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    2009 - 02.28

    Cell Phones

    I see them now everywhere, people using them, don’t even have a care
    Of the dangers lurking out there, using a cell phone is no longer rare.
    I want to tell you , it’s part of a plot, easy to use better to have them then not
    Did you know you can be found, make the the wrong call and your prison bound.

    Kids and people walking down the streets
    Irradiating their heads into cooked pieces of meat.
    Watch what you say , you better be discreet
    They are listening, cops are working this beat.

    They can turn it on and listen to you say
    When you make a call, they can hear you play
    Echelon Dictionary now makes the rules
    Watch what you say, now don’t you be a fool.

    They are so convenient, they always are there
    In the past, did you really care?
    I remember a time when they were so very scarce, now if you don’t have one people just stare.

    Now the half wit drivers who drive and make their calls
    They are in fact, endangering us all
    The highway is not a place to make a casual call
    People have died, because the driver lost it all.

    Do you really have something that important to say?
    Or are you making things up that just get in the way?
    Maybe that task can wait another day
    And you can stop the incessant insanity

    I tell you my friends its part of a plot
    Take from an engineer who knows better than not
    These  devices were made for control
    They finally found a way to get into your soul.



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