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    2011 - 01.12

    Yes my darling, you look good in pale

    Here we are in the dark veil

    Out of the graveyard into the sky

    No more reasons to ever cry.

    We had so many lives together

    Stood through so much stormy weather

    Join me, for a glass of wine

    Here at the end of time.

    Your beauty is so ethereal

    Now that we left the great unreal

    You still have all the appeal

    Of when we were in the flesh.

    Now we are bright

    Stepped into the light

    Ended the fight

    Of mere existence.

    The hit and miss through all of time

    Has ended, now your are mine

    And I am yours forever.

    I told you I would chase you through time

    And now here at the end of our Rhymes.

    We begin new times, in the dark veil

    My, I love you in the pale.

    We leaned on each other through the trials

    That eventially stole our smiles

    Put us to rest for a while

    Till the wheel spins around again.

    Yes, we lost so many on the way

    But now we’ve joined them forever to stay

    In the peace of death.

    We left our marks on the earth

    We’re remembered, for what it is worth

    What matters most is that in the end

    We made it out together.

    I never knew you could be reborn

    From the silence of a graveyard.



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