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    2011 - 01.19

    New days are coming

    Finally, a familiar landmark

    Something to steer a new course by

    Program the new coordinates into the console, we’re outa’  here.

    Set the controls on autoglide

    Sit back, enjoy the ride

    We are going home.


    Been so long here in the station

    On the outside life flashed by at the speed of light

    On the inside it seems like forever.


    We are in this phase for just a little while, life is a short run

    Like children outside at play who never want to come in

    I have spent my time drifting, dreaming, scheming, wondering

    I never knew what this long trip would reveal

    But now we have so much data

    It will take us years to sort it all out.


    The journey was insane

    But I freely signed up for the ride

    Fully knowing there was no guarentee

    Of any safe return.


    Fortune smiled at the last minute of 2010

    Now we are on a new heading

    Back to the 3rd planet from the sun.

    Where this journey so long ago, began its run.



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