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    Last Look Back

    2008 - 10.19


    I know these words will never say enough

    About the ways I love you

    Being but the reflections in the eyes

    Of a wandering young man


    But there were days and there were times

    When I thought you where were my queen

    And I a strange magician

    Bringing back what has been.


    Star filled nights ruled by Orion

    Under which we were cast about

    Eyes wide with anticipation

    I kissed you for the first time


    Your love has taught me to grow

    Like you the perennial rose

    Ever to reach for the sky

    Basking in it’s golden glow.


    But then again you love has taught me

    Things that make me reel in pain

    For its beauty is quite crystalline

    And cuts me, again and again.



    Long Distance Memory. (For Amber)

    2008 - 10.18

    A reach, a touch, a long distance memory

    Caresses you across the miles

    Down the river where turbulence ends

    And brings back sunny smiles.


    Yes, we fight on, victims of loves war

    I remember you from that first day

    Standing at your door.

    Did we ever dream of this?

    Would we have stopped had we known?


    I can still feel your kiss

    Out here on these paths I roam




    2008 - 10.18

    Stellar, I can tell you love me by the curl in your smile

    I know that when you hug me, you got some kind of style (Uh Huh)

    Life has been getting so hard with the things you do to me

    I know you don’t trust me, but you know.. you don’t see


    Stellar Right  Now, Lets go……


    Stellar, things are getting so strange, won’t you stay for a while?

    You got some kind of beauty, you got some kind of guile (Uh Huh)

    I’m gonna’ have to love you, because you listen to me

    You just blow my mind Stella, Baby you… set me free


    Stellar Right Now, Let’s go……..


    Stellar, since I been with you , things just pick up speed

    Freeway getting too hard, too far for me to see (Uh Huh)

    Don’t you know that so far, you’re everything I need

    Quit your dancing Stellar, won’t you… come to me.


    Stellar Right Now, Let’s go……..




    Sweet Memories of a Rock and Roll Flower

    2008 - 10.18

    While dashing through the  Rock and Roll world

    In the youth of my time

    I stopped to smell one of the flowers

    A moments rest came to me

    And of course, I thought of you.


    Your face came back fresh as dew on a rose

    To caress my tortured thoughts

    I smiled, basking in the golden light of memory

    Days in the park, steamy nights

    Teenage Love and silly fights.


    Why did we ever part?

    This I often ask.

    I seem to remember something about a task

    And things that had to be done

    But they have no meaning now.


    Is it not funny how time slips away

    And sweetens bitter moments?

    I thought of this as I picked up my guitar and played

    To a tune only Lovers know

    And the band played on.



    Across the Thin Line

    2008 - 10.06

    So you stand here next to me

    Both of us try’n to be free

    You caught my eye your where I wanna’ be

    Take a little time from eternity

    Across the thin line.


    Words alone they cannot say

    The best they do is get in the way

    What can I do to make you stay?

    Stand in your light, if just for a day

    Across the thin line


    I can see your in another’s place

    Someone else’s time in their space

    And after you I won’t chase

    So we stand here face to face

    Across the thin line


    Hours on the road sun is in my eyes

    Things to say but where’s the time?

    Love’s a long road we all gotta’ climb

    And who knows what we might find

    Across the thin line.