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    2017 - 10.10

    Sometimes, my ears hear thunder.
    Sometimes, the darkness closes in on me.
    Sometimes, It’s so clear, then
    Sometimes, I can’t see a thing.
    I wonder what is true and where in the Hell are you? And I’m thinking….

    Sometimes, I hear the voices talk in the night.
    Sometimes, I just want to get away.
    Sometimes, the sun is so brilliant.
    Sometimes, I dwell on yesterday.
    I can see forward, I can look back and it doesn’t…. mean a thing.

    Sometimes, I hear the wind call your name.
    Sometimes, you’re in my dreams smiling.
    Sometimes, it’s the words you said.
    Sometimes, your memory makes me want to sing.
    The mark on my heart, was there from the start and I’m weeping.

    Sometimes, the world is so quiet.
    Sometimes, I hear billions of heart beats clamoring
    Sometimes, I grow so weary fighting it all….
    Sometimes, I feel time is….running away from me.
    In the beginning, I knew this for sure, just how to open the door. Now I’m left wondering…..

    Sometimes, the truth is so clear to me.
    Sometimes, the lies I see cause me so much pain.
    Sometimes, I know just where I’m standing then,
    Sometimes, It just happens…..again
    I put on a smile, carry it for a while, it’s lingering…..

    Sometimes, I got all the answers.
    Sometimes, I don’t know nothin’ at all.
    Sometimes, time is my enemy.
    Sometimes, my worries are so small.
    Another song, another day and the thoughts that get in the way, keeps me searching………


    Come Down Slowly

    2016 - 05.05

    I met you when we were young, havin’ some fun

    For us, life had just begun.?

    It was still a sunny day, with no yesterdays

    You told us that you could not stay.


    When you broke free, to see the country

    You ran so far with certainty.

    Always had a smile, that went on for miles

    Those times  weren’t burdened with trials.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me


    It was a brand new page, you were old for your age

    There was no stopping you in those days..

    The Grateful Dead, now let it be said

    Nothing else was in your head.


    And the tie dye days, were all of the rage

    Saw you smiling from behind the stage.

    You could never forget, those people you met

    And together we saw a thousand sunsets.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    And the way that we traveled, as the future unraveled

    Storming the freeways on your chrome horse’s saddle.

    We never lacked a thing, in our little ring.

    You made us so happy, we would sing.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the  bottom, call out for me.


    As days turned into miles, all of the while

    They were so impressed with your guile

    We followed you, what you said came true

    We never thought you could be so Blue.


    But time has a way, rearranging the play

    And you decided to change your name

    You put on a mask, for the difficult tasks

    Giving your all if anyone asked.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the  bottom, call out for me.


    Burned by the sun, always on the run

    What did you think when you saw their guns?

    And where angels fear to tread, we were lead

    No matter how strange, you kept your head.


    But the California dream, was makin’ you scream

    And cracks began to show at the seams

    Started to get jaded, part of you faded

    Could your thirst ever be sated?


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    Like the man onstage, you started to age

    And history turned a page

    And when he died, oh how hard you cried.

    The rain fell down from sullen skies.


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    Time has led to now, you made it somehow

    Up and moved to a different Town

    Hid in nook, wrote yourself a book

    It was the only way you could look.


    Then I got the call, you were living pretty small

    All alone and hidden from us all

    You said you might try again, if you could still  find a friend.

    Someone to be there in the end


    Come down Slowly, Slowly.

    If you hit the bottom, call out for me.


    It isn’t over, invite your friends over

    We could ride on to the next bend.

    It’s been said,  That band saved your head.

    So lie down sweetly in that dream bed



    I Miss America And She Misses Me Too.

    2016 - 02.22

    I miss America and she misses me too.

    One of these days, gonna’ drop all these blues
    Pick a new direction, any one I can choose
    I’m gonna’ run, yes I will over the hill
    Take all the dreams that I believe in still.

    The highway still remembers my name
    Bikes and cars and the fast lane
    Back to a day where I once was free
    For a long time now, they won’t let me be.

    I can’t remember everywhere I’ve been
    All over this country and what I have seen
    Wanna’ go anywhere but here
    And I’m so tired of the lonely tears.

    I could tell you some of my stories
    About the road and all its glory
    But I’d rather take you there
    You and I with the wind in our hair.

    I miss America and she misses me too.


    On The Way Home

    2015 - 05.12

    Tried so hard to be free

    And still be that me

    That I was once so in tune with.


    So many get their say

    But get lost on the way

    I’m never slowing down.


    Am I in bed and dreaming?

    Is that my voice screaming?

    Please one more chance, just for me…………


    What will happen tomorrow

    With all this time I have borrowed?

    I know it wasn’t free.


    There is something, you should know it

    It’s damn hard to kill a Poet

    Just wait and see………..


    The ghosts try to put me to fright

    But I simply do not bite

    They are dead, not me………


    In the beginning of the day

    My thoughts can be swayed

    But never, ever changed.


    I have love and don’t you know it

    I have a hand, I never show it

    Cards held close that only I ever see………


    So please Father Time

    Give me some slack

    Let me finish the rhyme.


    So glad that you came

    And yeah…… I’m still sane.

    And it’s getting closer to the dawn


    Spirits are on the lawn

    Start the day with a yawn….

    Oh Yes, I’m still strong.


    We won’t stop here

    Until daylight finally appears.

    Now stop all those tears.


    I’m getting so much older

    Lookin’ back at Death over my shoulder

    He’s tracking on me………


    Do I still have the time?

    Do my thoughts still rhyme?

    Is she still waiting there for me?



    Advice To The Young Ones

    2015 - 04.12

    My life has been like whitewater ride

    Ending up in some quiet lagoon

    Got mixed up in so many things

    In the end, alone in my room.


    In the beginning I couldn’t be stopped

    I was relentless night and day

    If I crashed or screwed up

    Well, I always could pray.


    I’ll tell you this young one

    About all those ideas in your head

    Some of them will take you somewhere

    With the rest, you may end up dead.


    You may be learning about love

    You may be learning to fly

    One thing I’m sure hasn’t occurred yet

    Someday, you’re gonna’ die.


    I would never fault you

    For running when young to try your wings

    But remember this one fact

    Not much means a thing.


    Somewhere you’re going to find love

    And from it you will be changed

    It will be all you think about

    And surely, it will be strange.


    You may be chasing things in life

    That you only read about before

    Think about those things carefully

    Before you close that door.


    Even though love may fill you

    And make you take chances once in a while

    In the end did you make a difference?

    Did you make anyone smile?


    Sometimes you’ll trip the light fantastic

    Out of your head, lost in space

    The goal is to learn about life

    Go on, find your place.


    Always keep your eyes open

    Learn something new every day

    You won’t always get what you want

    And sometimes you won’t get away.


    So you may be on some long lost highway

    Chasing down some fun

    Traveling with souls like you

    Livin’ life on the run.


    Don’t ever forget where you came from

    Or lose sight of where you are going to

    Honor those who show you wisdom

    Always, try to learn something new.


    Someday youth will leave you

    I hope your life was well played

    Don’t end up like an old Poet

    Overcome , and off the stage.


    Take what you learned in the circus

    Remember what you saw in the zoo

    Your going to need those things now.

    As you become what I did too.



    Stellar Seas

    2015 - 01.13

    A winter day, but the sun came back
    To dance for a while before turning black.
    My mind is just starting to compose
    Some kind of new, typical prose.
    I hear a sound coming from over the hill
    A silent train is moving and another one still.
    Can’t keep my mind from drifting away
    Check my tether, I don’t want to stray.
    It’s all too much, yes indeed I see
    And it ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.

    Drifting now, in skies of Blue
    Half belongs to me and half belongs to you.
    I can’t tell you when, but I can tell you why
    Stop those tears, you don’t have to cry.
    Somewhere on the sea is where you’ll find me
    Escaping the invisible prison that I see.
    No longer held, no longer in the sway
    Floating free getting, outa’ the way
    On one hand I can count all I know
    The clock keeps spinning but time is so slow.

    Long past the point of turning back
    Keep going forward, adjust my tack
    Move the sails, pull the rudder in
    A brand new course to now  begin
    I got the strength, but I don’t have the time
    It has to work, It has to rhyme.
    Other ships are on this course
    I’m shouting Hail! Until my voice is hoarse
    But they cannot hear, the waves are too strong
    Hands are getting numb from holding on.

    Now in some eddy, away from the rocks
    I see many doors, but they are all locked.
    Keep on going, in uncharted seas
    Hoping that fortune smiles on me.
    And again, the skies are so Blue
    Showing me more, than I ever knew
    Ricochet between brand new days
    I just keep trying, there is a way.
    Steer by stars whispering sounds
    Pray that you live to say what you’ve found.


    Dreams from the Promised Land

    2014 - 07.05


    I await you








    I was still on that train riding out West
    Rolling through the mountains of America’s best
    It was the middle of the fun and we were already halfway done
    Tell me now, “Have you see all those guns”?

    Thinking I had a special wisdom deep indeed
    I always followed an old time, sacred creed
    Mingling only with the chosen, the best
    Any stranger could pass the test.

    And the men standing on the stage
    All of the old songs that they did play
    Thinking we’d just begun
    Didn’t know we’ve had our run.

    Rhymes in life they do abound
    Spoken from a skull with no sound
    Many things now, we have learned
    Nobody told me there was no return.

    The poison rain fell on me and you
    All our best thoughts, were falsely construed
    You showed me true love in this Hell
    I pray, life treats you well.

    So I trudged forward with my last friends
    We all pledged allegiance to the end
    But they died off one by one
    In the end, alone in the sun.

    I used to run with Angels in the street
    Never thought we could be beat
    Even though they were from Hell
    I always loved the stories they’d tell.

    Now I am camped up on the ridge
    My head is empty as my fridge
    I think that maybe just one friend
    Will be here at my bitter end.

    So the days go slow and fast
    Sometimes I see a shadow cast
    Screaming, “Hold me before I die”
    I still have so many words to try.

    Somewhere still the flowers bloom
    There are some here in my room
    But it’s all a disconnect
    And there’s nothing left to protect.

    The law has changed for you and me
    One mistep lose your liberty
    The new Gov-Pigs they will shoot you down
    Tell me what’s happened to this old town?

    And the perpetual machine of satanic greed
    Left so many lost in their need
    I tell you this, Mother Earth
    Is due for a brand new rebirth.

    We are destined to be set aside
    7.5 billion, numbers they don’t lie.
    But some things can’t be returned
    When your little world starts to burn.

    I wish I could say something good.
    About the situation in the woods
    But old trees keep falling down
    Fueling the fire that’s on the ground.

    And a Phoenix, waits in the sun
    The next time has already begun
    If you read these words
    I hope to you they aren’t absurd.

    Maybe you’ll get a chance
    Don’t forget you still gotta’ dance
    Be kind and remember to love
    When you look down from the sky above.

    As a Poet now, I went too far
    Just me, and this ole’ beat up guitar
    But I come back here to say
    All you got is today.

    The place was quiet with no sound
    We laid our crosses on the ground
    And the graveyards reached to the skies
    The Universe, puts on a brand new disguise.

    This is a simple story to tell
    And I say it over and over, oh so well
    But you’re the captain of your life
    Be careful how you handle that knife.

    You’ll stand at the cross roads just like me
    Trying your best now to be free
    Go forth don’t believe the lies
    Try to do something good before you die.

    In the end we all just want some Peace
    A quiet place to be at ease
    Yeah, it’s worth the pain
    What else have you to gain?

    Soon I will just now stand on down
    And I will be trampled to the ground
    By those who seek what I saw
    Running themselves from Deaths open jaws

    In the end now you will see
    That Love still waits for you and me
    We’ll dissolve together in the Sun
    And you and I, will be as one.

    These are Dreams From the Promised Land
    Maybe saying something you’ll understand
    Maybe they are just dreams
    Maybe, you will see.


    June Solstice

    2014 - 06.21

    You know it in these times we just have to stop and look around
    Trying to find a way back and trying to move on.
    I see dreams, I see smiles, I see madness, talkin’ all the while
    I been a dreamer and I had my fun
    Took life as it came at me, spent my time on the run.
    Summer’s sun ya’ know its some kind of fun.

    But you know I have been stuck here, frozen in a fall
    All of my time gone, no home at all.
    Flirting with madness cause there is this call
    Ending up with sadness, living kinda’ small.
    But there has got to be dreams yes
    Got to be some dreams left.

    The sun beats down, my skin is ivory white
    I live in the dark, and now I hide from the light.
    Sometimes you get put down, put to the fright
    Sometimes the man scares you, in the middle of the night.
    Then the morning comes and you do it again
    All alone this time, no words from a friend.

    Big dreams rollin’ yeah they’re rolling by
    Thunder clouds on the horizon
    Begging me to try, Just one more before I die.
    It has got to be real, It has got to be real
    These things that I feel…..But what of the sadness
    When they go away? They go away…….

    Skippin’ skippin’ and a jumpin’
    Like I did when I was young
    My heart a thumpin’
    The shattered pieces of my life, will come together again
    And I’m gonna’ get it together, stop being a fool
    Get it together and stop waiting for you.

    In my time, did a little bit of it all
    Any day now, any day now, any day now
    Played guitar, wrote down words
    Tryin’ to make sense of it all.
    Who stole those things? Who stole those things?
    What happened to my life, my little schemes?

    I went down and didn’t care, No I didn’t care
    I would have died starving
    But for your care, but for your care.
    You don’t know me but you know who I was,
    That was a good enough reason
    To dust me off and listen to my cause.

    The longest day, the longest day
    I had to pick up my pen, write it away
    Reflecting on the road left behind…..
    Reflecting on the madness
    That you put in my mind…..
    That you put in my mind…..

    And all the new ones, they wanna’ dance in the street
    But its been barricaded, by Gov-Pigs on a beat.
    And the old songs still ring, yes they still call
    Get up and shake it, shake it, while you’re still warm
    ‘Cause you will fade, you will fade
    Gone…But not away, Gone, But not away.


    Wheel of Fortune

    2012 - 01.25


    I was on the road headin’ south

    The rain was pouring, I had a dry mouth

    I pulled into a drinking bar

    Stopping to rest after coming so far.


    The place was rough, kinda’ nice

    It had girls of every spice.

    I was talking to a woman next to me

    She didn’t say she wasn’t free.


    Her old man he called me out

    He’d been drinking and started to shout.

    I didn’t want no trouble here

    I just wanted one cold beer.


    So I put my jacket on, pulled the stool across the floor

    He called me a coward, followed me out the door

    I kept my face down all the way

    Thought it was time to get away


    I got to my bike and turned around

    That bastard  pulled a gun ,so I shot him down

    Yeah I shot him down, shot him down

    Fired my engine and got out of town.


    Now I’m on the run prison bound

    Wheel of Fortune is spinnin’ around.

    I’m no fool I got away

    Trouble follows me to this day.




    Writers Note: This is purely a fictional  song about

    the Outlaw Biker Lifestyle




    Sinners and People

    2011 - 10.08

    Sinners and People the lives that you lead are deceivin’

    Total rejection of God, Darwin, Allah and Buddhism

    Better watch out Sinners and people

    Sinners and People.


    Getting enraged I’m tearing my page from the book of life

    I look around me , all I see guns, tears and strife

    Oh Yeah Sinners and people. What kind of life are you leadin’?


    I am alarmed getting informed of the shape I am in.

    No turnin’ back you can’t back up the track in this world your in.

    As a matter of fact their ain’t no goin’ back in a world of;

    Sinners and people……………Sinners and people.




    One for all you Lovers

    2011 - 02.14

    If I say I’ll still love you tomorrow

    And you know that’s just how I’d feel.

    If I say our love is a lifetime

    Surely you will know that I’m for real.

    And that life with you holds no pain.

    As we run hand in hand together, in the pouring rain.


    I if I say sorrow belongs’

    To the ones who don’t know love.

    And if say your beauty outshines the sun

    And you and I we were meant as one

    Aw….Oh….Life…it can sometimes be so fun.


    And if tomorrow brings my glory back

    There is nothing you would ever lack.

    For you my queen, are the only one.

    Oh I love you just like the Sun.


    You better believe it baby….


    Just like the sun


    Just like the sun.


    Bright Gray Clouds

    2011 - 02.11

    It is a typical day

    In Oregon

    Mid -winter blues

    Got us all.

    Ain’t no sunshine

    Only bright clouds

    The days are chill and so

    I just walk toward the sun and go

    To those places in my mind.

    Places in my mind

    Places in my mind.


    Chemo for Christmas (Dedicated to the Ramones, most of whom died from cancer)

    2010 - 12.21

    They say I’m pretty sick but I feel strong

    And that my immune system has gone all wrong

    My Auto-immune advanced must be stopped

    So the doctors say… Chemo for Christmas right now.


    Rock ! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Rock! Rock!  Chemo for Christmas

    Chemo for Christmas right now.


    I feel so sorry for the little girls and boys

    That got Chemo for Christmas, not any toys

    Stuck in a hospital away from the world

    ‘Cause they got Chemo for Christmas this year.


    Rock ! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Rock! Rock!  Chemo for Christmas

    Chemo for Christmas right now


    You get real sick and look like a bum, Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    But that’s no reason to be glum

    When people ask what are you doing, just you smile

    And tell ’em you’re fighting for your life for a while.


    Rock! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Rock! Rock! Chemo for Christmas.

    Chemo for Christmas right now


    The nurses won’t look you in the eye

    When you get Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Their afraid you’re gonna’ die.

    Those fake smiles must hurt their faces


    Rock ! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Rock! Rock!  Chemo for Christmas

    Chemo for Christmas right now.


    It’s the kids that deserve a break

    When they have Chemo for Christmas

    They know if you for real or a fake

    The cool thing is they get along better better than any grownups.


    Rock ! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Rock! Rock!  Chemo for Christmas

    Chemo for Christmas right now


    So when every ones out having cheer

    Flapping their jaws and drinking their beer

    I’ll be sick at home, losing my hair, but I don’t care, no I don’t care

    Lots of things yet to do out there…

    So I tell you what I’m gonna do……..Rock! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas 


    Rock ! Rock! Chemo for Christmas, Chemo for Christmas

    Rock! Rock!  Chemo for Christmas

    Chemo for Christmas right now…..


    Just Do

    2010 - 12.15

    I am an older man, whose done the best that he can

    I was once a child, running beautiful and wild

    They tried to stop me, but still I, carried on.

    The highways are scattered, dead dinosaur dreams

    The air is poisoned, Industrial Revolutionary schemes

    I seen many strange things since I hit the road.


    Now my heart, I hurt it pretty bad

    It’s seen too much and its been, foolishly had.

    But I won’t complain, For I’ve known love

    Been inside Stone Castle, been here most of my life

    A prison I built to protect me

    From the scream of life

    I get a great sense of observation though

    A unique point from this castle view

    I spend much of my time now, trying to bring back it to you.


    I am a cosmic cowboy from the old school

    Ain’t gonna’ let the government make me a fool

    Gonna’ finish some plans

    The ones that I can

    The ones that have the best chance of coming to fruit

    Keep thinkin” about love

    Keep thinkin” about love

    Keep thinking about love………


    My Mind is Still in Winter

    2010 - 11.28

    My mind is still in winter

    But my heart is in the spring.

    I said, My mind is still in Winter

    But my heart is in the spring.

    All of this sufferin’

    Why it don’t mean a doggone thing.


    The Winter wind it howls

    But my feet are in the sand

    I said the Winter wind it howls

    But my feet are in the sand

    I’m wishin’ it were warmer

    Somewhere else in this land.


    My mind is still in Winter

    Ain’t no sunshine at all

    My mind is still in Winter

    Ain’t no sunshine at all

    I’m just waiting on my baby….

    Been waitin since the fall.



    Blow Away

    2010 - 10.18

    Watched my Heaven disappear in smoke today

    The fire I had spent years building, protecting, just got blown away

    Extinguished by someone else just ’cause it was different day

    For every last reason to go on. There some new excuse to make it wrong

    I look at all my efforts and wonder what have I done?


    Blow away, the dreams that tear at your heart 

    Blow away, and make a brand new start

    Blow away…….


    Ever give your life, to something you thought you had

    Only to find out it wasn’t good enough or bad?

    Seeing fate snatch it from your hand

    Nothin’ much to say but, “God that’s tough!”.

    It was supposed to be good, but now it’s so rough.


    Blow away, the dreams that tear at your heart

    Blow away, and make a brand new start

    Blow away…..


    Ever wake up alone in the middle of the night

    Wondering about all the things you didn’t do right?

    Realizing, you have lost the long, long, fight

    The struggle for someone to hold and love

    And a happy home that fits you like a glove.


    Blow away, the dreams that tear at your heart

    Blow away, and make a brand new start

    Blow away……


    A man and woman find themselves first as strangers

    And when they part, it gets stranger even still

    Two empty glasses always waiting, yet never getting filled.

    It’s like a practical joke played on you played by a God

    Who walks around pointing out paths that can’t ever be trod


    Blow away, the dreams that tear at your heart

    Blow away, and make a brand new start

    Blow away……



    Moving Slower (I can still try)

    2010 - 10.15

    Today I got up early, everything is hurting

    The clock said I was running late.

    It was fall with a clear blue sky

    Colors are turning, summers gone by

    Green colors fade…….

    I can still try, I can still try.


    Opened the curtains and looked out

    Fog was on the fence in the yard.

    I’m livin’ in the city and it’s so hard

    To get it together and move away

    ‘Cause in the country, it’s a brand new day……

    I can still try, I can still try.


    But I seem to be alive, starting  once again to thrive

    Trying to get by, with each new day

    I’m moving slower, moral feels a little lower

    But it’s a natural thing, that comes with age

    I think it’s time, I turn another page……

    I can still try, I can still try.


    When you get older, you gonna’ move slower

    And you have to accept the fact that it’s OK.

    Things change with the seasons

    I can’t give you any reasons

    On why it has to be this way……..

    I can still try, I can still try.


    Feel so tired, all the time

    Seems like it’s a crime

    To have your strength just run away.

    So much to do now, problem is I don’t know how

    To pick up the pace and finish the day…….

    I can still try, I can still try.


    I do things one at a time

    I continue to make my Rhymes

    Once in a while, I go out and play.

    Being alone makes it harder, that’s just for starters

    So many things now, get in the way…….

    I can still try, I can still try.


    But I still have some time, learned not to look behind

    I’m a little confused sometimes , but it’s OK.

    I’m still in a hurry, got no time to worry

    I will work it out, while I have the strength to shout

    About what’s wrong and right everyday……..

    I can still try, I can still try.



    This Ole Guitar of Mine

    2010 - 10.07

    This ole guitar of mine

    It’s been a friend for sometime

    For more than twenty five years

    The songs that I learned

    The color its turned

    The nights it held back my tears.


    This ole guitar of mine

    We’ve done some time

    In dusty bars drinkin’ beer

    Through the good and the bad

    Over the miles we’ve had

    It’s always, always been here.


    This ole guitar of mine

    Taught me some rhymes

    12 strings to play the blues

    While women have come and gone

    As I learned new songs

    It was there to stop the tears.


    This ole guitar of mine

    Has made people dance

    And clap and drink all night long

    Some times it gathers dust

    And the strings may rust

    But we always would get it together again.


    This ole guitar of mine

    Has sang some songs

    In places where no one cared

    We’d strum some tunes

    Then sleep till noon

    And get up and do it again.


    This ole guitar of mine

    Go so far back in time

    But the future looks bright ahead

    With strings shiny and new

    My voice still rings true

    And I finally cleared my head.


    This ole Guitar of mine.



    Feel the Heat

    2010 - 06.17

    Gotta’ get back out on the Highway

    Feel the Asphalt Jungle Blues

    It’s motion in the  Rhyme

    Wheels spinning around  in time

    When it works out, it’s really cool.


    Give me a stretched out highway

    Somewhere I can slide away

    No more stop signs, parking meters, traffic fines

    Just a ribbon driving off into the blue sky far away.


    Signs of information glide through my eyes

    Getting caught in the brain

    You know what I been lookin’ for…

    Somewhere safe to play some tunes

    And a rest stop where I can sigh

    No more, lonely goodbyes

    No more, revved up Highway Blues.

    Just a nice little rest stop

    A place for me

    And you.



    2010 - 05.29

    Just the other day I found myself walking on the road

    Headin’ south feeling my load of years

    The miles come harder than they used to

    I’m all tore up about the state of Blues

    Blue is what I feel.

    Blues come from my guitar

    Blue used to be my favorite color

    Until pain erased it from my eyes.


    Walkin, I’m walking, not talkin’

    These southern roads are so sublime.

    Yearning, hearts burnin’

    Will you ever be that kind?


    This road has taken my companions.

    Who turned off and went their own ways

    Some got lost in the canyons

    Some just gave up on the way.

    I seen all of these endings

    But begingings are very few.

    Just want to find a rest stop

    Someplace where I can enjoy the view


    Walkin, I’m walking not talkin’

    These southern roads are so sublime.

    Yearning, hearts burnin’

    Will you ever be that kind?