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  • The Death of the Madman

    2012 - 12.14

    I walk in, the clock is striking midnight hour.

    All is quiet around the house.

    I approach the Madman who is sleeping

    He twitches in feverish dreams

    His mind is; who knows where?

    Little does he know

    I have come to kill him.

    With an excruciating passion

    My steps slowly advance

    My mind is; precisely sure.

    First, I took his medication from him

    Watching him shake, squirm and yell

    Crying for the lack

    Begging to be let back on

    His cries fell upon deaf ears.

    Second, I took his reasons

    I stole his certainty, explained the issues.

    He no longer was right.

    Realizing this, I watched him start to crumble

    I kicked him on his way down.

    Third, I infested him with light

    Watched it eat up his darkness like an Angel of light

    Spoiling his dank hiding spot

    Forcing him as a reluctant vampire to the day

    To shrivel under the dawning of realization.

    Finally, I said a prayer over his ashes

    Asking God to have pity on his soul

    He cackles now in the great infinite.

    Forever warning of his return

    I turn and shrugged, walking on.


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