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    The Finest Place

    2015 - 08.20

    Inside of my heart is this place

    I find comfort there and am reassured

    It is where I go when my thoughts become dark

    Therein  your face and voice live.


    My world has become constricted

    But this space knows no bounds

    It is the blue sky where I can dream

    Visions of your loveliness float through like clouds


    And you are so far away, yet you are here

    Comforting me when I am alone

    Singing your quiet pure song

    Sharing your peaceful wisdom.


    This room in my heart

    Where I can feel you

    Where we press ourselves together

    And your arms pull me into you.


    Wrapping myself around you

    Pushing into your being with my love

    Gently rocking until cries escape your lips

    Until we move as one.


    And the aftermath is a serene space

    For time does not run from this moment

    And like grapes on a vine perpetually

    It is always luscious, always willing.



    The Moon We Both See

    2014 - 12.19

    Been out to sea for so long, drifting to and fro

    Weathered hurricanes that no one saw

    My course, plotted by sun and stars

    Zig Zagging through life with an uncertain destination.


    I hope we both look at the same moon.

    While it hangs in the sky above us

    Like each other, out of reach but still influencing

    Beaming love through different skies.


    The waves slapping at my boat

    Echoes of your laughter fills my dreams

    I toss and turn in the night

    Then awake to another day.


    I know dry land is near

    For I have seen the birds

    Flying on the edge of their perimeters

    The sorrow filled cries of the gulls reminds me of what’s missing.


    The sailing must continue, for I am closer

    To the end, than the beginning

    The helm bows left and right

    And the sparkle on the water is a perfect reflection of your eyes.


    So many ports where the ways of the world

    Gallup frantically, back and forth on the horizon

    Each is different, Each one beckons.

    A lot of water has passed under this boat.


    And no one hears my tears

    Which will one day raise the ocean

    And over power my small life

    With the fate of lovers who stare at the same moon.





    Never Could Say Goodbye.

    2014 - 11.07

    It was a long, long year
    I was frightened, had so much to fear.
    Remembering…the very last time, I kissed, I kissed your face
    And no one, no one….has ever, has ever…taken your place.

    And I started to hide
    From the pain inside.
    I’m sorry, sorry that I failed
    And ran my life, oh I ran ran my life, right off these old rails.

    I tried so hard, to make it on through
    Thinkin’ about nothing, thinkin’ about nothin’ but you.
    And praying, praying, praying.
    Could you hear, could you hear what I was saying?

    Because in my dreams now, dreams are all I have
    That’s where, That’s where, I always hear you laugh.
    You told me to save myself, or I could die….
    And I did, baby I tried, I tried….And I tried.

    Never could think, but I could dream
    Because that’s what you are to me.
    A dreamer on my road, on my road
    Nothin’ left, Nothin’ left to show.

    When I have good thoughts
    About the time we bought
    In the eye of the Hurricane, in the eye of the Hurricane
    No one’s to blame, No one’s to blame, No ones to blame.

    Baby hold on, You gotta’ be strong
    You been gone too long. Just gone too long
    All alone in a castle with no view
    And no matter what, I will always love you.

    Always Love…you…Yeah…Love… you…Yeah…Love you…
    Oh Baby, baby, baby, you know that’s true…..



    A Change Of Season

    2014 - 10.04

    I have been quiet in my life for so long, just trying to be strong.
    There is all this love in me with nowhere to go, it’s about time, yeah I know.
    Summer has turned to autumn as my fears ran past, I pray that my love may last.
    There is this special something in the corner of my mind, something that is so fine.
    Words as they are cannot describe, Not mere words, no not even mine.

    It was those colors that split the sky, shards of light in my mind.
    And the sweet gift of wisdom given just to me, is why I am still free.
    Time seemed to go nowhere, heavy burdens I did bear.
    Sliding with the rain coming down, alone in this empty town.
    And still you’re been in the corners of my mind. Alive in my rhymes.

    And I know you can’t put a bridle on the wild horse of love, or cage a cooing dove.
    I would ride the hills, I still have my will
    To get through these darkened days and not lose myself in life’s futile maze
    A frightened ride through the stormy tears, so many over all these years.
    And to arrive and see your special smile, is worth all these bitter trials.

    So set aside your burdens love give it a try, don’t have any reason to ask why.
    Gray skies will be blue as all your dreams come true.
    As we awaken from this dream, wondering where have we been?
    I believe in the future of our lives, I know how hard you have tried.
    There is a piece of you in my heart, I stay strong while we’re apart.


    Since You Been Gone

    2014 - 06.21

    Since you been gone, I started to shout
    About the things that worry me day in and out
    I take all my walks alone
    My house is no longer a home.

    I wonder what came and passed
    Why your love didn’t last
    Did I fail at my task?
    Why do I even stop to ask?

    The nights are so long now
    Worried mind, furrowed brow
    The halls I do pace
    I lost in loves race.

    It isn’t because I let go
    Love has a side that never shows
    Just when you think you have Cupid
    You’re left alone, feeling stupid.

    I never could win at the games
    Without someone beside me in my name
    I could have taken us both out of here
    If you had not run from me in fear.

    I used to stand so well on my feet
    Not much in the world could get me beat
    I don’t have any wealth
    No more respect for myself.

    It’s our fault not yours
    I do not blame, that’s for sure
    I picked this path that I trod
    Alone again…Me and God?

    Maybe you just got tired of waiting all the while
    Exhausted after running so many miles
    Love needs to be cherished to make it grow
    Without you, time passes so slow.

    I am jealous of those who have wives
    Who love them dearly and do not despise
    Whose ranks are filled with children’s smiles
    Whose lives are filled with different trials.


    Status Report IV

    2014 - 05.26

    I hit the ground, it took me ten years to get up.

    I was hand held by a woman named Blue most of that time.

    She understood my true intentions and honored them

    Even at her own peril.

    I forgot everything, but I won’t forget this.

    I tasted blood in my mouth, I had been damaged.

    That which was me had been so covered with the grime from life

    I knew myself no more.

    I was ashamed, those who had been with me had ran on.

    I forgot everything, but i won’t forget this.

    I took stock and wondered, can I make the ride back home?

    My bones hurt, my beautiful mane eroded.

    My teeth hurt!

    Life has been an edge of the pleasure that brings pain.

    I forgot everything, but I won’t forget this.

    The mindless mass had pulled me down and dragged me dow

    Deep into their intended oblivion.

    I awoke before the door closed

    And with breath hard and my soft flesh gasping, I ran back.

    I forgot everything, but I  won’t forget this.

    Now I look at my tasks, given to me in this life.

    I must prioritize, picking the most important.

    My words, born of insight and experience

    Is all I can offer you gentle readers.

    I forgot everything but I won’t forget this.

    They addicted me people, the one task manager

    I knew about, was used against me

    Time flew by so quickly in the pill state

    As many considered , how to fix a broken Wizard.

    I forgot everything, but I won’t forget this.

    Now, the machine, must be repaired

    Now, I must shore up my existence

    Now, I must compete with the ignorant

    Now, I must put aside, grief for me.

    I forgot everything, but i won’t forget this.

    Will I make it? Will they read my words?

    Have I something new to say? or am I being absurd?

    Do I still have the trust, a Cosmic Cowboy deserves

    Or should I just head for the sunset?

    I forgot everything, but I won’t forget this.












    If I was a Poet

    2013 - 08.15

    If I was a Poet

    And could write a fine hand

    I’d write my love a letter

    That she’d understand.

    I’d write it by the river

    On pages made of silk

    Where the waters flow by,

    And in between the madness

    I’ll know just what to do

    I’ll dream of her

    She’s in my heart

    Dear Madam Blue.



    Hopeless Summer

    2013 - 07.23

    Well the summer is here and your’e the one

    Who can’t understand why we aren’t having fun

    I watched you careen around corners I wouldn’t dare

    You are moving so fast, I can only stare

    And wonder if you’re with me

    And this love we share.

    Something in your eyes tells me

    You are sick of being nowhere.


    We both seem to be wanting

    To escape to more cheerful grounds

    I want to go and take you with me

    To a place neither one of us has found

    And when we are together

    And silence is slowly told

    We show our hearts to each other

    Like a rose that unfolds.


    It’s all the little things that keep you and I

    Going round in circles, but we keep trying

    To honor the trust we gave to one another

    The space we make for each other

    Close, but out of reach

    I am left helpless, can’t reach my dreams

    You give so much that your karma bank is full

    But you won’t write a check, that is too bold.


    We have been traveling in circles for such a long time

    You have stood by me, immortalized in Rhyme

    And you are so patient with me and bear no blame

    You know the real man, behind my stage name.

    And though the days are long, I know you get tired

    It’s so hard to listen, so hard to be inspired

    When what is and what should be

    Rarely comes our way.


    I am a strong man, but watch me cry

    When the Poet comes up empty handed

    And I am forced to to give it another try

    I am sitting in the sun wondering still

    Just what is that music I hear over the hill?

    It is the sound of you weeping, deeply from your soul

    Your sick of all these things

    You cannot control.


    You understand, there is no one to blame

    There are rainbows, made in your name

    That fill the sky with madness, sounds and pain

    Only the Poet, knows the rules of this game

    He talks so much of this and that

    Plays for pennies and passes the hat

    And you listen to every word he says

    Because of his words, your pain is less.


    The man who believes in you

    And knows your heart and will

    Your beauty glistens

    And his soul stands still

    For the words of love that you say

    Keep him going in the right way

    The Poet knows, there is another day

    And when it comes around he hopes it stays.




    Madame Blue

    2013 - 05.21

    I knew the rides that I took

    Would catch up with me someday

    Karma served up on tap

    To reflect a perfection of drinking

    So much water under the bridge

    All the rhymes we passed over

    Looking for the fortune of a well said word

    My mirror, My muse, where are you?

    You were there when it really mattered

    I slipped on the road to insanity

    And when you knew I was in danger

    You set down your burdens and came running

    You caught me when I fell

    A selfless act so rarely seen

    Saved my life.

    Nothing around here reaches me

    Nothing matters except you

    Remembering  that someday

    Our story will be told.

    You are the star I navigate to

    When  fortune makes me bold

    Until then, I am on my own.

    Praying that I am still there

    Whispering in the mists of your mind.

    While we both serve our time.


    Blowing By

    2013 - 01.28

    I sit in oscillation watching the world blow on by.

    It’s hard to get off the floor, crawling to a window

    To peer out at something ugly that is trying to be cool

    I have made many walls in  my Rhymes.


    Forcing information to follow the laws of my perspective

    And wedges of Karma kept it all from getting out of hand.

    I got forced into something that required me to step down

    And watch my life Blow By, I am just grabbing at scenarios.


    I love the way life kisses you with existence

    And just when you learn the next groove

    It is all taken from you, this is the test.

    Making everything count, as the gift it is

    She sure Keeps me Hanging On.


    When what I see, outruns what I know

    I just shut down conduits of reactions

    And make myself limited to the moment.

    I fight this war every day this way

    And I watch my life just Blow By………


    Because what am I is but another soul, like you friend.

    I could be fighting here awhile, I have always known this

    But my will is going to push me through,

    Someday hopeful of reintegration  to the Here and Now.

    And a cease fire of all the chatter

    Which is really is loud right now.



    Lament of the Dying Rose

    2012 - 08.31


    If I had to do it all over again

    Babe, I’d do it all for you

    If I had to wait for ten thousand years

    Babe, I’d even do that too.


    Well, everybody’s got somethin’

    That they’re lookin’ forward to

    I’m lookin’ forward to when I can do it all again

    And babe, I’ll do it all for you. 


    Well, if I had my way tomorrow or today

    Babe, I’d run circles all around

    I’d sing to the wind, do a somersault and spin

    I’d even dance on the ground.


    Well, everybody gets their hour

    Everyone gets their time

    Well, everybody gets the chance

    To finish their own rhymes.


    When the time arrives when I can be in your life

    I will be stronger, straight and thinking of you.

    Well, I don’t need money, I just need a day that’s sunny

    Baby, and my days are gonna’ come true.


    Well, you cut me like a jigsaw puzzle

    I am a walkin’ wreck, sick in the head

    You pushed my heart through my backbone

    But enough of that has been said.


    Well, if I’m ever standin’ steady

    And doing what I really want to do

    Well, I tell you my long time lover

    I’d do  it again just for you. 


    I’m just restin’ just waiting for health to shine

    And, baby I’m just sittin’ on the shelf

    Look in your mind, that’s where I am

    Pacing and whispering to myself.




    Love Rose

    Just one more cup of Coffee

    2012 - 06.07

    Woke up this morning feeling bad

    I am losing the best friend I ever had

    She has to go that I know

    Don’t mind these tears that I let show.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road



    Time flies in the world of love

    What are you, a hawk or a dove?

    What are you looking for in this dark place?

    Where love has left a little trace.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road.


    Shield your eyes of the reality

    Nothin’ you got was really free

    Love will take you, make you feel true

    And then love will break you and leave you blue.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road.


    Every day I think of Love

    Forged in the fire of Heaven above

    And strongly feel the sensation sink

    I want to have just another drink.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road.


    Cowboy  Sam had some plans

    Some say his will made him a dangerous man

    But His will was broken on the wheel of life

    Everyday he wakes to an eternal strife.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road.


    Life let’s you make plans than leaves them tattered

    What did you do anyway that really mattered?

    The circle comes round with the brass ring

    Reach out and grab it or it doesn’t mean a thing.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road.


    Time is so busy kicking my face

    Stomping on the hands that held the rope in place

    But you’re a survivor and you know

    What it takes to be in this show.


    Just one more cup of coffee

    Just one more before I go

    Just one more cup of coffee

    Before I hit the road.



    Looking in from the Outside.

    2012 - 05.27

    Time after time I waited for your call

    I know I am a fool whose seen it all

    What can I say to one so Blue?

    Everything you said has come true.


    I should have kissed you one more time.


    Once long ago, a word from your lips

    And my world would turn around.

    But somehow we have changed

    You are already so far away.


    I should have kissed you one more time.


    I long for those days in the past

    And miss the scent of you on my pillow

    All the time I dream of you and hear your voice.

    Echoing in my room with the disappearance of a dream.


    I should have kissed you one more time.


    Peer into your looking glass

    You’re not a child anymore.

    Yes, Sky Blue the future is almost past

    I see you in your jewels and realize,


    I should have kissed you one more time.




    Watch Closely Now

    2012 - 04.22

    Watch closesly now

    Are you watchin me now?

    I’m picken up the chain

    We all used to hold

    Look  at the strain

    In my face, as I continue to go

    I’m passing the test

    I’m at my best

    We’ll see how long this one goes


    Watch Cloesly now

    Are you watching me now?

    Want to make her smile

    Love for awhile

    Make it so.

    Wanna see her smile

    Love for a while

    Please make it so

    Wanna see her smile

    Let Love reign for awhile

    I need her so.




    Picture the Moment

    2011 - 09.23


    In the Darkness, there is clear blue sky

    This is where you live.

    In a glass like existence

    That shimmers when you are happy

    And the circle of the dark is pushed back

    If only for a while.

    When you smile, the world grows a little warmer

    Like cinnamon buns just out of the oven

    Your scent is always sweet

    Just waiting to be indulged in.

    On the slopes of the moment

    We slide into each others arms.

    The Sun seems too much

    So your skin is that of a doll

    Porcelain, translucent, shining

    The tiny dancer inside of you wants out

    Spinning in the light.

    You remember the dance.


    One for all you Lovers

    2011 - 02.14

    If I say I’ll still love you tomorrow

    And you know that’s just how I’d feel.

    If I say our love is a lifetime

    Surely you will know that I’m for real.

    And that life with you holds no pain.

    As we run hand in hand together, in the pouring rain.


    I if I say sorrow belongs’

    To the ones who don’t know love.

    And if say your beauty outshines the sun

    And you and I we were meant as one

    Aw….Oh….Life…it can sometimes be so fun.


    And if tomorrow brings my glory back

    There is nothing you would ever lack.

    For you my queen, are the only one.

    Oh I love you just like the Sun.


    You better believe it baby….


    Just like the sun


    Just like the sun.


    Dark Veil

    2011 - 01.12

    Yes my darling, you look good in pale

    Here we are in the dark veil

    Out of the graveyard into the sky

    No more reasons to ever cry.

    We had so many lives together

    Stood through so much stormy weather

    Join me, for a glass of wine

    Here at the end of time.

    Your beauty is so ethereal

    Now that we left the great unreal

    You still have all the appeal

    Of when we were in the flesh.

    Now we are bright

    Stepped into the light

    Ended the fight

    Of mere existence.

    The hit and miss through all of time

    Has ended, now your are mine

    And I am yours forever.

    I told you I would chase you through time

    And now here at the end of our Rhymes.

    We begin new times, in the dark veil

    My, I love you in the pale.

    We leaned on each other through the trials

    That eventially stole our smiles

    Put us to rest for a while

    Till the wheel spins around again.

    Yes, we lost so many on the way

    But now we’ve joined them forever to stay

    In the peace of death.

    We left our marks on the earth

    We’re remembered, for what it is worth

    What matters most is that in the end

    We made it out together.

    I never knew you could be reborn

    From the silence of a graveyard.


    Praises of Love

    2009 - 03.23

    Praises of Love

    Lord your love for me is higher than any mountain
    Deeper than any sea, wider than the heavens
    You shed your blood for me, shed your blood for me.
    Praises of Love

    My love for you is not an affliction, rather a benediction
    Lord give me a life worthy of redemption
    Bare fruit upon my tree, fruit upon my tree.
    Praises of Love

    The knowledge that we have is never enough
    Let me understand your love
    When the sea gets rough, the sea gets rough.
    Praises of Love

    I’m surrounded by people who do not see
    Lord please now, please set them free
    The beauty you have shown to me, you have shown to me.
    Praises of Love

    And now as I get older, my actions are getting slower
    I long to be at your side, star light in my eyes
    I will praise your love, praise your love.
    Praises of Love

    Forever is such a long Rhyme
    In and out of time, but always in the moment
    Crying tears of joy to thee, tears of joy tears to thee.
    Praises of Love

    Knowing now that you’ll collect me
    I just cannot ever reject thee
    Constant changing but everlasting, changing but everlasting.
    Praises of Love

    I’m letting go now of the pain
    That falls down with the pouring rain
    My yoke falls to the ground, falls to the ground.
    Praises of Love

    I see how I was meant to fly
    My soul now it touches the sky
    I’ll keep singing praises to you, praises to you.
    Praises of Love.

    Enroute Communiqué~

    2009 - 03.21

    I felt the portal close, the inward shine of a reflection back onto itself
    Musings, too deep to be heard, can you hear the rustle of a diamond turning?
    Sailed so quickly through the storm ridden seas to this point of perspective.
    Always listening to the sirens voice, Should I lash myself onto the mast for protection?
    Are there treacherous rocks I just don’t see?
    The road too, has always been rocky
    As I slammed my soul through all those places
    Looking for someone to love.

    If I could only reach you on the dreamscape, I would tell you these things
    I would dance them into existence…
    Kneeling before you, I would offer up mere words, hoping you will accept this simple gift.

    Know that you are cared for,
    Know that I understand your Rhymes,
    Know that it is fortune upon us,
    Know this all, deep inside,
    Know that we’re both lonely,
    Know that we have some time,
    Know that it’s bigger than us,
    Know this all deep inside.

    I do not drink another’s wine without invitation,
    My grapes are still on the vine
    Luscious, begging to be picked
    And tasted by your perfect mouth.
    What is the path that is true?
    If tragedy falls, it won’t be on you.
    I scream at the Heavens “Who dares to trap this bird”?
    Try to stop destiny, it is so absurd.

    Our collective madness accumulates quickly
    Like a sponge, filled to capacity
    Love drips around the edges of sanity
    So much love, tumultuous, wavelike
    How long can you take it?
    How long before the camels straw?
    Where we watch grandiose dreams
    Sink back into the night.

    I am trying to stay with it, tracking the progress of your Star in the skies
    Being just another planet that wants to orbit in the gravity well of your love
    I look in my bag of tricks and with you I am found wanting
    What can a man offer a Star after all?
    The shadow of doubt has eclipsed you
    Removing my light from the scene
    Maybe you will wake up
    And find out that it’s just a dream.


    Morning Temptations

    2009 - 03.19