach into the skies and give you the stars.
    While we floated on the sea of love and madness.

    Years flew by the and although we were apart for times too long
    I held on with an iron grip, trying to be strong for you
    The peculiarity of a situation unfolded
    And I fought hard to keep our little island free
    Free from the treachery of the ocean waves.

    And times were both good and bad at once
    Pearls in the oyster, created with the tiny speck of sand.
    And with this antithesis, I was able to see so well
    That which had escaped me all of my life
    That which I yearned for, but had never possessed.

    And though all whom had been in my sphere
    Left or betrayed me, you alone came to me
    And together it was decided we would fight
    For health, for wealth, for a better purpose
    We didn’t know that road could be so hard

    And Death who forever pursues us all
    Would not relent, we were tested,
    And each of us wandered in dark calling out
    Arms outstretched to find the embrace
    I stared in the flame of a candle, while you hovered in-between.

    Against all odds we pushed, each in our own lives
    We struggled when we were apart
    The satellites sent our voices to each other
    I could not have gone on without you
    Without the soothing voice.

    Your practical wisdom always stole the thunder
    From the demons who stalked in the night
    My mornings found me alone, situation intact
    And in the bed of loneliness, I tossed and turned
    Fanning the fire to keep it burning

    This fire did burn so strong and though we were apart
    Our battle was the same, on the same front
    We sent each other communiques of our situations
    And sometimes we cried the same tears
    Together and alone, we danced under the same moon.

    And in your absence, I was the Poet who dreamed
    Because I knew if I could bring it to words
    I could bring it to life, to carry the torch again.
    A light to your dark fears and loneliness.
    It was a long road back for both of us.

    And the years have crept by, one day and the next
    The river of life ran through the wilderness of time.
    One of us always waiting on the other
    Soothed by the guarantee that we’d be together
    I dreamt of gently kissing your upturned face.

    This love I feel, could take forever to define
    Continually, I stoked the flames with words
    Sometimes the only gift I could give you
    And you treated my words like diamonds
    Found on the beach of Stellar Seas.

    And time goes so quickly, with this fact we now live
    It could be a thousand years or merely a moment on the breeze
    I wake with you in my heart so beautifully each and every day
    It has been ten years, sometimes I wonder how it has gone so fast
    A Decade of Desire, we find our love still lasts.



    Come Down Slowly

    2016 - 05.05

    I met you when we were young, havin’ some fun

    For us, life had just begun.?

    It was still a sunny day, with no yesterdays

    You told us that you could not stay.


    When you broke free, to see the country

    You ran so far with certainty.

    Always had a smile, that went on for miles

    Those times  weren’t burdened with trials.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me


    It was a brand new page, you were old for your age

    There was no stopping you in those days..

    The Grateful Dead, now let it be said

    Nothing else was in your head.


    And the tie dye days, were all of the rage

    Saw you smiling from behind the stage.

    You could never forget, those people you met

    And together we saw a thousand sunsets.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    And the way that we traveled, as the future unraveled

    Storming the freeways on your chrome horse’s saddle.

    We never lacked a thing, in our little ring.

    You made us so happy, we would sing.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the  bottom, call out for me.


    As days turned into miles, all of the while

    They were so impressed with your guile

    We followed you, what you said came true

    We never thought you could be so Blue.


    But time has a way, rearranging the play

    And you decided to change your name

    You put on a mask, for the difficult tasks

    Giving your all if anyone asked.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the  bottom, call out for me.


    Burned by the sun, always on the run

    What did you think when you saw their guns?

    And where angels fear to tread, we were lead

    No matter how strange, you kept your head.


    But the California dream, was makin’ you scream

    And cracks began to show at the seams

    Started to get jaded, part of you faded

    Could your thirst ever be sated?


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    Like the man onstage, you started to age

    And history turned a page

    And when he died, oh how hard you cried.

    The rain fell down from sullen skies.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    Time has led to now, you made it somehow

    Up and moved to a different Town

    Hid in nook, wrote yourself a book

    It was the only way you could look.


    Then I got the call, you were living pretty small

    All alone and hidden from us all

    You said you might try again, if you could still  find a friend.

    Someone to be there in the end


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    It isn’t over, invite your friends over

    We could ride on to the next bend.

    It’s been said,  That band saved your head.

    So lie down sweetly in that dream bed




    2016 - 02.12

    It’s a moment in reason, it’s another rhyme

    It’s a point of satisfaction, it’s another time

    I been talking at you, tryin’ to make you see

    Giving you reasons, to remember you’re free

    It’s been such a long time, it’s just another day

    It’s time to blossom, it’s time to get away.



    Forget all those bad dreams, try living instead.

    Right in the moment, get out of your head

    And my love for you, is like moments in the sun

    Blue Skies are coming, And I’m still on the run

    It’s a special excitement, it’s a living end

    A new life is comin’ right around the bend.


    And I been tryin’ to tell you over all the noise

    You’re something special, you still have a choice.

    And in the nighttime, when I take my rest

    I remember the good times, they were the best.

    Your gonna’ make it, I know it seems long

    You got it right and did nothing wrong.


    Graceful lady, let me see you smile

    Come down gently, let go of your trials

    To every end, there’s a brand new start

    And another reason, for a change of heart

    And life loves you, with a sideways glance

    And it’s still lingering, waiting to dance.








    The Finest Place

    2015 - 08.20

    Inside of my heart is this place

    I find comfort there and am reassured

    It is where I go when my thoughts become dark

    Therein  your face and voice live.


    My world has become constricted

    But this space knows no bounds

    It is the blue sky where I can dream

    Visions of your loveliness float through like clouds


    And you are so far away, yet you are here

    Comforting me when I am alone

    Singing your quiet pure song

    Sharing your peaceful wisdom.


    This room in my heart

    Where I can feel you

    Where we press ourselves together

    And your arms pull me into you.


    Wrapping myself around you

    Pushing into your being with my love

    Gently rocking until cries escape your lips

    Until we move as one.


    And the aftermath is a serene space

    For time does not run from this moment

    And like grapes on a vine perpetually

    It is always luscious, always willing.



    A Castro Street Bar

    2015 - 02.09

    I see you sitting at the Castro Street bar,

    Drinking to change your paradigm

    As you drink you slide down into your seat

    As the alcohol loosens your spine.

    Why are you here?

    You’re supposed to be on the wagon.

    Not pulling it.

    I see in your eyes and in your face

    You’d do anything to get out of this place

    From this point it seems so unfair

    And the bottom of the glass has caught your stare.

    Underneath the buzz you have planned

    What to do when you escape this land.

    You’ll leave the man who loves you the most.

    But that’s not the point or the view.

    You must go somewhere to find your health

    And to it be true.

    Where you go from that point in time

    Will be up to you.

    Back to the butterfly that you are

    Flying so free, what will you be?

    And everyone will see your beauty Shine.

    What will you do with your new found time?


    I Can’t Remember.

    2015 - 01.25


    One foggy morning, that’s all

    Another day, same gray pall.

    Seems my mind has come undone

    Yesterdays over, tomorrow hasn’t begun.


    I sit in a deep cloudy trance

    Can’t get up and join the dance.

    I feel stuck, sorta’ in between

    I look at the day what does it mean?


    So much has happened in my small life

    Populated with incidences and strife.

    But as the days go by, I feel somewhat numb

    I forgot where I came from.


    I can’t remember, no I can’t recall

    Hardly anything, anything at all.


    The first dream was to get free

    And chase the schemes I did see.

    I saw too much, that can be said

    Deep into the mist, I was led.


    Surrounded by the whispering trees

    That seem to know more than me.

    I sit quietly on a rock

    Trying to pick my minds lock.


    What was it that you said?

    Tell me again, refresh my head.

    What was the journey’s goal?

    Seems like madness took its toll.


    I can’t remember, no I can’t recall

    Hardly anything, anything at all.


    I’m so deep, into shades of black

    Stole my memories, I want them back.

    I must feel my own way  home

    I stand up, my body moans.


    Is this something that comes with age?

    In the audience now, not on the stage

    No longer calling the shots

    Suffering the same fate as Lot.


    Please tell me, make me understand

    Why I no longer hear the band.

    What was that thing called my youth?

    Was anything learned, is there any truth?


    I can’t remember, no I can’t recall

    Hardly anything, anything at all.


    An Unfinished Story

    2015 - 01.25


    Long Distance time went by so fast

    We weathered storms that didn’t last.

    I spent my time spinning words and rhymes

    Wanting to to touch your face, all of the time.


    And bring you some April flowers

    In a gentle space that was ours.

    But life stepped in and drove us apart

    With all the things that can break your heart.


    It was such a brief bright flame

    And love in my soul still remains

    Now your life is tightly locked

    My ship, has been dashed on the rocks.


    And the time of life never stands still

    Even, with all my will

    What had to be, will be

    You got better, now you’re free.


    I still dream of all the good times

    That your smile put in my mind.

    As I walked through Hell screaming

    Of you, I kept dreaming.


    In the beginning, I saw our end

    My Angel, Heaven sent

    We were both broken

    Reluctant eyes were opened.


    We had the folly that lovers dare

    And now your so scared

    I didn’t mean, to chase you away

    And now, it’s another day.


    Back into life, I was tossed

    Paying such a dear cost.

    I didn’t mean to make you cry

    Or sit alone and sigh .


    Someday, we both may laugh

    And separate the wheat from the chaff

    Smiling in a new day

    Finally finding our own ways



    Stellar Seas

    2015 - 01.13

    A winter day, but the sun came back
    To dance for a while before turning black.
    My mind is just starting to compose
    Some kind of new, typical prose.
    I hear a sound coming from over the hill
    A silent train is moving and another one still.
    Can’t keep my mind from drifting away
    Check my tether, I don’t want to stray.
    It’s all too much, yes indeed I see
    And it ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.

    Drifting now, in skies of Blue
    Half belongs to me and half belongs to you.
    I can’t tell you when, but I can tell you why
    Stop those tears, you don’t have to cry.
    Somewhere on the sea is where you’ll find me
    Escaping the invisible prison that I see.
    No longer held, no longer in the sway
    Floating free getting, outa’ the way
    On one hand I can count all I know
    The clock keeps spinning but time is so slow.

    Long past the point of turning back
    Keep going forward, adjust my tack
    Move the sails, pull the rudder in
    A brand new course to now  begin
    I got the strength, but I don’t have the time
    It has to work, It has to rhyme.
    Other ships are on this course
    I’m shouting Hail! Until my voice is hoarse
    But they cannot hear, the waves are too strong
    Hands are getting numb from holding on.

    Now in some eddy, away from the rocks
    I see many doors, but they are all locked.
    Keep on going, in uncharted seas
    Hoping that fortune smiles on me.
    And again, the skies are so Blue
    Showing me more, than I ever knew
    Ricochet between brand new days
    I just keep trying, there is a way.
    Steer by stars whispering sounds
    Pray that you live to say what you’ve found.


    The Moon We Both See

    2014 - 12.19

    Been out to sea for so long, drifting to and fro

    Weathered hurricanes that no one saw

    My course, plotted by sun and stars

    Zig Zagging through life with an uncertain destination.


    I hope we both look at the same moon.

    While it hangs in the sky above us

    Like each other, out of reach but still influencing

    Beaming love through different skies.


    The waves slapping at my boat

    Echoes of your laughter fills my dreams

    I toss and turn in the night

    Then awake to another day.


    I know dry land is near

    For I have seen the birds

    Flying on the edge of their perimeters

    The sorrow filled cries of the gulls reminds me of what’s missing.


    The sailing must continue, for I am closer

    To the end, than the beginning

    The helm bows left and right

    And the sparkle on the water is a perfect reflection of your eyes.


    So many ports where the ways of the world

    Gallup frantically, back and forth on the horizon

    Each is different, Each one beckons.

    A lot of water has passed under this boat.


    And no one hears my tears

    Which will one day raise the ocean

    And over power my small life

    With the fate of lovers who stare at the same moon.





    Never Could Say Goodbye.

    2014 - 11.07

    It was a long, long year
    I was frightened, had so much to fear.
    Remembering…the very last time, I kissed, I kissed your face
    And no one, no one….has ever, has ever…taken your place.

    And I started to hide
    From the pain inside.
    I’m sorry, sorry that I failed
    And ran my life, oh I ran ran my life, right off these old rails.

    I tried so hard, to make it on through
    Thinkin’ about nothing, thinkin’ about nothin’ but you.
    And praying, praying, praying.
    Could you hear, could you hear what I was saying?

    Because in my dreams now, dreams are all I have
    That’s where, That’s where, I always hear you laugh.
    You told me to save myself, or I could die….
    And I did, baby I tried, I tried….And I tried.

    Never could think, but I could dream
    Because that’s what you are to me.
    A dreamer on my road, on my road
    Nothin’ left, Nothin’ left to show.

    When I have good thoughts
    About the time we bought
    In the eye of the Hurricane, in the eye of the Hurricane
    No one’s to blame, No one’s to blame, No ones to blame.

    Baby hold on, You gotta’ be strong
    You been gone too long. Just gone too long
    All alone in a castle with no view
    And no matter what, I will always love you.

    Always Love…you…Yeah…Love… you…Yeah…Love you…
    Oh Baby, baby, baby, you know that’s true…..



    A Change Of Season

    2014 - 10.04

    I have been quiet in my life for so long, just trying to be strong.
    There is all this love in me with nowhere to go, it’s about time, yeah I know.
    Summer has turned to autumn as my fears ran past, I pray that my love may last.
    There is this special something in the corner of my mind, something that is so fine.
    Words as they are cannot describe, Not mere words, no not even mine.

    It was those colors that split the sky, shards of light in my mind.
    And the sweet gift of wisdom given just to me, is why I am still free.
    Time seemed to go nowhere, heavy burdens I did bear.
    Sliding with the rain coming down, alone in this empty town.
    And still you’re been in the corners of my mind. Alive in my rhymes.

    And I know you can’t put a bridle on the wild horse of love, or cage a cooing dove.
    I would ride the hills, I still have my will
    To get through these darkened days and not lose myself in life’s futile maze
    A frightened ride through the stormy tears, so many over all these years.
    And to arrive and see your special smile, is worth all these bitter trials.

    So set aside your burdens love give it a try, don’t have any reason to ask why.
    Gray skies will be blue as all your dreams come true.
    As we awaken from this dream, wondering where have we been?
    I believe in the future of our lives, I know how hard you have tried.
    There is a piece of you in my heart, I stay strong while we’re apart.


    If I was a Poet

    2013 - 08.15

    If I was a Poet

    And could write a fine hand

    I’d write my love a letter

    That she’d understand.

    I’d write it by the river

    On pages made of silk

    Where the waters flow by,

    And in between the madness

    I’ll know just what to do

    I’ll dream of her

    She’s in my heart

    Dear Madam Blue.



    A New Point of View

    2012 - 10.31

    I been searching all the hallways

    Looking for a room with a view.

    I said, I been searching all the hallways

    Looking for a room with a view.

    Walkin’ this worn out carpet

    Just thinkin’ and worried about you.


    We all got burdens in our lives

    Sometimes it’s more than we can bear.

    I said, we all got burdens in our lives

    Sometimes it’s more than we can bear.

    I didn’t know it was gonna’ be like this

    And I feel… just a little bit scared.


    Everyone needs someone

    To listen to their dreams.

    I said, everyone needs someone

    To listen to their dreams.

    But my dreams are so chaotic

    I just wake up and scream.


    Baby you’re the cure

    For what’s been ailing me.

    I said, baby you’re the cure

    For what’s been ailing me.

    My bodies going nowhere

    But my soul is still free.


    If I ever get to you

    Life would come my way again

    I said, if I ever get to you

    Life would come my way again

    I’d change my point of view

    Do anything for my dearest friend.





    Lament of the Dying Rose

    2012 - 08.31


    If I had to do it all over again

    Babe, I’d do it all for you

    If I had to wait for ten thousand years

    Babe, I’d even do that too.


    Well, everybody’s got somethin’

    That they’re lookin’ forward to

    I’m lookin’ forward to when I can do it all again

    And babe, I’ll do it all for you. 


    Well, if I had my way tomorrow or today

    Babe, I’d run circles all around

    I’d sing to the wind, do a somersault and spin

    I’d even dance on the ground.


    Well, everybody gets their hour

    Everyone gets their time

    Well, everybody gets the chance

    To finish their own rhymes.


    When the time arrives when I can be in your life

    I will be stronger, straight and thinking of you.

    Well, I don’t need money, I just need a day that’s sunny

    Baby, and my days are gonna’ come true.


    Well, you cut me like a jigsaw puzzle

    I am a walkin’ wreck, sick in the head

    You pushed my heart through my backbone

    But enough of that has been said.


    Well, if I’m ever standin’ steady

    And doing what I really want to do

    Well, I tell you my long time lover

    I’d do  it again just for you. 


    I’m just restin’ just waiting for health to shine

    And, baby I’m just sittin’ on the shelf

    Look in your mind, that’s where I am

    Pacing and whispering to myself.




    Love Rose

    Empty Chairs

    2012 - 07.11

    In my yard there are two empty chairs

    You and I were supposed to be there

    You told me that you’d be here

    To sit awhile under the roses

    But time changed, your mind rearranged

    All the things we hold dear.


    They look so lonely, missing our smiles

    Reminding me of failures, and untold trials

    Everyday, I see you there

    Sitting in the shade not crying any tears.

    But they are empty, like my life.


    We never planned on so much strife.

    I am going to leave them there

    Because I want to believe

    That someday we’ll sit there

    Under the rose tree.






    Enroute Communiqué~

    2009 - 03.21

    I felt the portal close, the inward shine of a reflection back onto itself
    Musings, too deep to be heard, can you hear the rustle of a diamond turning?
    Sailed so quickly through the storm ridden seas to this point of perspective.
    Always listening to the sirens voice, Should I lash myself onto the mast for protection?
    Are there treacherous rocks I just don’t see?
    The road too, has always been rocky
    As I slammed my soul through all those places
    Looking for someone to love.

    If I could only reach you on the dreamscape, I would tell you these things
    I would dance them into existence…
    Kneeling before you, I would offer up mere words, hoping you will accept this simple gift.

    Know that you are cared for,
    Know that I understand your Rhymes,
    Know that it is fortune upon us,
    Know this all, deep inside,
    Know that we’re both lonely,
    Know that we have some time,
    Know that it’s bigger than us,
    Know this all deep inside.

    I do not drink another’s wine without invitation,
    My grapes are still on the vine
    Luscious, begging to be picked
    And tasted by your perfect mouth.
    What is the path that is true?
    If tragedy falls, it won’t be on you.
    I scream at the Heavens “Who dares to trap this bird”?
    Try to stop destiny, it is so absurd.

    Our collective madness accumulates quickly
    Like a sponge, filled to capacity
    Love drips around the edges of sanity
    So much love, tumultuous, wavelike
    How long can you take it?
    How long before the camels straw?
    Where we watch grandiose dreams
    Sink back into the night.

    I am trying to stay with it, tracking the progress of your Star in the skies
    Being just another planet that wants to orbit in the gravity well of your love
    I look in my bag of tricks and with you I am found wanting
    What can a man offer a Star after all?
    The shadow of doubt has eclipsed you
    Removing my light from the scene
    Maybe you will wake up
    And find out that it’s just a dream.